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January 22, 2008



Neither Michelle Obama nor Elizabeth Edwards have received sexual favors from interns!

J. Pierpont Finch

Watching a brief moment of the SC Democrat debate last night, I happenned to tune in when Obama was retorting a Hillary acusation about him. There was Hillary's stern profile staring glaringly at Obama as he rebuffed her pervious attack. And in response to Oboma's factual rebuff, Hillary demeaned Obama by sticking her nose up and declaring in a crosss manner that Obama was a mere student when she (the Great Hillary) was effecting "change" or whatever. Way to go Hillary - that kind of arrogance should win over some of the black voters in South Carolina.

One good note about Obama. He said his healthcare plan excludes benefits to ILLEGAL ALIENS. Phew - that was music to my ears and shows that the guy does have some brain cells! But then he ruined my brief surge of respect for him by saying he would bring the Iraq troops home not matter what within a year of taking office and would negotiate with anyone (including terrorists). How naive to believe 7th century throwbacks who seek world domination of Sharia Law using beheadings and nukes can be negotiated with the same a civilized people - like everyone has a moral equivalence.

I agree with those who say that a year from now, we will all be looking back wondering how Hillary or Obama ever thought they could convince the American people that they were qualified to be President.


I watched a lot of the Democratic debate on CNN last night. A couple of things surprised me, Edwards joined Hillary this time in attacking Obama where he had previously joined Obama in attacking Hillary. Edwards is attempting to play King maker since he surely knows he has no chance in winning the nomination.

The main problem Obama has is he is not the greatest debater in the world and needs to spend more time preparing before the debates. Hillary is totally scripted during these debates and every word that spews out of her mouth is rehearsed. Her strategy is to divide and conquer. She divided the women's vote, and black vote in order to get the nomination. That strategy can work as long as Edwards stays in the race. Edwards is like a third party candidate in the general election and divides the anti-Hillary vote. As long as he is in the race Hillary will be successful in dividing the Democratic voters.


She accused Obama of being "rehearsed" today, huh? She denied accusing Obama of bringing up Reagan after she did.

The problem with liars is that forget what they said before and when they backtrack they can't remember what they said the first time. This is Hillary and Bill's problems, they can't keep all their lies straight.

That is why Slick Willey can come out and say he was against the war from the very beginning.

She accused Obama of being a "slumlord" in Chicago last night. It doesn't get lower than that, she has slimed down to the sewer.

J. Pierpont Finch

Here's a really sick story/

Online shooting game lets kids target presidential candidates...


What is our country coming to?

Jack Flynn

I'm one of those Independent Democrats who will be voting for Hillary because we will be getting, not only an extremely capable and courageous, Hillary, we will also be getting back William Jefferson Clinton, the greatest American President since Roosevelt. The people know who really cares about them and who will do them the most good, personally.

Jack Flynn

George Bush and his people lied over 900 documented times about our reasons for going to war.
Does Hillary lie?
Yes, of course she does, but
one man's lies took us to war.
Hillary's would get us to the conference table.


Monica, I find it interesting that in your years of blogging you only have written 7 posts about Iraq. Meanwhile, 3,931 American troops have died and over 655,000+ Iraqi men, women, and children have died. And you've only seen fit to write 7 posts about all of that? That is a disgrace to our troops.


Monica is too busy thinking of cute acronyms for female body parts to think about trivial things like Iraq.


Hey Monica

Look whos back.



This is my alter ego if you click on my name you will see what I mean. George Soros all the MSM money can buy.



Is Bill as great a campaigner as he's deemed to be; or has he been overrated? Maybe he's just losing his touch.

BTW, Its not uncommon for people to nod off in church, but I wonder how that preacher felt when he saw Willy snoozing.


I'm sure the preacher understood that the campaigning practically 24 hours a day is exhausting and didn't hold it against Bill.

Bill is a great campaigner. But the media needs stories, so one of the ones they are running with is that Bill is potentially harmful to Hillary's campaign. We'll see.

Does it surprise you that liberals are no fonder of the mainstream media than you are? The MSM did a pathetic job reporting on the Bush Administration all these years, practically giving him a pass on all his failures until Katrina, when it was just too awful not to report critically.

J. Pierpont Finch

Watching Obama answer questions on CNBC's Skawk Box Program from Joe Kernan, Carl Kintonia, and former GE Chairman Jack Welch this morning; I would see Obama as the man who can unite the Democrat Party and possibly the country if I were a member of the Democrat Party. Obama seems willing to list to the viewpoints of others.

The Clinton'ss are too divisive, too corrupt, and too Socialist from my viewpoint.


Monica -

Seems to me in recent history there was another "illegal term." Remember Lurleen Wallace of Alabama.
Might madame Hillary be described as a 2008 "Lurleen?"


The Limestone Cowboy

Hello Monica. Greetings, from Canada! You add a whole new dimension to the term “drop-dead gorgeous”! And, your mind isn’t so bad, either. Your dig about the Clintons not knowing “class” if it hit them in the face - more or less sums it up. Hillary is such a hick and completely out her depth. The last thing we need is a militant feminist in the White House with a tedious self-serving agenda to degrade and humiliate men at every opportunity. Hillary scolded Obama like a school boy and simply lacks the intellect, debating and mediative skills to be a World Leader. Unfortunately, with feminists is all attitude - no latitude! Obama, in turn, is too emancipated and dependent on the feminist vote himself to have delivered the ultimate coup!
Also maybe, you could tell me why there is no such thing as a white European Christian heterosexual male in any real position of authority within the Civil Service in Britain, the US or Canada? Maybe, the real disease out there is “heterophobia! – The fear of father figures and the Word of God. From my perspective, if America fails to vote in Mitt Romney as President, it will lead the worst Christian persecution in 2,000 years! Profanity, vulgarity, slovenly dress and bad-manners will finally prevail!

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