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January 31, 2008


Jack Flynn

Americans say they want change but not too much change too fast. That is why, I believe, the Democrtas will ultimately go with Hillary. They are deeply attracted to the change Obama offers but their underlying fear of boot shaking change will probably win out in the voting booth. Hillary will change things but not at a pace an Obama, a Kennedy, a Durbin or a Wexler would appreciate.
The Republicans are more entrenched in doing things the same old way, than they are interested in much change, so they will probably go with McCain, even if many of them also want change and disagree with him on some important issues.
My guess is that many more dissatisfied Republicans won't vote than dissatisfied Democrats and that could make all the difference in a close election.

Jack Flynn

The worst sin you can visit on a Republican is betrayal.
Just talk to an old true believer of Richard Nixon who felt betrayed by his ethical infractions.

Republicans are betrayed again.

They are betrayed by a President who has sold out their ethical foundation for a dime store, B-movie dream.

It looks like the only way Republicans can get to be Republicans again, is to join the Democratic party.


Yes, the RINO elite (Rudy, Arnie, FLA Guv etc etc) are circling the wagons around Johnny Boy, all right, their newly anointed RINO King.

So why is conservative air still so thick with McCainophobia? Why such gagging? Why so much bronchial coughing, even puking over a warrior just because he turns out in later life to be just another pol underneath it all, who's made a career out of stressing the 'con' in 'conservative'?

Well, Johnny had better be unusually Super next Teusday. A fall from that wall could mean that not even all the King's RINO's could put Johnny together again.

Even gringo Central which earlier, on another station, confessed that it would still vote for him against Mrs. Two-Headed, is now re-considering. ' Johnny, we hardly knew ye.'

Meaning? Meaning that said vote could be cast either for Two-Headed or for the cute new black-and-white Rock Star who boogies to Sixties' platitudes and wants to be Commander-in-Chief of the USA?

Well, no, said vote could not be cast that way---if it had to be cast at all.

Maybe Monica can tell us why such votes need be cast at all.


I REFUSE to vote for McCain. For your information, I am a moderate Republican and I WILL NOT vote for McCain.

McCain may have held the same position for 30 years, but HIS ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER than his words to me. Maybe McCain didn't "flip-flop" but his public voting record tells me another story. I don't like Ruth Bader Ginsberg because she votes like the 9th Circuit Court. McCain should know this. Again, how can a conservative or even a moderate vote to confirm her? Could it be because he isn't really a conservative or even a moderate.

As for your libs who have been whining about Bush's war, take a look at your guy. According to Patrick Buchanan's column, McCain won't stop just at Iraq. Please spare me the talk about the "military-industrial complex" and how Bush and Cheney are "war criminals" when McCain is the biggest hawk out there.

Here is Patrick Buchanan's latest column about the problems the country is facing. Read it.

Patrick J Buchanan's latest post




Who knows what the voters are signaling it seems clear to me the MSM is pushing their choices for whatever reason. It seems more like the voters are being told who they are going to vote for. Who votes from Fear ? Afraid of Change. The younger canidates are more then likely going to change the status quo faster. If America really wants a new direction it will happen, if America is afraid of Change, I think we have the MSM to thank for the outcome.

Obama - pre baby boomer Change
Romney - the only Rainmaker and Governor left in the race Change

Clinton - Dynasty
McCain - older then the baby boomers

My husband mentioned any of these folks, have to work with the Congress and Judiciary. It isn't a coronation. The power of the Presidency does have limitations. Americans might want to take that into account when they vote.


The change I want is a president other than George W. Bush, or any other Bush for that matter. To Hell with the whole d#mn family.


I may not vote at all. If it's McCain/Kennedy on the Republican side I stay home on election day, unless some third party candidate like Pat Buchanan gets in the race. I not voting for a guy that joined Teddy Kennedy in an Amnesty Bill, not today, not tomorrow, not ever, period, end of discussion.


This is very encouraging to me. Yes, all of you should stay home.

Jack Flynn

Ree said: "The power of the Presidency does have limitations."
Apparently GWB doesn't know that Ree. Isn't it time you told him?

Jack Flynn

Rommney is unraveling. I guess it has finally hit him that he has spent thirty-five million for nothing. He'll need another million for therapy.

McCain Hillary and Obama are thriving.
Looks like it will be a Hillary Obama ticket, which will be virtually unbeatable. I can see Hillary, Bill, and Barrack now, having it out about policy in the oval office—healthy and lively battles with Barrack as the peacemaker. Michelle will be a real troublemaker and hard to contain. Great drama. Great fun.
We have an exciting eight tears coming up.

Jack Flynn

Years, I mean. Tears for the Repubs.


Moveon.org is endorsing Obama.



Okies are doing it for themselves turns out attrition works.




I'm sick of fighting this, and I don't think we can win. As for McCain being a war hero, there are plenty of heroes I heard on the radio in June who suffered in Vietnam and Iraq WHO HATE HIM because of McCain/Kennedy. McCain may have fought for this country, but it is pretty clear from his voting record in the Senate that he spent a good deal of time selling us out. We have new heroes who BELIEVED in the U.S. and VOLUNTERED to protect us because they still believed in the United States of America after 9/11. While they are over in Iraq and Afghanistan fighting for us, McCain is selling THEM out.

Ann Coulter is now saying that if the Republicans are going to endorse McCain, Hillary is her gal. I came to the same conclusion. Here is why:

In Laura Ingraham's book POWER TO THE PEOPLE, a guy jokingly said that we should replace Congress with illegal immigrants because illegal immigrants will do the job that Americans won't. It is pretty clear that the Republicans In Name Only, can't represent us and need to go. I can't vote all of them out, so I'll have to vote a new President in.

When I saw Hillary beat Obama in NH by crying, I said to myself that is really power. The thought of having Kay Bailey Hutchinson, John McCain and the other Republicans in Name Only reporting to Satan is really appealing. When I think of what she did to Don Imus and Eliot Spitzer, I can't wait to turn her loose on the Republicans In Name Only who claim to represent me, but don't. I'm not staying home in November, I'm going to vote for Satan.

P.S. Monica some guy who watches you on TMG told Alan you were really hot on Alan's radio show yesterday. I "googled" Nellie McKay and found that NPR has some really good shows too, so I may have to hang out on NPR and on Ann Coulter's site until after the election because I'm not going to be able to take the propaganda from the Republican In Name only party.

Ree, I am reading Thomas Friedman's book THE WORLD IS FLAT in preparation for the upcoming election. Hannity said that the Republican In Name Only party needs to modernize.

After all the great candidates that were running this year, I thought for sure THIS would be the year that I would finally vote for a Republican for President, but I guess it is not to be.

It is Superbowl weekend, so I might not be able to post again.

I'm voting for Mitt Romney on Tuesday.



I hear you yes to Mitt Romney, I was watching an interview btw Laura Ingraham and Peggy Noonan on where the Republicans are headed. Republicans are not like Democrats, they will let the party loose an election. It isn't win at any cost if you don't uphold their principles. Where is John McCain holding up Repubilcan Principles? I don't get why McCain can't figure out he can't get elected without the Conservative base. McCain started a grass fire with Shamnesty and Juan Hernandez as unpaid volunteer to his campaign, talk about being out of touch with Americans, not just Conservatives. New York is not a Republican state and it voted over 70% against illegals getting driver licenses. The politicians think they can ride the Dragon, that is the American Electorate, they are counting on the sheep getting the message from the MSM this is the trend, this is the polling, this is who you are going to pick for your canidates...the problem with that come November alot of us may sit out the vote, no vote for McCain, would turn into no opposition to Hillary Clinton. I really don't know who I will vote for come November, it does seem everything ends up playing into Satan's hands.

J. Pierpont Finch

Monica speaks so highly of Mitt Romney, founder of Bain Capital. I wonder if she's aware of this article!

Bain Capital quiet about probe into 3Com acquisition
Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States likely to take 45 additional days investigating whether deal poses national security risk

By Grant Gross, IDG News Service
January 02, 2008


Bain Capital, a U.S. equity investment firm, declined to comment Wednesday on news reports that a U.S. government panel reviewing a proposed acquisition of networking vendor 3Com plans to extend its review.

Bain would get an 83.5 percent stake in 3Com, and Chinese networking giant Huawei Technologies would get the remaining piece in the $2.2 billion deal. The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), part of the U.S. Department of Treasury, is investigating whether the investment by Huawei poses a risk to U.S. national security after Bain voluntarily submitted the deal for review in October.

Normally, a CFIUS review runs for 30 days, but the interagency committee can take another 45 days. The Financial Times on Tuesday reported that CFIUS this week would likely take the additional time.

A Bain spokesman declined to comment on the news report Wednesday, saying the CFIUS review was a "confidential process."

"Bain Capital is working closely with CFIUS to provide U.S. officials with information about the proposed transaction," the company said in a statement. "As stated previously, we believe CFIUS will conclude that the company will remain firmly in the control of an American firm, has only a small minority foreign shareholder, and that the deal presents no risks to national security."

Some critics have disagreed. U.S. Rep. Thaddeus McCotter, a Michigan Republican, has called on CFIUS to reject the deal. Huawei's take in 3Com, which markets intrusion detection systems, would "gravely compromise" U.S. national security, he said in a House floor speech in October.

The U.S. Department of Defense uses 3Com intrusion detection products, and Chinese hackers have targeted the agency, McCotter said. "Given this and other instances of communist China's persistent cyber warfare against us, approving this sale would be an abject abdication of CIFUS' duty to protect America's vital defense technologies from enemy acquisition," he said.



Mitt Romney has something working in his favor he didn't get angry with the American People when they wouldn't bend over for Shamnesty. I wouldn't be trying to ride George W Bush's coat tails alot of Conservatives feel betrayed by Bush, and by promising to keep the Troops in Iraq indefinatley is what kind of stratgey if not Bush stratgey i.e. doctrine, policy, legacy.


If you are reading check this out,



Ann Coulter, I'm campaigning with you if McCain wins the Republican nomination.


J. Pierpont Finch

IMHO, it's childish for Coulter to threaten to campaign and vote for Hillary if Juan McCain is the Republican nominee. It shows that she is short a lot of french fries for a happy meal!

J. Pierpont Finch

After watching the CNN Republican debate this past week, I've concluded that Mitt Romney is by far the most qualified potential Republican nominee. However, the way I see it, if Juan McCain is the nominee, those of the Conservative persuasion have two actions they could take which could have a future impact on the Republican Party. (1) They could cease making contriburtions to Republican candidates and the Republican Party., and, (3) They can switch their Republican {arty affiliation to Independant. These two actions have the potential to send a powerful message to the party elites who seem intent on putting up Doctor Strangelove in 2008. If you don't know what I mean by referring to Juan as Dr. Strangelove, just watch the rerun of the debate tonight on CNN!

Jack Flynn

This is a bad time to send an ideologue to the Whitehouse. We need a pragmatist in there, one who can do the daily busy work of running the government without having his goals outrun his ability to achieve them. To a liberally minded individual, there is nothing wrong with Obama's ideas. It is his ability to implement them that is in question.
I don't care if Hillary voted for the war. She is most capable of getting us out of there with a minimum of chaos, and most able and likely to get us out of there sooner, rather than later with as much dignity as can be mustered. It takes a tough woman who has been whored upon to deal with the pimp dictators of the world.
We have taught the world how to remove a Dictator peacefully. How better to spread Democracy than that?
We do as we should have been doing all along and spread the word of Democracy by example, rather than war.

If that's change,
then so be it.

What do they say?

Charity begins at home?

J. Pierpont Finch

ONE THING WE DON'T NEED is a president who

- Will implement a Universal health care plan that has already collapsed in Illinois, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania & California due to high costs.

- Will see the economy as a Zero Sum game.

- Will hurt the economy by raising taxes at a time when economic growth is declining due.

- Will spend our tax dollars on expensive "global warming" schemes when other countriee do not participate.

- Will not secure our borders, common English language and culture which gives us our identity and enables us to communicate with each other.

- Will claim to act ethically, but will actually act unethically and be influenced by lobbyists over the interests of our citizens.

- Will be unwilling to answer tough questions directly from tough questioners.


J. Pierpont Finch

ONE THING WE DON'T NEED is a president who

= Will not appease terrorists wh oseek to destroy our way of life and enslave us under Sharia Law.

- Will not allow the good work our men and woman in uniform overseas have accomplished to be in vane.

- Will have us become isolationist as was the failed policies that lead up to World War II.

J. Pierpont Finch

ONE THING WE DON'T NEED is a president who

- Would call for democratic elections in countries that would likely elect extremist Jihadists intent to destroy our way of life and our national interests.

Jack Flynn

We need a President with new ways of thinking and a clear and unbiased world view that will put in perspective the anachronistic and egregiously distorted values of paranoid reactionaries like the fictional character, J. Pierpont Finch, displays above.
Eventually, retrogressive individuals of this type will be marginalized to such an extent they will only bore their immediate family, dogs and cats.
Until then, we must treat them like the nuisance they are and brush them away like mosquitoes in late summer. They have developed "constitutional immunity", so spraying them with fresh ideas is not a viable or practical alternative.

Jack Flynn

I must leave you now and concentrate my interest and enthusiasm on the New England Patriots. I expect them to win as decisively as Hillary will win in November.

Jack Flynn

GO PATS!!!!!!!!!

Jack Flynn

GO Hillary!!!!!!!

J. Pierpont Finch

Less than two hours before the start of the humiliation of the team that cheats using video cameras to steal plays!

Jack Flynn

I'll bet the fictional J. Pierpont Finch and Charlie can't keep their mouths shut.

Bring it on!!!


That was some game!

Jack Flynn

It sure was. The Patriots were incredible this season but the goal of perfection will have to wait for another year or another team to accomplish it. In a way, that's good, because it still leaves the nigh impossible to be achieved. In their win, the Giants and Eli Manning displayed courage, determination and excellent coaching.


I don't particulary like football but I was stunned at the outcome after everybody was acting like whoever was in the Super Bowl with the Patriots would basically be there just to be tossed about like a doll baby.

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