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January 28, 2008



Juvenile and not all that funny.



Have you got someone on the inside? Too Funny.



This is hysterical. Keep up the great work. Any possibility you can team up with McGuirk? We're dying to hear from Cardinal Egan again.

Loved the new hairstyle. I thought it made you look younger too.


Monica, that was absolutely hilarious. I'm still laughing! The truth is that this is pretty close to reality.

It's sad in a way that an ex-President of the United States is becoming a clown and a political hack. You hear people defending him by saying he is her husband and has a right to defend her, but he is more than just a husband, he is an ex-President. Ex-Presidents don't get involved in whether the citizens of Nevada vote in casinos unless that ex-President is a nut. You expect an ex-President to exhibit some statesmanship instead of being a base political hack from Arkansas.


Bernard McGuirk would make a great guest. Why don't you invite him on?


Ayyyyyyy! Chica mia! You cook with salsa now? Or as we used to say in the Yucatan (by a turquoise sea), muy picante!

Okay, maybe you're ready for gringoVison rating the Two-Headed Creature's chances of running a third time on Dem ticket for White House. From 95% certain it went to 85% post Iowa, then 80% post Sou C'alina. And now?

Well, how surging must be the revulsion against Two-Headed when even Senator Ted The Swimmer now backs Barack the callow charismatic? (Did the Clintonista faithful who tried so ignobly to desecrate your outspoken site have even a smidgin of a clue?)

Okay, Sweetie, here is what the crystal gringoBall is now showing: Despite the Dems' public display of bravado ("Hey, we is 2008!") they are just as desperate as the Bush-neutered Pubs. That is, the decades of race-and-gender Identity piranha they have used to terrorize opponents have finally come back to bite them in the Trotsky tookus.

Nevertheless, in the end they will do a grand kiss-and-make up, as it's obviously all about the power.

In other words, their only real battle right now is: which of this queer couple gets the POTUS slot, and which gets vice-POTUS. If, as is likely, cunningly caucasoidal Two-Headed, knowing exactly how to play hispanics off of blacks, wins enough primary delegates, the colorful charisma boy (a natural for today's American Idolaters) would likely accept VP duty which Two-Headed would likely offer in order to "heal wounds," mollify their faithful neo-plantation, and present a Stalinist-like United People's Front against "the evil capitalists and warmongers" while the pampered kiddies of the evil capitalists and the greybeard hippies keep puffing away and cheer wildly for the smarmy MSM cameras.

But what if?

What if he who the Dems dare not be honest enough to call their "Great Half-White Hope," were to get Top Nom?

What if, in order to "heal Party wounds" yada yada, SHE were asked to sit in the back of the Ticket bus?

Stay tuned. They might be about to give us a lesson not covered even in Jonah Goldberg's new LIBERAL FASCISM.

Doesn't matter if you heard it here first.


Bill Clinton's Dr Frankenstein moment when his creation turns on him.




This is the Newsday Poll for Cablevision to add channels, Imus mentioned this today on the show, if RFD TV gets picked up by Cablevision, NYC folks could get Imus in the Morning without a dish. I think this might be of interest to you and monica



This is an article from Matt Taibbi writes for Rolling Stone is Hillary Clinton the new Nixon.



LOL Right on sista! You make a good scriptwriter.

I heard that humor is a panacea for good health and longgevity.


That might be true of a GOOD sense of humor, as opposed to Monica's juvenile sense of humor.


LOL, Look who's talking about a good sense of humor!!

Boy, you're a comedian, but you don't know it.


Nellie McKay was a guest on Garrison Keillor's "A Prairie Home Companion" radio show this weekend. Check out this song. You'll enjoy it.


Garrison posted some other cuts from the show on his website


Kudos to Garrison Keillor and NPR for introducing us to the very "politically incorrect" Nellie McKay.


New York's chapter of N.O.W. responds to Ted Kennedy's endorsement of Barack Obama. (File: "You just can't make this up")


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