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January 30, 2008



No way will I vote for Juan McKennedy. Hope the Republicans enjoy having the Clintons back in the White House.

Ronald Reagan R.I.P.


"McCain is Kelly Clarkson: tough". Monica, loved your American Idol analogy but I have to disagree with you on McCain/Kennedy. Monica, how could you compare McCain with the sweet Kelly Clarkson. Please, it's not Kelly Clarkson, it's TAYLOR HICKS. McCain/Kennedy is Taylor Hicks, that gray haired guy that I keep saying how did this guy win American Idol. Where did he get his votes from? Who voted for him? As Taylor Hicks kept winning I kept saying, can we have a recount please. Who is voting for McCain/Kennedy?


Slick Willey's favorite American Idol contestant was Antonella Barba, duh.


Didn't realize you watch so much reality TV, Monica.


MMFA standard bearers for the jaded and debased politics of hope...well this isn't what I am hoping for more of.



Here is a great piece by Pat Buchanan about John McCain:


In this piece Pat discusses how John McCain OPPOSED putting Proposition 200 on the ballot . This was a proposal that required proof of citzenship before allowing people to vote or collect state benefits. It was enacted because 56% of Arizona voters voted in favor of it!

For all you conservatives out there, DON'T BUY the spin about this guy. Check out his voting record on Supreme Court Nominees. He voted to confirm Ruth Bader Ginsberg in 1993! Can someone explain to me again how this guy is a conservative?

Allah Schmallah

Hell NO! I would rather vote for Hitlery herself before I voted for that Liberal McCAIRn.

I have NO idea where the inuendo that McCAIRn is "tough on terror" comes from.

The same McCAIRn who wants to close Gitmo and give civilian trials to terrorists... the same McCAIRn who wants to stop waterboarding these crazed jihadists who cut the heads of any hapless soul who happens to fall into their satanic clutches?

Not just NO!

Allah Schmallah

If indeed the choice turns out to be between Hitlery and McCAIRn it would be better to elect the Real Thing.

Namely Hitlery.

Let the Dhimmicrats go before future voters after they've had the time and the means to screw things up real good.

You want soft on jihad?

Hitlery the Arafart-kisser or cut-em-loose and give 'em Geneva conventions McCAIRn.

Want open borders and amnesty?

Are you beginning to see a pattern here?
If you want a Liberal then vote for a Liberal.

If McCAIRn gets the nomionation I'll be selling bumper stickers:

"Don't blame me. *I* DIDN'T vote."

PS. Now that Ted "The Red" Kennedy endorsed Obama you could say that Kennedy is closer to McCAIRn than he is to Hitlery.

You really want this guy in the White House? He'll have to attract a hell of a lot of Liberal votes cause he sure as hell ain't getting mine.


What does calling him "McCAIRn" mean?

So if McCain is nominated, you all are giving up? How encouraging! Do that! Let the Democrats win, and then say it's everyone else's fault because you didn't vote!

Allah Schmallah

McCAIRn as in C.ouncil on A.merican I.slamic R.elations.

I am NOT voting this guy in the Primaries and I am not about to support someone who is being pushed down our throats by the Republican establishment and the M.ain S.tream M.edia.

John McCAIRn is the darling of the Left. Ever wonder WHY that is so?

There is no difference between McCAIRn and the Dhimmicrats on the main issues.

I want a REAL Candidate. Not another Bob Dole.


Heh, heh, heh. Hearing you all talk like this makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

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