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December 09, 2007



Most entertainment celebrities are not intellectual heavyweights, and Oprah is no exception.
Take them out of their scripted environment, and they quickly manifest their lack of depth.

Wouldn't surprise me if some of Obama's minions begin blaming 'cold-hearted' Republicans for the malfunctioning mike.



Well, it is good they are finding something to do with all that campaign money - like hire a few goons. Things are heating up in the usual adolescent fashion. I've noticed many such failures recently. These people believein nixing free speech, obviously.


They practice a sort of feminine fairness doctrine : When they are the recipients of fairness, they demand their share. When it is time for you to obtain your share, all is fair.


Monica, great job on The McLaughlin Group this weekend, and I think that Oprah can help Obama with the women's vote. That is probably the strategy since so many women watch Oprah. With Hillary's background: Wellesley, Yale Law, Arkansas First Lady, Co-President, chief conspiracy theorist, and socialist views, I don't think most women relate to her. That's a guess on my part since I am a guy but I think with her high negative ratings a lot of women think she is not Presidential material. Again, although I don't agree with Obama on many issues I do admire his courage in taking on the dragon. He could have done a "Bill Richardson" and spent the past few months kissing her ring, but instead he has taken on the dragon.

Was it just me or did anyone else think Lawrence O'Donnell stepped of the deep end again with his views on Mitt R., and the Mormon religion. I thought his views were very bigoted. Ever since Clinton was impeached Lawrence has gone off the deep end. If we hold everyone responsible for the sins of our forefathers we would be in a mess. After all even George Washington was a slave holder, and Thomas Jefferson had his sins. Many religions in the South before and during the Civil War sanctioned slavery, and bigotry afterward. Many mainline churches even today are segregated.

Latest Rasmussen poll shows, in a general election:

Hillary 46 percent
Huckabee 45 percent

Hillary only does 7 points better among women in this poll which backs up my thesis that Hillary's Wellesley, Yale Law, conspiracy buff background doesn't play well with women anymore than men.



My local talk show host was discussing this topic today. Several women called in and they don't like Hillary for a number of reasons. In fact, I'm never met SO MANY WOMEN who are threatening to leave the country if she is elected.

I'm more impressed with other candidate's accomplishments than I am with Hillary' Senate record. I think she is a socialist and control freak who will raise my taxes in order to implement her unsound social programs (i.e, baby bonds). I don't have any confidence in her universal health plan, and I don't trust her with the border.

I looked at Obama seriously in April and I, too, am impressed with him, but I don't agree with where he stands on the issues. My two main issues in this campaign are immigration and conservative fiscal management, and I believe a Republican candidate will represent me best on those issues.


This latest Rasmussen Poll has to be shocking to the Clinton campaign. Somebody like Huckabee is within one point of her nationally and Hillary only leads him by 7 points among women. Her socialist views do not appeal to the majority of Americans (men and women). Her more government regulation, more government control, let the bureaucrat decide everything philisophy does not appeal to many voters. Talk about being a control freak, she will take the profits of the oil companies and give them to a government agency for redistribution (and oh by the way she appoints the bureaucrats to the government agency) to her political base. She wants to freeze the interest rates on adjustable mortgage rates for 5 years, which is nothing but price controls. She, and other Democrats, believe in increasing the minimum wage on a regular basis to a level they believe is a "fair" wage. This is wage controls. Price and wage controls have been proven over and over again to be a failed policy. That's why the failed economies of the the old Soviet empire collapsed. Planned economies don't work, period, yet she continues to spew that nonsense as central to her campaign. It leads to rationing, but that is exactly what the people like Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro love, because they get to be the person who rations the goods and mainain their power.

I don't think Oprah will change anything.

BTW, Bill Clinton is NEVER boring to many of us. We still love him, especially after the debacle that his George W. Bush. We realize what we had, and we miss it.

And I see that some of you are catching on to what I've already said here. While I will support the Democratic candidate, whoever that may be, I see Huckabee as the biggest Republican threat. Again, as I've said before, he will have the support of the Christian right and he is the least scary of the Republican candidates to liberals.

I think the Democrats can beat any of the other Republican candidates, who come with too many weaknesses. If you are all smart or savvy, you will start throwing your support behind Huckabee.

There is a good piece in the Wall Street Journal today about the Democratic so call "pay as you go" budget process, also known as PAYGO. With the Democrats repelling the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) and its tax on 20 million middle class tax payers without any other spending cuts or tax increases the Democrats attempt to portray themselves as fiscal conservatives is a farce and a con-game. If the Democrats control Congress in 2010 you can bet your bottom dollar that the Bush 2003 tax cuts will not be extended which will mean a huge tax increase for most Americans. The effect of that tax increase while the economy may be going into a recession could be catastrophic. And you can also bet the Democrats will not control spending.


Is it just a strange coincidence that the Illinois lottery pick 3 winning number was 666 when B.O. got elected?

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