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December 24, 2007



Continuing the Wizard of Oz thesis I propose the following roles be filled with:

The Wicked Witch of the West---Hillary Clinton (duh) with apologizes to Margaret Hamilton.

The Cowardly Lion---Harry Reid (absolutely no manhood whatsoever).

The Tin Man----Mitt Romney (not a lot of metal to his positions).

The Scarecrow---Ron Paul (now he is criticising Abraham Lincoln, does he have anyone advising his campaign or is he just spewing it off the cuff?)

The Wizard of Oz-----Frank Morgan who played the original Wizard actually played about 5 different roles during the movie. I nominate Bill Clinton as the Wizard of Oz because the curtain was pulled back when the DNA test came back from the lab.

Finally, Dorothy-----I nominate Nancy Peloser who lives in a constant dreamland called San Francisco. Nancy, keep clicking your heels and chanting get me out of San Francisco, get me out of San Francisco.



I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
You are not going unnoticed.



Monica, you owe this Chickaboomer. That foto she posts of you, in knockout buckled black, should be on your site, replacing the current toothpaste ad you seem to prefer here. Take it from a guy with an eye.

The Chick, I see, is also linking you with conservative radio's current runner-up for God (he still apparently trails Jesus Christ, but it's close). And she adds,

"Rush Limbaugh ordered a $3,600 bottle of Margaux at the Kobe Club on W. 58th St. Wednesday night — then left an eye-popping $5,000 tip on top of a $4,410 check." Ben Widdicombe's Gatecrasher NYDN"

Cara mia, it's just one of those things, unless he will drink the Margaux out of your shoe. On camera? That depends. But the shoe must be well-worn. That is non-negotiable.

Merry Christmas!

(Has your liberal brother-in-law got the Guilt wrapped up with pretty ribbons?)

http://www.gringoman.com/ (Not listed in Bob's Blogodex, for obvious reasons.)


The answer my friend, may be blowing in the wind.



What a great scoop from Chickaboomer! I definitely understand what you see in HIM. After listening to some of HIS shows, I was tempted to start hanging out at the Kobe Club myself. HIS jokes are so dangerously funny that I would burst out laughing uncontrollably while running errands. And that interview with Karl Rove was amazing...I just don't think I'll ever be able to think of Karl Rove in the same way again after that. Karl Rove definitely owes HIM.

These Republican guys are really hot!

Merry Christmas!


Will you turn into a pumpkin if you talk about automatic citizenship. This must end. Why is this topic being avoided.


Don't you mean a "punkin"?



I don't know about your choice for scarecrow. Tammy Bruce, brought up, she thought Obama was a Strawman. Stranger things have happened in American Politics.

Jack Flynn

My prediction for Iowa Dems

1) Hillary
2) Edwards
3) Obama

Hilary will also take NH.
Then, it's off to the races.

The Repubs don't matter. Whoever they choose will lose in a moderate to major landslide.

Happy New Year. We really need one.

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