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December 21, 2007



Sounds like Bill is having fun in the sea change.


It's funny he called her a world class genius today, I've never heard that before. I seriously question that, after all she married him, how smart is that? Another recent statement of his was the statement that he was against the Iraq War from the beginning. That was a whopper. The more he is out there on the campaign trail the more opportunity for him to stick his foot squarely in his mouth and embarrass her campaign. He is a lose canon rolling around on the Hillary campaign ship just waiting to go boom.


"Clinton never really enjoyed the governing part of being president"

Really? Invitation to speak on the McLaughlin show aside (was Tony Blankley busy?), I don't think you know what you're talking about. Both of the Clintons love and believe in the transformative power of governance. Bill Clinton has forgotten more about the minutiae of running government than you'll ever learn.

How silly. What a silly post. Do you get paid for this? What a great deal.


"Both Clintons love and believe in the transformative power of governance". Are you referring to Bill's "don't ask, don't tell" policy? How about Hillary's first government takeover plan of the health care industry? Are you referring to Hillary's proposal to take the oil company's profits and give them to a government bureaucracy (that she appoints) for further distribution to the people she chooses? How about the tax increase that is coming in 2010 when they will refuse to extend the Bush tax cuts? The transformative power of governance means more taxes, more government regulation, more social spending on welfare programs, price and wage controls, and the growth of the nanny state.


Well, he should be having a field day then. He can have his cake and eat it too. Get's to slap backs all day long and be responsible for no decisions.


What saved us during Bill Clinton Administration was the Republican Congressional victory in 1994. This put a check on him for the rest of his Presidency and forced him to abandon any liberal agenda. If Hillary wins in 2008 and the Democrats retain control of Congress she will be able to enact her socialist agenda. She will be virtually unchecked in her ability to expand the welfare state and pile more and more regulations on the economy. The Bush tax cuts will be history and the economy will be headed for a long protracted recession.

Jack Flynn

I agree, Monica. Bill Clinton did not enjoy working the nuts and bolts of the Presidency, whereas Hillary excels at the nuts and bolts.
If you think they had arguments before, wait until she becomes President. They will fight like Snow Monkeys.
Lamps, books cups and saucers will bounce off the floors, walls, and Bill's noggin.

How can you not anticipate that, with joy, Monica?

By the way, Monica, if no one would ever know, alone with him in a room, how long would it take for Bill Clinton to seduce you?
Five minutes? Ten?

That's your way to Hillary, Monica. Go get him!!!


I think you are right, Jack. Monica Crowley is a slut.


(Wall Street Journal):'Twas the night before Christmas, or just about so,
All Congressmen and Senators straight home wished to go.

Then what to our wondering eyes did appear,
But a tax called "alternative," which the middle class fears.

The Dems had neglected to vote it away.
And unless they moved fast, more constituents would pay.

The Grinch that was coming was a "minimum" tax,
But those forced to pay would be taxed to the max.

So Reid and Pelosi, they finally surrendered,
And decided to patch it, lest voters be angered.

But the Grinch AMT, it just won't disappear.
Unless Congress kills it, it will resurface next year.

The Grinch AMT isn't indexed for inflation.
And so over time, it will spread round the nation.

The moral of the story should be perfectly clear,
But it's one that most Democrats prefer not to hear:

A tax on the rich never takes enough dough.
If you want to raise revenue, to the middle class you must go.

The Grinch was sent packing this year, it is true.
But he'll be back again soon, and he'll want you-know-who."

Harry Reid came out one last time and held a cryfest because the big bad Republicans would cooperate with his big government, welfare state, surrender in Iraq agenda. The "man" has no manhood whatsoever. He is a weinie of Biblical proportions. He is a snifling coward. He declared the surge was a failure even before it started and now he doesn't have the courage to admit he was wrong. He is a crying, snifling, weinie.

Jack Flynn

What is the difference between a slut and a whore Fred? Is a whore closer to prostitution? What in hell is wrong with prostitution, anyway? Won't man always have a need for it?
Except for regulating the business to protect the women from abuse and disease and extracting money from it, the government should keep its nose out of prostitution and busy itself with infrastructure and other important issues.

There is more immorality in attacking prostitution than there is in the practice, of it.
Because it is illegal, it creates, breeds and attracts criminality.

People are getting robbed raped and murdered on the streets and in their homes while we are pissing and moaning about Al Quaeda?

It's time we looked at the real problem—our inability, culturally and personally, to think in terms of making each other happy. Christ's mantra, Love thy neighbor as thyself was more than a platitude.
The Beatitudes are a manual for survival on earth
spoken by lips and eyes so kind and wise we had to kill him.

He knew we were not ready for him.

He died giving us vital information.

It's time we thanked him for that information by using it. It is time we put that actual information to use and maybe, just maybe, we can save our grandchildren, who are rapidly heading for the falls.

No Fred. Monica Crowley is not a slut. She is a person probably somewhat equal to yourself, in passion and sin.


Quite honest and noble of you to give Christ his dues, Jack.
If most of us should faithfully follow his example and teachings, this world would be a better place.

Here is what Mahatma Gandhi--one of the few men who lived a Christlike life--had to say when asked by a Christian about Jesus and Christianity:
"I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians.
Your Christians are so unlike your Christ!"

Still, take Christians and Christianity out of this world, and what do we have?


Jack Flynn

Yes, Charlie. Gandi knew that the large majority of Christians live un-Christ like lives.
Christ's teachings are non-exclusive and easy to understand. It is the practice of them that people either ignore, or find too difficult.
Merry Christmas

Jack Flynn

Hucklebee is no Christian. His son was charged with torturing and killing a stray dog. Hucklebee's Christian way of dealing with the situation, was to chastise the police officer who was pressing for an investigation. We are not talking about forgiveness here. We are talking about condoning a vicious and immoral act, trying to hide it, and when presented with the evidence, lying about it.
Scratch one Christian from the roster.

How about Rommney, whose piety is only exceeded by his hypocrisy.
Are his lies reflective of a Christian way to live?
If he lies about small things, can't we expect him to lie about larger things?

I'm only talking about those who call themselves Christians here. Because once you commit to saying out loud that you are a Christian, you had better damned well be living and talking that way—especially if you are vying for the Highest Office in the Land.

The eyes and lips are the mirror of the soul. They merge as the truth of that soul.

Romney's eyes are steely cold and his lips are tightened in defiance of. . . everything.

It was no joke when he told us that he was unwilling to sacrifice his "picture book" sons to what we are supposed to believe is reflective of his Christian principles, like say, the Iraq war.

Let us look at every candidate who is presumptuous enough to call him, or her self, a Christian.

Is he or she acting like one?


Jack, are you a Jesus freak like the conservative nuts on this blog? That's a disappointment.

Jack Flynn

To respect the wisdom of Jesus and see its relevance and value to the human race does not make me a "Jesus freak".
If I respect Carl Jung's mind and works does that make me a "Jung freak".
I thought you were more open-minded than that Fred.


I have my limits. I am exhausted by the influence that born-agains have had on our current government. Seven years of Bush have demonstrated the results when our leaders think more about Jesus than about hurricanes and warfare. No more.

Religion is a nice diversion at the holidays, but otherwise I think it should be kept out of our daily lives, or, if it is part of your daily life, I would politely ask you not to impose it on me.

Jack Flynn

Who in hell is imposing anything on you, Fred?
I attempted to respond to your obvious bias by stating my humble opinion on the matter.

You and Charlie are birds of the same feather, one right, one left, yes, but both masters of sweeping socio-political generalizaions, signifying what???????

In regard to my personal religious inclinations, they are more primal than you are capable of imagining. Don't worry about being tainted by them. They are my business and I wouldn't be about sharing them with you.

God, I'm sick of people who lack imagination. Another trait you share with Charlie.

Jack Flynn

Also, if you are as you say, "exhausted by the influence that born-agains have had on our current government" don't lay it on me. That's your problem and theirs.

Can't you see that the evangelicals are heading the way of the bikers of the fifties, still around, still colorful, but marginalized. The are losing their relevance, rapidly. Watch what happens to Hucklebee. He'll dissolve like sugar in water.
People like their water cool and clear, not sugary or salty.

Everything is set for a Democratic sweep. At least try to be joyful about that.


I didn't mean that you personally are imposing anything on me, Jack. I'm talking more generally. I'm just seeing a blending of Church and State lately that offends me.

Please don't put me in a category with Charlie. That's just gross to me.


I am cautious about being joyful about a Democratic sweep. The Democrats manage to find creative ways to blow it.

My apologies for being too hard on you, Jack. Religion gets on my nerves, and because this was a big holiday week, my irritation got intensified. Even my wife told me to lighten up and not spoil everyone else's enjoyment.


Is it possible for a HATEFUL person to be HAPPY?
(Unless he/she is a weirdo who finds joy in hating.)



If you are talking about me, Charlie, I wonder how you manage to see yourself as something other than hateful, considering the venom in your posts.


LOL. Now, what makes you think I'm talking about you, Fred.
Come on, man! Life is short! We shouldn't spend it making ourselves miserable by thinking negatively.

Here is a link with an inspiring piece that has blessed generations: http://www.tentmaker.org/tracts/Desiderata.html

Jack Flynn

After all the turmoil, deception, bias and hate you dispersed on this blog in 2007, how dare you promulgate or even mention Desiderata as though it were part of your value system. It is worse than hypocrisy. It is positively disgusting.
The sugar coated words, you hide behind these days, fall like poison on those who remember and/or were maligned by your lies and false accusations, so why bother?
Character wise, you can only pretend to be nice until you admit what you did, apologize, and show that you have learned a little about humility, which, (in case you didn't realize it), is what Desiderata is all about.
Until that day, and in spite of your recent candy coated words, you remain what you are in the eyes of those, (including myself), who know you from personal experience.

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