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December 10, 2007



Pat Buchanan pointed out that at Columbia war protestors in '68 were male members of the priveledged class, who managed to join forces with Commies on the Left. Nixon represented the silent majority middle class in '68.

Hillary is practically the melding of these two, now wishing to be of the investing upper class, with a sensible socialist plan to reorganize the world with socialists ideas, investment capital, and the establishment of a world government from the ground up. Whoops, messed up in Tienamen Square, opps, messed up again in Burma, oops, perhaps once again in Shanghai. Perhaps grass roots movements do not work outside the US. They seem to have problems in the former Soviet Union also. Africa sure is a mess.

I worry about trade pipelines that destabilize economies. We should learn from Nixon, who despite his failings, understood the perils inherent in Communism, here and abroad. Today, the "Dump Dick" media have led people to think fear of Communism amounted to paranoia, and the real problem with Algier Hiss was that he was an atheist.

Hillary's group has left the middle class behind. Brady, now who is that? Wasn't he shot in the head? Does he have Parkinson's, or was it the other guy?

J. Pierpont Finch

Oh, how melodramtic!

Face it - We have a leadership vacuum in both of the major parties. So far, all of the first tier candidates of both parties are for the most part PATHETIC EMPTY SUITS!

Politics is not football. Clinton doesn't have to win. She just has to not lose. And she will not lose to Obama.

As I keep saying, the threat to Clinton is not from the other Democrats. I think she will get the nomination. The threat comes from Huckabee for the presidency.


Blacks make up a large part of the National Football League and the Democratic Party. Hillary is losing the black vote to Obama. In South Carolina Obama has built a huge lead among blacks there which is a change from a few months ago. If this trend continues Obama will win the Super Bowl and the South Carolina Primary. The Clinton campaign is in full panic mode and instead of a Pennington, I would compare her to a one armed Tom Brady. She is totting that pigskin in one arm and Obama is about to force a fumble.


Your transparency is glaring Monica. You want Obama to beat out Hillary because you are scared to death of her and erroneously think that Mitt will have a better chance in the general election running against a black man. You think that Obama would garner only the Black, Hispanic and hard core liberal vote. You see all of the Republicans voting for Mitt and you're betting that he will attract Independents, moderate Dems and blue collar male Dems.
You couldn't be more wrong.
Either one of them will beat the pants off ANY candidate the Republicans offer.
On his show today, Chris Mathews pointed out one of the main fallacies in your thinking.
He said, in essence, that everyone he has met who supports Mitt, is rich.
That is not lost on the millions of Americans who have poor or no health care and are struggling to pay for their kid's college education, (not to mention Iraq).
You are as wrong about this election, Monica, as you were about the 2006 election.
Why don't you give up on Teflon Mitt and get behind Hucklebee. He is about as evolved as you are—doesn't believe in Evolution and his solution to crime and/or tyrannical government is for everyone to carry guns. There you go!


Monica Crowley is no more an expert on politics than anyone else who contributes to this blog. I wouldn't expect anything other than foolish predictions from her.


Like your analogy and sense of humor, Monica.

pity the 'expert' libs have been deprived of theirs, (if they had any in the first place)


The Clinton campaign is now in freefall mode. She has lost a huge lead in New Hampshire and is now tied with Obama there. Rasmussen shows Obama with a slight lead. The black vote is trending to Obama. It's too early to say that the dragon is defeated but put the life support systems on standby.


The leftie media (or as Truther calls them: the "dump Dick media") is desperately trying to make Huckabee the story in order to deflect the fact that Hillary is in freefall mode. If a Republican had fallen so far, so fast in the polls the leftie media would be headlining that news night and day but they are attempting to ignore the Hillary collapse in hopes she will rebound. Obama is defeating the dragon.


It makes me laugh to see the premature ejaculators on here, (like Charlie and SteveOK), rise and fall with every spurious piece or poll dished out by the media, left or right.
If you guys have wives or girlfriends, they must be tired of patting your backs and saying, "It's ok dear. You're just tired."

Hold on to your load guys.
We haven't even reached the quarter finals yet.


The Iowa Caucus is just 3 weeks away, Obama is going to win, and he has taken the lead in New Hampshire. The leftie media has chosen to ignore that in hopes their "queen" will slip in the back door and win. She has lost the black vote and her campaign is collapsing. The leftie media will report that just after the Havana state run newspapers reports.


So what if Obama and Hucklebee win in Iowa. 60% of the Iowa caucus voters are evangelical Christians. How relevant will that be to the rest of the country in the general election? Not very. Nor is New Hampshire much more important, other than it is more of a cross section of America than Iowa or South Carolina.
It's a marathon, not a sprint.
Talk to me post super Tuesday when the real action begins.
I wouldn't be surprised if the Repubs end up fighting it out at the convention.


Does anyone seriously believe that Hucklebee will have an iota of a chance when voters find out that he doesn't believe in Evolution—that he thinks the world was created by God 2007 years ago? Come on now.
Hmm. That could entangle him in incest, couldn't it?
But I suppose his ancestors could have mated with giraffes or monkeys on the Ark. That might have spread the genes around a little.
Mitt is a Teflon straight man, Giuliani, a walking caricature of the forties, Mc"Cain" a step away from a straight jacket, and Freddy, a B flick actor with limited range.

Who's left?

Toms????????????? AGhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!


What does "evolution" have to do with anything? A lot of Americans believe in the Creation story as told in Genesis. Those on the radical left believe if you don't kiss the ring of global warming, Charles Darwin, the pro-abortionists, and income redistribution you aren't qualified to be President. That view would disqualify a lot of great American Presidents in the past including Abraham Lincoln and George Wasington. You have the right to believe God is a joke if you want to but at least acknowledge the Bill of Rights and stop trashing those who want to exercise their freedom of religion.


Pick up on this poll from CBS in 2004: 65 percent of Americans believe Creationism and Evolution both should be taught in the schools, 55 percent of Americans believe that God created humans in their present form, and only 27 percent believe in Evolution. You have been watching too much of Keith Olbermann.


Are there any countries in which the election for a President takes such a long time?

Another thing, campaigning is such a long and arduous process, elected officials in the race have little or not time to serve their constituencies.
Wouldn't if be feasible if they gave up the posts, and allowed others who are not running, to do it?


Creationism sprang from the evangelical "think" tank when they felt threatened and could no longer rationally support that part of their faith which claimed man was created by God around two thousand years ago which many evangelicals still believe.
Creationism is a cockeyed theory created and promulgated by stupid people, so it doesn't surprise me that some people are stupid enough to believe it.
Look how many stupid people voted for George Bush—TWICE!!!

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