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December 21, 2007



These are my favorite McLaughlin shows of the year! It's been a very good year and we owe a big thank you to General Pretraeus and the troops in Iraq for a successful year. Abraham Lincoln would reward Grant and Sherman for their great successes with another star on their collar. I think General Pretraeus deserves the same treatment.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


It is somewhat an object of ridicule, that some of the world leaders "heighten". Kim Jong IL, for example, is known to wear platform shoes, but at least he is walking on the even. Whereas Putin, only heightens by elevating the heel. If one must heighten, it probably is best to go as Kim, at least as far as stability and the impact on the feet are concerned, According to "FAlls : Risk factors and strategies for prevention", interphalangeal joint alterations due to habitual heel elevation can lead to falls when one is not elevated. Lesson for Putin: The higher he goes, the farther he might fall.


Wise and astute of them to keep making use of your expertise and talent. You're sure an asset to the team.

A MERRY XMAS to you and family, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS to one and all.

Your Jewish Master

Glad to see you on TMG!

Merry Christmas!!

J. Pierpont Finch

Have a wonderful holiday season!



Best line of the show: Pat Buchanan saying some horse is freezing at Pimlico Race Track because big John McLaughlin took his horse blanket and made a jacket for the show. Second best line coming in a close second by Monica: worst politician, Hugo Chavez who can't even win his own rigged election. Great line Monica (hey, you are a world class genius, just kidding).

Person of the Year: I agree with you Monica if Obama does defeat Hillary and slay the dragon. If he doesn't win Iowa and New Hampshire, the person of the year is General Petraeus.

Fashion: Monica wins easy, again. Loved the red blouse with the low neckline. YES!


Really enjoyed TMG today. The wit and wisdom was outstanding.

What's with the red, though? Don't tell me you're going commie on us!:)
Remember how one of our great presidents enjoyed seeing the ladies in red?

Cheerio! Again, enjoy your holidays!!


Charlie, the red thing even rubbed off on Eleanor this week. She had a splash of red on too. It's Christmas, red and black is seasonal. It works everytime but nobody holds a candle to Monica.


Rasmussen did a poll on the Person of the Year and only 4 percent of Americans selected Putin, as opposed to Times Magazine. Another example of how the leftie media is so far out of touch with the American people it isn't funny. I've said this before and I'll say it again, the state run newspaper in Havana is more objective than most of the leftie media here in America.

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