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December 15, 2007



Go for the knockout, girl!


Yea, Monica on The McLaughlin Group, it doesn't get any better than that! I hope you can appear on the year end shows where they do the "The Best of" and "The Worst of" for the year.


Here is a Monica-generated apercu (as the worthy Albert Camus would have called it) that will never make it through The McLaughlin Group cacaphony....

Monica posted here her little sutra on the recent epidemic of honesty and apology in the US market place of ethics.
Also, on air, she was commenting about shoppers at the holiday mall. She was sympathizing with their difficulties at the mall. Due to nearby condo construction, I must have mis-heard. What I thought I heard our Monica say to the mall shoppers:

"Are you cruising around, looking for a moral parking space?"

Monica, I did misunderstand, yes?


Offended? Slurred? Imus-ed? Free consultation. Call now. 1-800-VICTIMS.

(A public service from gringoVision (http://www.gringoman.com)


Excellent job Moncia this weekend on the McLaughlin Group. However I wouldn't characterize Democrats as "dreamers", I would call them more delusional than dreamers and their dreams turn out to be more nightmares than dreams. Most of the Democrats new ideas in the past 30 years has just been re-hash of the same old tax and spend welfare state programs.

I see you were in the Christmas spirit with the seasonal red dress and black boots, as opposed to the retro-circa 1950s Moscow look of Eleanor.


I liked the red dress too. You came across confidant and vibrant, and made so many good points that it would take the rest of the day to list them all.


The first thing that caught my attention was the red dress.
RED has different connotations:
Could attract a bee to a flower;
or enrage a bull.
What was the motive?

Overall, you conducted yourself well.
You make it look easy, but responding to questions without time for rumination is a lot more difficult that it appears.


George W. Bush's dreams have turned into nightmares for many Americans. And don't try to blame the Democrats because he is the "Decider".


monica you are hot and you are a great addition to the show. i howled with laughter when you talked about huckabee getting run over by the putin & ahmedinajad bus lol. great imagery! hope to see you on the show more!

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