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December 16, 2007



When I saw the title of this I thought there was some tie-in to one of my favorite films, Dr. Strangelove directed by Stanley Kubrick and co-starring the one and only Slim Pickens.

The newspaper endorsements mean very little these days. John McCain is a perfect example of that, he is not going to win the nomination and he is getting the most endorsements.

Also, the Hollywood endorsement doesn't mean anything, in fact they probably hurt the candidates. I'm still waiting for Michael Moore's endorsement this year, I'm sure that will be a big help to someone.



As you've astutely noted, Newspapers' endorsements today don't seem to carry much weight.
Most of them, because of thier political biases, are either scorned or admired--depending on whose side the readers are on.
It would seem, though, that the press mostly leans to the left.
Objective reporting is going--or have gone--the way of the dinosaurs.


God bless Joe Lieberman, he has just endorsed John McCain. Now that is an endorsement with meaning. As a matter of fact I just might change my mind about McCain now that one of my favorite people in the world has endorsed McCain.


Is this a little payback for the way Lieberman was treated in 2006 when the Democrats run a candidate against him in the Primary? I think Hillary refused to endorse Joe in the general election, if I remember right. Sometimes paybacks can be very sweet, even though not very Christian. But thanks anyway to sweet Joe Liberman. I propose a toast, to Joe Lieberman and the best political move of the year.


Things are getting so bad that Roger Ailes and his little dog will no longer be able to jog in Central Park anymore.

Boy ! All this and Manhatten people still have a life expectancy just a few tenths of a point behind everyone else.

It just goes to show that media consultants, public relations people, and political scientists, lead a more healthy lifestyle than everyone else.


There's always got to be some excuse if people choose Hillary. This time it's because they were "three women". OK. Let me point out, Monica, that you are a woman, and you don't like Hillary. So don't use that as an excuse. Maybe they just think she's the best of the bunch.

And, everyone, don't get excited about Lieberman. He's a pimp.

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