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December 09, 2007



Great I will be watching have a great show.



Its good that you're being invited as a guest on these shows, but when are they going to give you your own five day show?
You qualify for, and deserve it.



Can't wait to hear you Ms. Crowley. It will be a fun time.

Will be listening.

Bruce from Florida

I'll try to watch on RFD (The Cow Auction Channel on Direct TV)).


Enjoyed yesterday's show. My guy friends are telling me they love you, but they can't get you on the radio. Can you PLEASE try to get your show on more stations?


I don't give a crap about Imus one way or the other and didn't listen. And having Monica Crowley on the show is not a big selling point.

J. Pierpont Finch

Hi Coordinator for this board,

There seems to be ANOTHER PROGRAM GLITCH here!

I distinctly remember posting comment #4, yet the stamped screen name for the post is December 4, 2007 at 4:49PM appears under it, instead of "J PIERPONT FINCH." This is occurring for other posts of mine on other discussion threads here.

I am already being accused by irrational and suspicious folks of being CHARLIE, (an esteemed gentleman) and I wouldn't want them to think that I'm also DECEMBER. (another fine gentleman, me)


J. Pierpont Finch

WOW Board Coordinator,





YOU WERE GREAT! I thought that you and Don Imus have a real chemistry and genuine affection for one another.
I had a boss, who is also an ICON in his industry. He would give me career, and dating advice, and tell me the BEST "politically incorrect" jokes. Ah, for the good old days.

Maybe Don Imus could invite you back regulary, perhaps on Fridays to give your analysis on the election and to promote your show. You're really fun and this would give you an opportunity to show your lighter side, and Don Imus an opportunity to attract a new market (women like me). Just a suggestion.

I very much appreciate Don Imus thanking Alan and Sean. When this story broke, I sent poor Sean Hannity at least 7 e-mails a day for months and I wasn't even a Don Imus fan. When they blacklisted Bernie in Boston, I had to join that Imus support group because poor Sean had to concentrate on other issues. (I had to laugh when I heard the "Today" show advertising on your radio show Saturday. Please I'm still in therapy from the way they reported the Don Imus and the Virginia Tech stories.)

I enjoyed your discussion about John McCain. I voted for him too, but I can't really look at him as a serious candidate as a result of his amnesty bill. Blame Patrick Buchanan for writing STATE OF EMERGENCY. Next time you see Pat on TMG, ask him about his prediction for the year 2050.

Great job Monica. I adore you and everyone on WABC. Farid Suleman is awesome!!!



“I am he whom I love, and he whom I love is I,
We are two spirits dwelling in one body.
If thou seest me, thou seest Him,
And if thou seest Him, thou seest us both.”


Great minds think alike!

J. Pierpont Finch

Monica is to be congratulated for being asked to be a permanent panalist on The McGlaughlin Group Program. Discussion there will certainly be more mentally stimulating and challenging than appearnaces on the softball IMUS Program. While it's great to see the I-Man back on the air as a mattere of principle (ie. freedom of speech), I perceive his banter to be lacking in energy and shallow. That's why I infrequently tuned him in before he got the big heave ho ho ho.


I see you are a Hannity fan—the same "Just for Men" fellow who advised school children to secretly tape their liberal teachers. What a guy!



I LOVE Sean Hannity! You're taking Sean's idea of taping teachers out of context. Most of the conversations that I heard were from college students, hardly children, who called in to Sean's show because they were frustrated or OFFENDED by their teachers because they were either bashing Bush, conservative values or trying to indoctrinate the class with their wildly radical theories.

Sean encouraged conservative students to challenge their teachers by STANDING UP for their beliefs. The problem is that teachers and students are not equal. Many liberal teachers are often intolerant of conservative points of view and will fail a student for presenting an opposing point of view. Sean was merely saying that if a student could tape a teacher who made a prejudicial or offensive statement, like Ward Churchill, he would challenge the teacher to defend that statement on his show. In this day and age of You Tube and camera phones, it is not that unusual for people to post controversial video on the internet, or send them to the media. Look how many videos appeared of the gentleman who was tazed at John Kerry's lecture. Sean is not trying to put himself in the position of the teacher police, he is merely offering support to audience members who are powerless to defend themselves.

I am appreciative because he did the same thing for me in the Imus situation. I wasn't an Imus fan, but I was deeply disturbed and frightened by the story. At 5 a.m. when I was shocked to learn that Don Imus lost his radio show, I e-mailed Sean. Sean presented the story fairly, offering another point of view, insteading of participating in the "witch hunt" like so many of the media. His interview with Bernard McGuirk seemed to make a noticeable difference in people's perceptions of Don Imus.

As for Sean being "Just for Men", you are wrong again. One of the reasons that I read Laura Ingraham's book this summer is because she is a frequent guest on Sean's show and he and Rush promoted her book. Sean is also very supportive of Elisabeth Hasselhoff of "The View", who is constantly discriminated against by the left because of her conservative views (Barry Manilow, Alicia Silverstone). There is also Sean's ex-producer, "Flipper" who wrote a children's book. Sean gave up one of his Saturday nights to appear LIVE with Flipper at a bookstore while she was promoting her book.

I know I'll never convince you that Sean Hannity is a great guy, so I will give you the number of the HATE HANNITY HOTLINE. 212-613-3830. Liberals love to use it to insult Sean Hannity, and Sean plays their insults on the air and laughs at them. I'm convinced that the ungrateful liberals on the Imus Truth board called in after I posted it on their site; one caller even sounded a little like Bernard McGuirk :)



Wouldn't you agree that most of the calls to the HATE HANNITY HOTLINE seem to be originating from Creedmoor?

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