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December 02, 2007



The vote down in Venezuela is to do away with term limits so that Hugo Chavez will be a virtual dictator for life. He has campaigned on a vote against this measure is a vote for Bush, and has threatened us with cutting off the oil if we interfere in the election. It's my understanding that America is one of the only places on earth that has the techincal facilities to refine Venuzuela'a oil. If Chavez cuts off the flow of oil from his country he doesn't have anywhere else to sell it and would cut his own throat more than it would hurt us. He is a little tinhorn dictator who huffs and puffs and blathers down their in Venuzuela but in reality he has about as much manhood as Harry Reid. The losers are the people of Venuzuela who have to live under the rule of this crackpot and suffer under his socialist/dictator policies.

J. Pierpont Finch


Voters Reject Chavez for Life Regime in Venezuela by a vote of 51 percent to 49 percent.




Looks like the huge-ego (Hugo) erred in the rigging; or took it for granted that the majority of Venezuelans were supportive, and wanted him as dictator for life.
The people, after all, proved that they are not as stupid as he thought.

Putin, on the other hand, the clever weasel that he is, didn't take anything for granted, and got what he wanted.

Oil is still one of the major sources of energy, and whoever controls it, holds a valuable ace.
Unless the US take measures to extract its own; limit consumption; or find alternative means, it will always be bullied and humiliated by the likes of fanatical muslims, or the half-crazed and blustering Chavez.

They surely don't call OIL black gold for nothing!


I have always thought that Putin is a dangerous man because (other than him agreeing to pose in his swimming apparel) he is very smart and very calculating.

Your post alludes to why we need to develop alternative energy sources. Not because Gore and other green folks are clamoring about Global Warming, but because it may very well be our most pressing National Security issue. Cheers!!


Iraq is not becoming increasingly democratic. It is in civil war.


The scientific appraisal is "global warming" which is their way of saying "conserve"
because a) the supply is limited, and b) there is no substitute.

Basically, they are admitting incompetence (at least those that signed the IPCC report). There is a need to get competant scientists involved in something like Manhatten Project 2, whose mission is to concentrate skilled scientists in producing sensible alternate forms of energy. One month in Iraq pays for a considerable amount of research if it is focussed.

I believe the Arabs and petroleum companies will thwart any other attempt at energy replacement. So, there must be some chemists/physicists at Columbia willing to take on the challenge !! Who can reach them? Who has their ear? Decreasing our dependence on Middle East oil, would diminish aggression toward Israel, right? ....


Truther, once again your keen eye has caught the asymmetric argument between the original Manhatten Project and the pure blather of Al Gore. After the "competent scientists" figure out the global warming thing they can figure out who has an ear and why chemists/physicists at Columbia can't figure out why petroleum companies are thwarting.

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