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December 11, 2007



Your use of the term "Clinton War Machine" shows more class on your part than the other term you were using and using and using . . . and using.

So one of Clinton's people was researching her opponent? That seems reasonable to me. It's his job.

Clinton may be losing her lead, but Obama is still not her biggest threat. It looks like she will get the nomination, but the real threat is Huckabee for the presidency.


Rumsfelt took Condolessa for just a Russian Studies grad student. Perhaps Hillary
is just a mother who finds dirt to clean up, and she could care less about other people's dirt. Let them clean it up.


"Second, Obama’s showing has improved significantly among black voters. He now attracts 51% of the African-American vote in South Carolina while Clinton picks up just 27%. A month ago, the candidates were even in this important constituency (Obama 46%, Clinton 45%). There is virtually no movement among white voters in the state--Clinton now earns 43% of the white vote, Edwards 22%, and Obama 17%."

Bad news for the Hillary machine, Obama is attracting the black vote in huge numbers and he has pulled even with Hillary in South Carolina. This could be the turning point in this race and why the Clinton campaign is in panic mode. If Obama wins the black voters from Hillary he will win the nomination.


Word is leeking out : Obama was/is a user of the heart fail drug - cocaine. This must giveth one pause to question his judgement, if not his metabolism. We have had our first spoiled kid alcoholic pres, and we got through that, right? Imus, of course, is a parody of Bush. If Hillary is elected, he would seem to be screwed; however, if Obama is elected he may be born again.


The leftie media is playing it low key. CNN reports Obama has "caught" Hillary in an important state (i.e. New Hampshire). THE TRUTH IS the Hillary campaign is collapsing but the leftie media will be the last outfit after the state run newspapers in Havana to report that fact. She's done. Obama has captured the black vote and the dragon is on life support.


If you go to the CBS website you will find nothing about Hillary's collapsing campaign. You will find a story on Obama's Liberal Views May Come Back to Haunt Him, but nothing on the fact that Obama has just passed Hillary in New Hampshire after she had a 20 point lead 2 months ago. This is typical of the leftie medias bias. If this was a Republican that lost a 20 point lead in New Hampshire the leftie media would be making this front page news. They are protecting their dragon.


I did not mean to pick on Imus. Not everyone is always perky and snappy like some people we know. Some of us have problems. Take Obama when meeting Bloomberg. His hands were in his face, fingers propping up his eyelids. People use cocaine to compensate for a metabolic defect, and alcohol to slow down again. This is dangerous - take John Ritter as an example.

What causes these problems is uncertain. Metabolic research is really in its infancy. One guy said he thought he was a narcoleptic. Lead in the environment doesn't help, and nobody has even tested for cadmium, another known serious industrial substance. Everytime I see a yellow taxi, I am thinking Chinese cadmium. Products were also getting into the country with banned food coloring agents. These substances can give you a bad day.


Dredging up dirt on their opponents, is nothing new among politicians. (some even come up with the imaginary dirt)
Hillary may--or may not--have rotten goods on Obama, but the timing could be tricky.
Show her hand too soon, and it may backfire; wait too long, and he may be too strong then.

Those following the SURVIVOR series in China, would remember how James, who had two security idols, got booted off because he failed to play them at the right time.

Ps. Obama would get the majority of the Black vote, if they're convinced that he could make it.
Right now he's causing Hillary insomnia.

Win or lose, he's certainly spicing up the race.


You people who see Hillary self destructing misunderstand the dimensions of process. It's like the stock market. It goes up. It goes down. When everything settles, the good stocks perform, and the bad ones fall off the ticker.
Hillary is a gold star investment.
The Repubs are scared to death of her because she is a kick #ss lady who knows where the votes are and how to get them.
You panic sellers on here will find that out, but it will be too late.

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