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December 20, 2007



(Wikipedia):A FLAMEOUT refers to the failure of a jet engine caused by the extinction of the flame in the combustion chamber. It can be caused by a number of factors, including fuel exhaustion; compressor stall; insufficient oxygen supply; engine ingestion of foreign substances (such as birds, hail or even volcanic ash); severe inclement weather; mechanical failure; and other factors.

A better term to describe the Giuliani campaign is "flameout". While we have watched the Clinton campaign go into freefall, the Giuliani campaign has been in a steep nosedive also caused by a total engine flameout. Today he checked himself into a hospital and the life support equipment for his campaign was put on standby. The death watch is now in full swing for the two previous "frontrunners": Hillary and Rudy.


Cara mia, it's gonna be all right. Buck up. Look at the bright side of the darkness. Libdom's most hallowed couple, The Medusa and The Bubba, are now only 90% certain, instead of 99%, to get their party's nomination.

Look at your two Republican favorites, Tom Tancredo, who just dropped out of the Mad Marathon today, and endorsed Mitt Flopney (Romney, if you prefer.) True, the Tancredo boost is no guarantee that the smooth, handsome flipper, if the mooslims manage to take out an American city, would respond by removing Mecca from the planet. But he would at least---from his hopefully intact bunker--- do a very intensive efficiency/management study on how to respond. He'd arrange excellent PowerPoint presentations for the crisis, maybe with a crack Staples team. Don't you think?


The Holiday gift that keeps giving.
All packages and colors.
How to give GUILT for Christmas.
You know they can't live without it.
All credit cards, Call 1-800-LIBGIVE.

(and don't forget the GUILT)

(courtesy of gringoVision, http://www.gringoman.com


Speaking of Tony Rodham, does everyone remember the pardon scandal of Bill Clinton and how Tony and Hugh Rodham were directly involved in lobbying Bill Clinton on behalf of their "clients". Hugh was forced to give back $400,000 dollars. Tony once said to Larry King that he had free run of the White House when Bill and Hillary were there. These people transcend trailer trash. The thought of these people getting back in the White House makes me sick to my stomach.


What has really been funny is the states attempting to have the first Primary by moving them up ahead of each other. And what was the Democratic Party's response to all this? They deny states the right to send delegates to the Democratic Convention. Now that's real smart. Shouldn't states have the right to determine when they hold their own primaries? Not according to the politburo of the Democratic Party, you must get the high commands approval for your primary or you are denied the right to come to the coronation of queen Hillary.


The race is surely providing some interesting drama but, no matter how good a play, when running too long, it eventually produces boredom and indifference.

"Brevity is the soul of wit!"


And so now the campaigns move on to the Caucasus. We must wonder why? Hillary
took money from Sikhs, and so why wouldn't the Punjab be a better place? Look, my guess -- they want to chechout Mt Ararat to see what is really there. Pat Buchanan might join them, possibly as an advisor.

Jack Flynn

When are you Repubs going to wake up to it. There is only one man who can battle Hillary toe to toe, and he is still on the sidelines. He is your quarterback and not only is he the best you've got, you owe him, because you unjustly blamed him for your own mistakes and one human one of his own. He helped get you to a position of real power and you grossly abused that power. He has genuine respect for the Constitution and knew where you were headed, so he wisely left you to shift for yourselves. Net result, the invasion of Iraq and trillions of debt.
That man is Newt Gingrich and when you finally realize how much he has done for you, and if you are going to have even the slimmest chance of winning in "08, he is the only one who can match Hillary, throw for throw.
You had better begin talking him up soon, because the yellow brick road seems to be leading to the Xcel Energy Center in the Twin Cities where I expect the "battle of battles" will occur.

Jack Flynn

In other words, Newt is the can opener—Hillary is the can. If you want to get her to talk, Newt is the one with that special talent. He is a natural interrogator. He would challenge her into revealing the thoughts and ideas behind her public offerings. It would be a magnificent encounter, and at the end of it, finally, The American voter would see the meaning and comparative values of the Liberal and Conservative points of view.
Finally! It would be clear to them.
The natural brilliance and antagonism between Newt and Hillary would provide that clarity, and neither would allow the other to get away with anything. Not to mention their command of the English language and the vast and myriad pilars of knowledge their minds encompass.

The people,(as the politicians like to call their little ants), THE PEOPLE would be free to make a REAL choice.


Will anyone talk about ending automatic citizenship for babies of illegals? If this is ended today, half of all illegal immigration will end tomorrow.

Will anyone tell Huckabe he is too dumb to know he is being set up since he will probably lose to Mrs. Bill?

Will anyone tell everyone that Huckabe being rated a good governor by Time probably means he was not a conservative?

My preference: (it was really Tancredo)
1. Duncan Hunter
2. Thompson
10. Mit
100. Huchabe
1000. Paul (Aristotle), but then he is the only candidate who says he will end automatic citizenship...

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