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November 26, 2007



Whoa! Monica. Granted, the image of leading Democrats as poisonous insects is vivid (some will even say accurate). And the thought of Mrs. Slick being stung by a scorpion is dreadful (but to many, not). Wouldn't traditional female metaphors be more appropriate, especially for nice Iowans?

Isn't Nancy Pelosi's "It takes a woman to sweep out the House" more acceptable rhetoric---especially before the country got a chance to see what the House looks like after a Pelosi job?

Hasn't The Hillary tried to whip up angry white women with the same tack?

And what about Obama's Missus, despite her tendency to meandering whine and faithfully playing the half-white race card for hubby? Hasn't she proved to be the most devastating of all with her remark about Mrs. Slick?: How is a woman who can't manage her own house gonna run the White House?

And there you have it, cara mia. A woman is more deadly than a scorpion. But you already knew that?



Except your column (I haven't seen the Obama interview so I can't say) does not take into account that Hillary Clinton has served as a U.S. Senator for almost 2 complete terms. That is good for something, no?


Do people realize Monica is a liberal posing as a Republican? I'll bet she votes for Hillary.

To the people of Iowa, we are dealing with two rock stars - one with more baggage than the other. That's it. The whole bal of wax.

Jack Flynn

Monica's obsession with Hillary Clinton borders on the pathological.


Obama is realizing that just circling an opponent and throwing soft jabs, isn't going to get the job done.
As the saying goes, 'nice guys/gals finish last.

Interestingly, a national poll shows five Republicans leading Hillary; and shows Obama leading the Repuplicans.
Could this be a sign of things to come?


I admire Obama's courage for taking on the corrupt Clinton Machine, and at least he is not running for her Vice-President like the pathetic Bill Richardson who is willing to spend the whole campaigning season kissing her ring.

Getting back to the Wellesley thing, doesn't anyone besides me find it odd that a campus like Wellesley would be so cloistered, so self pollenating, that they would appoint Hillary, a fellow student, to be the commencement speaker? She was the first student ever selected to be the commencement speaker. That is unheard of anywhere in the universe, and why would you ask a fellow student to be the speaker? It is so bizarre I cannot fathom the concept. She must have run the place like a little Hugh Chavez and decided her sister students didn't deserve to hear anyone else except her pearls of wisdom before they headed off to the real world. The arrogance of annointing yourself to be the commencement speaker at your own graduation is beyond my humble ability to even comprehend.


She was A commencement speaker, not THE commencement speaker. Senator Edward W. Brooke gave the commencement address.

If you are going to provide such information, could you at least provide all the information?


Fred, she was like a co-commencement speaker, sort of like when she was co-president, huh? Does that sound familiar or what? You can bet your bottom dollar though, if she wins the President next year her "husband" will not be co-president like she was when she was first lady. The arrogance of being a commencement speaker at your own graduation is something that could only be conceived in her mind. Have you ever read her speech at the commencement? It's something Keith Olbermann would give.


Monica, a better analogy than putting two scorpions in a glass jar with Hillary and Obama would be putting a female Black Widow Spider and a male Black Widow Spider in a glass jar. In some species of Black Widow Spiders, after mating the female will kill the male Black Widow because her venom is more potent than the males'. This is Hillary in a nutshell, her stuff is more potent than Obama's, in the final analysis (I fear).


I have not read her speech from when she was in college. Perhaps I will at some point, but I did read that, looking back, she does not think it was a good speech.

I don't remember my own college graduation so I can't recall if any students spoke, but it does not shock me that a student spoke at commencement. Does anyone else here find it weird?

Either way, I'm not going vote against her because she gave a speech when she graduated from college when she was -- what? -- 22?

Was George W. Bush even sober when he was 22? At least he was just a normal drunken slob at 22, instead of the born-again freak he became. (The "Rapture" is coming!!!!)


FYI: The gringoman response to Monica's "Obama" is the monicamemo version, The unexpurgated version is at


J. Pierpont Finch

From my viewpoint, there is a shortage of qualified candidates of substance who care about the country during this dangerous period with so many serious chanllenges.


Qualified candidates of substance? Is that code for evangelical Christians?

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