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November 30, 2007



So much shouting ... not the greatest forum for well thought out analysis
and rendering. Anyone with a big family can talk over you. Do any of these
people have advanced degrees?


I take it back, but ... Who can remember a speech given by Ford? Newspapers are different than other media.

Is there any concern that there is no real media outlet for insightful analysis on the right? Something like 2 or 3 people examining a critical issue seriously, in a little depth? Is China too hot a subject to handle? What is going on over there? Colonization? Slave labor? What is the nature of US-China relations? Is business at odds with the nation's interests regarding China? How does the population of China affect things? How does the Chairman view the development in Shanghai? What should we be concerned about?

This seems to be a valid issue in foreign affairs. Isn't it?



Looks like the McLaughlin group may be thinking of making you a permanent member.

I don't normally watch the show, but I'll try to check it out.

Unlike a lot of radio personalities, you have a face for TV.

J. Pierpont Finch

If McLaughlen were to replace Eleanor Clift with Monica, that would be one BIG improvement in the show's cast!


Good idea. Replace a well-informed liberal with the ability to analyze complex issues with a blonde, cute conservative who can't analyze her way out of a paper bag, disseminates disinformation, and is apparently obsessed with the word C-L-I-T.


Monica should try to horn in on "Meet the Press" instead. They took McLaughlin off my channel, and replaced it with Wayne Dyer. Is this part of a vast left wing conspiracy? It is as if they were trying to kill Nixon a piece at a time: McLaughlin, Buchanan, and who is next?

J. Pierpont Finch


Talk Show host, Michael Savage lawsuit calls CAIR 'vehicle of international terrorism'.
Accuses group of seeking 'harm to those who speak against violent agenda'


The Complaint


When they came for the gypsies, I was silent because I wasn't a gypsy.

When they came for the homosexuals, I was silent because I was a hetrosexual.

When they came for the Jews, I remained silent because I wasn't Jewish.

When they came for the Christians, I kept silent because I wasn't religious.

When they came for Rush Limbaugh, I was silent because he was a competitor.

When they came for Hannidy, I kept silent because I thought he was corny.

When they came for Imas, I kept silent because I never listened to the old fart and made outragous jokes.

When they came for Savage, I kept silent because I felt he deserved it based on his inflametory style.

When they came for Monica, I kept silent because she was a "blonde, cute conservative who can't analyze her way out of a paper bag, disseminates disinformation, and is apparently obsessed with the word C-L-I-T."


It's time to stand with and support those fighting to preserve our freedoms and protect our country, not cower, cut and run!


Astute and insightful piece, Finch.

Lethargy and inertia seem to be our greatest enemy. We see the attacks on others, and feel that it couldn't direly and directly affect us, until, like the frog in the pot, we find ourselves being boiled alive.

Burke's profound words may seem trite from overuse, but they bear repeating: "All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing."

Those who still believe in traditional values like God, The Ten Commamdments, Judeo/Christian ethics, etc. have got to organize and form a united front, if not the ungodly and the debased will surely hold sway.


This Savage vs. CAIR battle may get interesting and significant. CAIR, using the Soros worker/ACLU trick of quoting and slandering out of context, alleges that Savage has defamed Islam. Unfortunately for these militant mooslims, Savage will not react like a Jorgecito Bush, or apologize like Don Imus.(Savage is a street fighter with an advanced degree. Don Imus is a talent from the boonies who knows how to epater les bourgeois in Manhattan and play at jive with homeboys but can never know the streets like a Michael Savage or a Curtis Sliwa who do not take guff from low-lifes hiding behind pc mantras.)

For Savage this is war and he, unlike Imus, will counter-attack. Of course the pusillanimous Pubs and the dismal Dems will turn their backs and see no evil, like the "firends of Imus" who crawled under their desks when Sharpton/Satan attacked Imus. But Savage has hired one of the top civil rights lawyers in America, Daniel A, Horowitz, (a liberal no less) who has made it clear that he will go after these mooslims with a vengeance, ands get discovery of who their real supporters and financiers are. It may be take-no-prisoners time for this element of Jihad in America.


J. Pierpont Finch

This morning, I sent money to the Michael Savage Defense Fund at the following link":


A pattern of going after conservative talk show hosts one way or another has emerged in recent years. I can't help but remember liberal activist, Ed Asner, bragging how they are going after all of the conservatives to get them off the air one by one. Since then, they went after Rush with the obscure prescription shopping charge, Imus with the Ho Ho Ho bull sh*t, Savage with the smear that he supposedly urged hunger strikers to starve themselves, O'Reilly, and others.

I think it is no coincidence Savage is the latest one in the cross hairs again because of his repeated warnings of the dangers from Islamo-fascist imperialism and his message urging protection of our language, borders and culture. Nor do I think CAIR is solely behind this particular effort to smear and oust the outspoiken Savage.



I just viewed the last program Monica was on. There was a misuse of the fairness doctrine. First, there was nothing to counter balance the short repartee with something that had depth. It is one statement on one side and just a simple countering statement from the other side, and then alot of cacaphony.

Secondly, there was an asymmetry in that Monica was wearing her FOX dress and her legs were shown but nothing like that came from the left. I am surprised Fr McLaughlin did not pickup on that.

J. Pierpont Finch


I heard everything on my TV.

Maybe the Clinton-Ladies-Intervention-Team jammed the cacaphony through your set causing you to miss part of the program in all the excitement :-)

J. Pierpont Finch


I heard everything on my TV.

Maybe the Clinton-Ladies-Intervention-Team jammed the cacaphony through your set causing you to miss part of the program in all the excitement :-)


Good for you, J Pierpont Finch! Originally,I was a "Today" show fan, but I did listen to Don Imus on occasion on my way to work. I can't tell you how disgusted I am by the way those hypocrites at NBC stabbed Don Imus in the back. They had NO PROBLEM USING his show to promote their reporters and "pimp" their books, but when the two "reverends" came a calling, they USED him again by overplaying the story FOR HIGHER RATINGS. The way MSNBC and NBC treated him, I would not have been surprised to turn on "Today" and see him "tarred and feathered" by Sharkton and Roker. I was so disgusted, I stopped watching NBC, MSNBC and CBS entirely - there are plenty of other things to occupy my time.

Monica Crowley and Laura Ingraham were two of the first women who were NOT AFRAID to defend Don Imus and his producer, Bernard McGuirk. That is why I am on Monica's web site and that is why I will be watching TMG tomorrow. I also finished reading Laura Ingraham's book POWER TO THE PEOPLE and I highly recommend it.

Hey, CBS, NBC and MSNBC, Sean Hannity and Alan Colmes treated Don Imus and Bernard McGuirk fairly by presenting "fair and balanced" coverage of the Don Imus story. In fact, their hour show with Bernard McGuirk gave Americans the chance to judge Bernard for himself as he told the story "in his own words". Judging from the reaction the next day, many Americans judged Bernard favorably.

Sean gave Bernard time on his radio show and repeatedly stood up to Sharkton. In fact, Sean debated Sharkton LIVE in front of over 1000 people at a time when everyone else was "hiding under their desks". Whatever you think of Sean Hannity, he has become a SUPERSTAR in my eyes because of the way he handled this story. As for the "high and mighty" elite Tom Brokaw and the rest of the NBC crew, they can take their newscasts and books and "stuff it"; I will never watch them or BUY their books again.

I am a woman and I listen to a lot of talk radio. I've been listening to Savage for a couple of years and I LOVE his show. Yes, Savage "rants and raves", but when he tires himself out, his show is actually quite stimulating. He is very bright, extremely well read and VERY INTERESTING. His show challenges me to THINK and read, and he motivates his audience to act against scary legislation like the Dubai ports deal and June's McCain-Kennedy Amnesty bill. Savage's attorney, Daniel Horowitz, is the cousin of Martin Garbus, who represented Don Imus in his lawsuit against CBS. Judging from the 20 million Garbus won for Imus, I have no doubt that Savage is in good hands.

To paraphase Daniel Horowitz, who discussed the lawsuit on Savage's show yesterday, "we are fighting against the "plain vanilla" speech we hear on CNN".
On Monday, Don Imus and Bernard McGuirk return to the air on WABC and I hope they come back in that "politically incorrect way" of theirs. Anyone who doesn't like it or them, is FREE to CHANGE THE CHANNEL.


Here is Bernie's interview with Hannity and Colmes:

MCGUIRK: We go back to where we can — everybody can relax, and everybody can have fun, and we can poke fun at each other, and not take it too seriously. Everybody's got to lighten up. And that people in the radio community and broadcast community don't take this sitting down, because it is a slippery slope. It can happen to you, so stand up for, you know, what's right.



Perhaps it was ... as you suggest. I shall have to listen more closely.

I noticed Monica resembles a younger Julie Nixon, except Julie doesn't have as much mascara, and wears her hair swept back showing more of her face.

I actually thought IMUS was getting very boring, and NBC took the opportunity to give him the boot. There were probably only 2 people in the whole country listening to him droning on and on.. early in the morning .. and one must have been a PC Black ! It's bad luck. His HO'ing around is just in time for Christmas though ! No doubt he'll have some curious people tuning in for maybe a few weeks. I swear at times I thought he was going to fall off his chair and into his hat. His voice would get so low - it reminded me of an airline pilot. Now they shall have to wait for the next opportunity - shant probably be too far in the offing. If he wants to break his contract and give himself a vacation, he knows how to do it.

This story is fluff. Sharpton is left and Monica is right. The culture should not be about itself. This gossipy stuff should be beneath most of the participants in this.

Fresh information about important issues - things like what is the US policy toward China? What is the risk in starting up in Shanghai? Are there long term concerns about doing so, etc. What are people thinking out there? What does Rockafeller and his ilk think about Japan and China. What does the Council on Foreign Relations have to say about this? What about International banking? What is needed domestically to make a corporation competitive? Why do we seem to lack innovation in the US? George Stephanopolis says he is just about finished trying to provide fresh insight into contemporary issues. It seems everyone in the media wants to BS instead. Jefferson placed a trust in the press - to inform. The rightist perspective is often substantively missing, when the public is actually hungry for this information. This ultimately provides balance and makes sense of what's happening out there, through the Sturm and Drang. As important as it is, most people do not know what the Fed is, although they should, etc. The media could provide a role in providing a consensus, or to assist politicians in articulating a policy.

Look at the way Lou Dobbs has influenced things. I believe many of these politicians need information instead of vapid polemics and lobbying, and upon waking up, they gravitate to do the right things. Now more than ever the public has a sense of urgency, and the frustration is that the government seems to be either inept or insane.

What disturbs me is that Monica could contribute but does not, and would rather discuss Imus' feeble attempts at being a NYC shock jock. This is what I would expect Rush Limbaugh to do. I'm on her side. Someone should let Monica be Monica.

Its WABC's show, but often these radio shows allow a considerable leeway for person license in format and presentation of issues, right?

I shall check out the Savage. When I want a toned-down effeminate version of Rush, I know where its at.



My DVR is set to record the Imus in the Morning -Series. I am looking forward to getting my mornings back. I remember Bernard McGuirk's quote about the suits at the Networks hiding under their desk with their blackberrys, sucking their thumbs or something like that.

Truther, I am all for letting Monica be Monica, she has to work in what looks to be highly competitive and sometimes dysfunctional enviornment, see ICN for the latest MSNBC (problems) I would like to see Monica increase her online- internet presence, it is the future. A new fresh webpage, with a blog roll and perhaps a moderator for exchange- feedback. Monica could also have guest bloggers, with a section where they can respond to comments.


The Iman Cometh, I hope you will be blogging about this during the the week Monica.



Monica, you did a great job on TMG show this weekend. I love it when you and Pat B. represent the conservative perspective on the panel. I enjoyed the discussion about the CNN debate but I was a little disappointed that big John M. didn't bring up the gay General episode and the way CNN handled the debate. I thought that was the important take away from this debate--how CNN allowed Democratic operatives to influence this debate.

And Truther, as for the Asymmetry on the panel I have only one thing to say, thank Jesus!

J. Pierpont Finch


Imas will appear dressed as Stanta Klaus and shout


MERry Christmas!


Truther, I don't believe that the Imus story is fluff because it demonstrates how "political correctness" can be used for the wrong purposes and because it shows how biased the media really is. Who decides what we can and can't say? Who appointed Al Sharkton, an UNELECTED official with a questionable past, to the newly created office of Minister of Vice and Virtue on Popular Culture?

As for media bias, NBC constantly reminds us that GOOD JOURNALIST should not become part of the story, yet they would stop reporting this story. Did the whole world have to witness this every day for about 2 weeks? And FOX, which is always criticized for having a conservative bias, actually covered the story fairly as you can from the "Hannity and Colmes" link I posted.

I listen to talk radio because I actively seek out other points of view, and because I DO want to learn more about politics and the falling dollar, free trade, NAFTA and how Federal Reserve policies are impacting our economy. In fact, I made a point of listening to an interview with former Fed Chairman, Alan Greenspan recently when he was being interviewed on a talk radio show that I listen to. Patrick Buchanan also discussed his thoughts on NAFTA when he was a guest on Savage's show. I'm also impressed with George Stephanopolis, who I picked up after dumping Russert. And Lou Dobbs is awesome.

My fight is not just about Don Imus, it is about Freedom of Speech. I'm TIRED of "politically correct" people telling me what to say and how to think, and I'm tired of idiotic news stories. Talk radio is where it is at. I appreciate everyone of my talk show hosts just the way they are, and I think they are ALL worth fighting for.

Congratulations Ree and Monica. Don Imus is back on the air tomorrow with his sexy sidekick, Bernard McGuirk!!!!! Truther, I'm not sure if I'm a Don Imus fan, but that Bernard McGuirk sure is hot!!!!!!

Sorry Monica, I can't get TGM is my area, so I can't comment on the show, but I'll keep trying.


Monica you did a good job.
The time limit seems to be too short for the TMG show, though.

I noticed that Clift was somewhat cheerful. I can tolerate her, as well as other libs, when she's like that.

Jack Flynn

When thy come to get Finch, won't they be surprised to find Charlie, ready to give up his own mother with the first arm twist.

I say leave Savage, Limbaugh, O'Reilly and the rest of those talking anachronisms on the air. It is important that they are in the public eye so the more rational among us can know what the enemy is up to. They are part of a dying age and philosophy, but might do more damage if they went underground. Keep the fools visible where they will ultimately devolve into the feckless cartoons they actually are, and eventually die off.
It is a slow but natural process, but old ideas lose their grip on the unenlightened public as more of the people who hold them pass on.
I'm not advocating assassination or even tolerance—
just patience.


Never heard the word RATIONAL.
Would someone tell me what it means?

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