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November 10, 2007




Maybe it won't be such a bad idea for them to replace that Clift robot, with someone like you.


Of course you want to kick off the one with liberal opinions. I suppose you think all media should be like Fox News.



You need a blog roll, it increases your blog traffic, and you would have more commentors so the discussion would become more diverse. You start with your favorite blogs it is quid pro qou you add them they add you.

Bill O'Reilly pointing out your attire on Friday night your green suit. Does he want you all to cordinate what you will wear before taping?



Sorry I missed you on "The McLaughlin Group". I was only able to see the last 3 minutes of you and Patrick Buchanan because the station finder on their website instructed me to tune in to the wrong channel at the wrong time.

On the bright side, I am visiting a friend in WABCland who is also a fan of yours and I was able to hear the FULL three hours of your radio show yesterday. I thoroughly agree with your analysis of Hillary and have, in fact, been making some of the same points to my friends and in my e-mails to Sean Hannity since April.

Thanks for inviting Lord Black on your show to discuss his new biography of Richard Nixon. You might want to check out Patrick Buchanan's STATE OF EMERGENCY. On page 53, Buchanan mentions that Richard Nixon was such a strong supporter of the Civil Rights Act of 1957 that Dr. Martin Luther King sent Nixon a personal letter of praise for his "behind-the-scenes" activism. Who knew?


I did. Ironically, considering his ethical deficiencies, Nixon was one of our greatest presidents in the area of civil rights. His view was that you can't just impose laws on Southern states without also imposing them on Northern states. This, of course, unsettled politicians who did not think that new civil rights laws would apply to their constituents, as well. For more on this, read Tom Wicker's "One of Us: Richard Nixon and the American Dream".

J. Pierpont Finch

Here is the link to the transcript of Monic's McLaughlin Group Program appearance.


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