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November 17, 2007



Just in time for the ho - lidays,


Now, "Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas" is "politically incorrect". Does this mean Al Sharkton and NOW will try to fire Santa Claus?



These things are happening for a number of reasons.
One of them being, every punk and moron wants to assert his/her 'importance' by finding something to whine about.
Imagine brats having the run of the house!


Are you going to say CLIT on the McLaughlin Group, Monica?



This "politically incorrect" environment is really annoying because it is taking all the fun out of life. Although many of us are laughing at this Santa Claus story, there are actually people who take this seriously. The next thing you know it becomes a movement and Santa Claus has to change because someone is offended. These people who keep getting offended at these things are really starting to offend me.

Someone told me that a teacher in their middle school corrects papers in purple because red is an angry color. I don't think red is an angry color. Who makes up these rules?



You are right that some jerks may be dead serious about these trifles but, for msot of them, its pseudo outrage.
I'm sure you've witnessed some of these activists' marches. Most of the people are laughing and having a good time--when the camera's not on them. Remember the time the camera caught Clinton joking around, when he was attending a funeral, or some other serious function?

An old adage tells us: "Too much of one thing, isn't good for anything."
It appears that Americans have so much freedom and spare time, that they don't know what to do with it.
So they spend it making mountains out of ant hills.


Monica you did a great job on TMG this weekend. You bring a great conservative voice to the panel which I always enjoy hearing. I hope your prediction comes true. France needs more market capitalism and less state planning. The Unions will have to give some in order to make that happen. If we elect Hillary we will be going in the opposite direction with more state planning and control of the economy.

Jack Flynn

I thought I'd pop in to see what you folks were doing.

Charlie seems to think that it is taboo to joke around
at funereals. Don't think so. I'd laugh my butt off at his, and I'd be grinning hysterically at George's.

Charlie complains about "whiners and brats" running the house, while he a perfect example of that on this blog.

I agree with Monica for a change. Richardson will be Hillary's V.P. Beyond his obvious executive and diplomatic skills, he will bring in the Hispanic vote.

If you are going to post links, why don't you make sure that they are accessible.


Good to see you Jack. Sorry about the link. Here it is again. I hope it works this time.


Charlie, I took your advice about too much of a good thing, so I shut down my computer and started reading a good book yesterday. This one has nothing to do with politics.

The link above about Santa Claus is an example of the type of "political correctness" that bothers me. This is about real people, not politicians, who take the joy out of life because they are so afraid of offending someone.


That demonstrates to the point of absolute absurdity, the idiocy political correctness. But don't you realize M/M that there are millions of us Dem/libs out here who are mortally ashamed of those relatively few scaredy cat liberals who foster this political correctness thing? There are only a relatively few dem/libs who think that way but they are so vociforous about it you would think that they are many.
I don't know what they are trying to pull with it, other than exhibiting a holier than thou attitude or trying to show how sensitive they are. The individuals I have met personally who are obsessed with P.C. seem to like getting people to walk on eggshells around them. I guess it is their pathetic way of asserting power. But I do agree with you. It is bothersome to listen to them and I want to snap their necks each time they come up with a new one.
Straight talk is the way to go for Repubs and Dems alike. P.C. is neurotic, masks the truth, and blinds us to real issues.


Too bad mainstream Republicans don't have the sense to cut off the arm of their own more outrageous members who engage in bad behavior.
That is one of the main differences between the two sides. Republicans stick together to a point of absurdity.
They don't have the courage to chastise their own, unless they do something bad sexually or financially to disgrace the party.
Otherwise, they let them get away with murder.
Like they let George Bush get away with torture and murder.
Political correctness is a trite misdemeanor compared to that.


So you're back Jacko, (we knew you were here all the time, though)

I'm not surprised that you think its okay to joke around and be irreverent at a funeral.
After all, what is to be expected of a mean-spirited and vincictive lib.
A polecat can't help being a polecat.



Glad to see that you have other things to do, besides being stuck in front of a computer, and associating with some of these repulsive characters.

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