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November 21, 2007


Jack Flynn

Yes, Monica, and like Walsea did to the Eastern Bloc, your "girlfriend" will deal a fatal blow to the "Know Nothing" party next November.

Jack Flynn

Oh, Happy Thanksgiving!


Yes Hillary Clinton, and many other Politicians, ONLY see Workers, they don't see American Citizens. We the People, listen to them sometime: We need illegal workers the American workforce is aging, what is the excuse for all the outsourcing? We can get it cheaper overseas. Today everything China produces we import, is being tested so it doesn't poison us. We get the Government we elect. I think it is time for a change. The Politics of Division, during two shooting Wars, when was this ever a good idea?

Happy Thanksgiving Monica have a safe and peaceful holiday.

You really need a blog roll for divervisty, in your readers and commentors. Check out Hot Air's Blog roll something like that, with them adding you to all their blog rolls, in return you add them, will increase your traffic. I think you should consider "Blowing Up" your online presences it is the future.


Ree -- No offense but are you smoking dope? I can't understand your last post at all. What are you trying to say? What's that about China? It's tested and safe? Was that sarcasm?


First of all, I hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving and holiday seanon and especially you Moinica.

Hillary Clinton represents what is called economic populism and socialism. Her "stand" for a fair wage is equivalent to Huey Long's "share the wealth" and William J. Bryan's "cross of gold". She is just another Hugo Chavez wanting to micromanage the economy. Her proposal to take the profits of oil companies and give them to a government bureaucracy for further redistribution is right out of the economic populism playbook. If you want to see what economic populism will accomplish look to Latin America over the past century. Her increase in taxes, increase in government regulation, takeover of the oil industry and nanny state will run our economy into the ground and we will become like Mexico. The only saving grace is that her nomination will unite the Republican base like nothing has ever united us since A. Lincoln and the fight to stop the spread of slavery.



I don't know what your reading but that isn't what I wrote.


Just my two cents - Nixon felt that the elections were rigged in W Virginia and Illinois, and that a mobster had become president. Could that have had something to do with it?

Although JFK was popular, and having been martyred, became larger than life, in Washington it was different. Could it be that many agreed with Nixon, and felt the only way to get rid of Kennedy and dirty tricks done by the mob, was to assasinate him?

Look at the ascendency of Everret Dirkson, following the assasination. Could they have done this, turning Bobby Kennedy the avenger against LBJ?

I recall vividly Nixon waving goodbye and telling everyone he was not a crook - he was refering to Kennedy, and the real reason he felt he had neen forced out, was that he was blamed for Kennedy's death.

Just some speculation. I was wondering if Monica felt this was possibly the correct explanation (possibly not the complete explanation) of Dealy Plaza.

Monica for Governor !


We import Chinese products, they are not safe for our consumption at many levels. Is that sarcastic? China is a communist country, is communism and by extention socialism working? NO! Hillary Clinton, would be pro Union, she thinks of America Citizens as just "Workers" part of the workforce. I don't identify myself as a "Worker" I identify myself as United States Citizen. The Unions are a big voting block, for the Democrat Party anyway they used to be.

I don't see why she can't go on any other network though? Why would she be limited to CBS? Imus is coming back Dec 3, if any of those Presidential Nominees, have any sense, they will go on Imus in the Morning, and get some on air time before the primarys in January.


Hugh Chavez is a better comparison to Hillary than Norma Rae. Yes Hillary is 100 percent pro-union and anti-business but she goes a step further, she wants to take over the oil companies profits (and other businesses we can only imagine), turn the profits over to a government agency and have bureaucrats and let them decide how money will be redistributed. It's what Huey Long called "sharing the wealth". The problem is instead of the free market determining the flow of capital you have some bureaucrat in Washington deciding the distribution based on some political agenda. She obviously didn't learn any lessons from the old Soviet Union and Eastern Europe and their planned economies. Hillary was the first lady of Arkansas when the Berlin Wall fell and was preoccupied with her husband chasing skirts.

Changing the topic did anyone see Slick Willey on Oprah? She was wondering out loud if she should call him "your highness" (I'm serious). At that point I got sick to my stomach and switched the channel. Good grief Charlie Brown. I know the Hollywood types are in love with Bill, but do they have to grovel in his presence on national TV. Isn't it beneath someone like Oprah's dignity?


I think Monica is very insightful in this description of Hillary:

"Hillary Clinton would walk over her grandmother if she thought that would help her get re-elected to the presidency. She would cross picket lines and trample striking workers if that would advance Hillary somehow."

This is why I don't like Hillary. My impression of her is that she is insincere. I see her as presenting herself as a champion of whatever group she thinks will bring her votes, but she really is just using those groups to promote her own agenda.

Steve, I'm not surprised by your reaction to Oprah. The whole Don Imus story opened my eyes to how biased the networks are in favor of the Democrats. I like to listen to balance out anything I hear on regular tv with another point of view from WABC or FOX.


Ree -- I didn't understand your earlier post because it was incomprehensible. Your last post made more sense.


Hi Guys and Gals,
Hope you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving day, and did not forget its history and significance.

We have a lot to be thanful for and, no matter what our circumstance, I'm sure we can find something to be grateful for each day.




Re. Oprah fawning over Bill.
One of the problems in this country, and the world at large, is that a lot of people have more adoration and reverence for 'celebrities' than they do for their creator.

Knowing the frailties of human nature, that's why I try not to idolize anyone.



I was busy all day yesterday cooking. I had a turkey in the oven and put on a big spread...yes I should have not just jotted down my reaction, without doing more editing. I was in a hurry and this is what happens, with streaming thought and typing too fast.

I am an Independent, I was neutral where the Clintons were concerned that changed. I don't like that the Democrat Party, has taken a hard shift to the Left. Although I have been a Democrat, I was never a Liberal Democrat, there used to be room for me in the Democrat Party. Now I am part of the swing vote, I won't vote "Brand" Dem or Rep.

Traditionally the Unions support a Democrat Canidate, why wouldn't Hillary not want them to endorse her?

The CBS thing, the strike, I think another network will pick the debate up NBCU maybe? I don't think it means an end to the Dem debates.


If they keep moving the Primaries up it will not be difficult for her to avoid anymore debates. The Iowa Caucus is Jan. 3 and the New Hampshire Primary is Jan. 8, 2008 so time is running out. She might schedule another debate with CNN if Wolf Blitzer is the moderator since he is more than willing to grovel at the feet of Bill and Hillary. He is a sorry excuse for a "journalist". His job is pretty easy, all he has to do is ask the questions already written for him by the Clinton Ladies Intervention Team. He was probably promised some overnighters in the Lincoln Bedroom for his softball questions.


Concerning the defective toys coming from China that was mentioned above, I learned the other day that these toys are not inspected by Americans (like the FTC) before they are placed on retailers shelves and sold. If you buy a toy from China and it kills your child the FTC will investigate after the fact, but not before. China is responsible for inspecting the toys before they are shipped to America and nobody else. Good grief Charlie Brown. I'm generally for free trade but if a country is shipping us crap I suggest we boycot their products, duh.


Dear Monica :

Is it true that Richard M Nixon said (refering to Hillary Clinton) :

I would not want to be alone in a room with that woman, at least not without protection.

I heard that he said this even before there were problems with keeping the White House lights on, which goes to show RMN's read on people once again.

Jack Flynn

LBJ was responsible for Kennedy's assassination—not in the sense that he actively participated in the planning but if he hadn't given the final ok, it would not have happened.
To LBJ, Kennedy was a Commie traitor, no better than dirt. He hated the man and wanted him dead. So he gave the nod to those business, military and intelligence people who also wanted Kennedy dead. They enlisted Mafia hitmen government sharpshooters, a handful of Dallas Cops, Jack Ruby, and the patsy, Oswald.
When the deed was done, LBJ lied to us about the Gulf of Tonkin and gave the Combine the more expansive war they wanted.
It was as Eisenhower had warned us about. The Military Industrial Combine was taking over the reins of government and American life.
LBJ's Civil Rights accomplishments were a payoff for his crimes.
When all the facts are finally known, Lyndon Baines Johnson will ultimately go down in History as one of its most notorious evil doers, along with George Bush and Richard Cheney.

J. Pierpont Finch

For all of you LIBS with BUSH DERANGEMENT SYNDROME who post here, what do you make of the Dick Morris article that indicates President Bush's hinted support of Hillary Clinton for president in the 2008 election?

President George Bush Supports Hillary Clinton?
By Dick Morris and Eileen McGann

Just when every poll has Hillary slipping, she has gotten a shot in the arm from a very unlikely source: President George W. Bush.

In an interview on Tuesday featuring the first couple and Charles Gibson, the president said of Mrs. Clinton "No question, there is no question that Sen. Clinton understands pressure better than any of the candidates, you know, in the race because she lived in the White House and sees it first — could see it first-hand."

By saying that she “understands the klieg lights,” Bush lent credence to Hillary’s campaign assertion that she could “hit the ground running” if she were elected president.

Would somebody please explain to us what Bush is doing, touting Hillary just as the rest of America is finally catching on to her artificial, evasive and contrived campaigning style?

This is not the first time Bush has rescued the Clintons. After they left the White House, both the former president and the new senator had low ratings in the polls. Beset by scandal — the White House gifts, the pardons-for-sale, the payments to Hillary’s brothers for pardons, the Hasidic vote-for-pardon scandal, and Bill’s nolo contender plea to obstructing justice — Bill and Hillary were sucking wind.

But, Bush swept in for the rescue, picking the former president off the ash heap of history and elevating him to parity with his father in a two-former-president effort to raise funds for the tsunami victims. By giving him a respected place alongside a former president of unquestioned integrity, Bush gave Clinton a tremendous way to climb out of disgrace and into the limelight.

Then, when the tsunami relief effort was winding down, he re-enlisted former president Clinton to work with his father again on helping the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Not only did Bush help the Clintons in positive ways, but he let his justice department drop the investigations of the pardons, the gifts, the payments to Hillary’s brothers and the Hasidic vote scandal with no prosecution or plea dealings.

Then Bush let Clinton off the hook another time when the former president’s former National Security Advisor Sandy Berger was caught smuggling classified documents relating to 9/11 and the war on terror out of the National Archives in his pockets and socks. The Bush Justice Department accepted a plea deal with Berger which did not require him to say what documents he had taken and why he had swiped them. As a result, we never knew what aspect of the Clinton record on terrorism Berger was so anxious to cover up.

All of this kid glove treatment of the former first couple led to jokes about how George W and Bill are the two children of President George H.W. Now the president is going easy on his putative sister-in-law, Hillary.

The fact is that Hillary has no idea what it is like to be president. Unlike Bill, she did not have to face the media daily and could keep them at arms length as she toured the world, acting like a tourist, in carefully contrived photo opportunities. When she was really involved in public policy — during the health reform debate — her insistence on the secrecy of the proceedings led to a federal court order and judgment against her.

Is President Bush deliberately helping Hillary to win the nomination because he feels she would be the easiest one of the Democrats to beat? If he is, he’s making a serious mistake. She is the only Democrat who can bring 10 million new single female voters out of the woodwork to sway the election.

Or, is it an ex-president thing? A kind of exclusive club of former chiefs who treat one another with kindness, civility and bend over backwards to show respect? Whether it is through political miscalculation or elitism that Bush caters to Hillary Clinton, he should stop it. Every day, she bashes him full time on the campaign trail. His kind words for her are so out of place, they are jarring.

President George W. Bush has done quite enough to aid the election of Hillary Clinton as the next president of the United States already, thank you. Without his generosity to Bill and his refusal to prosecute matters that could embarrass the Clintons, he bears a great deal of responsibility already for Hillary’s rise to front runner status in the Democratic primary.

Dick Morris served as Bill Clinton's political consultant for 20 years, guiding him to a successful reelection in 1996. He is the author of New York Times bestsellers Because He Could, Rewriting History (both with Eileen McGann), Off with Their Heads, and Behind the Oval Office, and the Washington Post bestseller Power Plays.

Reading the above, I think I myself my be coming down with BUSH DERANGEMENT SYNDROME.

Clinton-Bush Bush-Clinton Clinton-Bush Bush Clinton. WHERE DOES IT ALL END?

J. Pierpont Finch

Saw the interesting DVD movie THE HOAX with Richard Gere playing Clifford Irving. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0462338/

Some my remember that Irving penned a fake biography of the famous and reclusing billionaire, Howard Hughes.
After years of not being seen or heard in public, Hughes famous phone call debunking the hoax brought down Irvings convincing hoax in a very public way on a TV news conference.

I WAS UNAWARE OF THE CONNECTION BETWEEN HOWARD HUGHES and THE WATERGATE BREAK-IN at Democrat National Headquarters in the early 1970's. It seems that personal files of Howard Hughes containing sensitive details of loans to Donald Nixon (the president's brother) and "illegal" dealings with the president's good friend, Bebe Reboso, mysteriously showed up on the doorstep of Irving's house while he was penning the hoax biography of Hughes. When the hoax biography was publlished, it appears that there was a quid pro quo between Hughes and Nixon. Hughes publicly debunked Irving's hoax biography containing the above disclosures about Nixon, and, Nixon reversed himself by approving the then Hughes owned TWA merger with Air West.

The movie asserts that the discovery of the sensitive Hughes files in Irving's hands fed into Nixon's paranoia that contributed to the motivation to arrange for the watergate break in. Maybe Monica knows and could teach us more about whether or not this assertion is true, but my bet is she will remain mum on the issue.


Looks like much of recent American history was written by Doyle or Gardner!


Just because Monica babysat Nixon when he was an old man does not mean she is an expert on this thought processes and motivations from when she was a toddler.

In fact, I don't think she's an expert on anything, which is why this web site is such a farce.


One time the great and incredible Bob Grant remarked that one of the factors responsible for his success, was a piece of advice which he received early in his career from a wise man: "If you want to succeed in this business, 'Be yourself, and don't try to please everyone'."

Maybe, someone should have given the President similar advice. (if he would have taken it)

It would seem that he's clearly mesmerized by the Clintons, and by deferring to them hopes that he would be a part of their good graces.
Obviously, he's not familiar with the power of conditioning, and the depravity of human nature.

He might as well try to be frineds with a hungry crocodile!!


Bush has been himself. He's a dunce in over his head with preconceived ideas (if you can even call them that) that have never been fully evaluated based on actual facts.

Bush is Bush. He was never qualified to hold the great position of President. We look foolish for electing him, and he look foolish for trying to act like he earned the job and knows how to do it. Pathetic of him. Pathetic of us.


Jack Flynn and all Interested :

Consider that Nixon just left Dallas as Kennedy arrived - a move of a setup man.
You are right about LBJ, but he could have been blackmailed and just decided
to go along with it. The Warren Commission quickly wrote up the superficial facts and LBJ signed off. Done deal. LBJ was possibly vunerable also - he was in the motorcade.

Congress and LBJ may have decided to payback the public, since the military
business sector gained. Congress and the press just went along - so long
Johnny, we miss thee. It was a slow process that examined the tainted facts, and
an often polemic process that shaped commentary about this later.

It could be similar to today, if Hillary got into office with a weak administration,
and someone got to the VP somehow.


Speaking of Nixon and outsourcing, and I am not trying to give away ideas to Monica - I'm sure she would cite me if she remembered - I would think he faced Communism to expand/grow our markets and resources in a competition with this other economic system. I am not sure how they represent this at Columbia, but Nixon felt the gem in his crown was achieved by pitting the two Commie powers against one another. It was his legacy.

Now, financiers and businessmen are loving the Communists, expanding their power and growth at our expense, and sure if Richard M Nixon could get out of his grave over this, he would do it.


THE MOTHER OF ALL NANNY STATES: If you go to Hillary's official website and click on her issues page and read all the social welfare give away programs that she is proposing it will blow your mind. She has promised a give away program to every leftwing social organization in America and is championing every liberal cause under the sun. Just a couple of goofy ideas she has listed: (1) she wants to raise fuel efficiency of vehicles to 55 miles/gal by 2030, all the while Detriot is on the verge of collapse now, (2) she wants all corporations to include in their financial statements the "financial risk" of global warming. That is the essence of a nanny state. Of course it doesn't matter if a corporation believes global warming is a scam, they still have to report the "financial risks".


Hillary said it herself, she has a million ideas and America can't afford them.


Hillary's spending plans,



A PAPER TIGER: If you go to Hillary's official website and look up her position on the "war on terror" you will not find anything whatsoever. You will find about 2 sentences on fighting Al Qaeda and that only after she "redeployees" our troops out of Iraq. Nothing about the threat of Iran and nuclear weapons is mentioned. Nothing about the threat of North Korea. And she is telling us that foreign policy is her strong suit. She is more concerned about forcing corporations to acknowledge global warming and reporting the "financial risk" of global warming than the war on terror.


We couldn't afford Bush's war either. But I guess to him it won't matter after the "Rapture".


Wow babe tell it like it is! Strip hillery for all to see. Your radio show reveals the emptiness of hillery and bill. Disguised as folksy get to know you and then shoot you in the head types. I agree with you! You are not afraid to tell the truth about hillery and bill. I keep saying hillery and bill because they are joined at the hip politically. One can't survive without the other. http://squelchhillery.com/


YOU MUST KISS THE RING OF GLOBAL WARMING: According to Hillary's website she wants to force all corporations to report on their financial statements the "financial risk" of global warming. She wants all corporations to kiss the ring of Al Gore and acknowledge the fact of global warming and put a financial "cost" associated with it. She is putting a political agenda to generally accepted accounting principles which will force American companies to distort the accuracy of their financial statements. This is exactly what happened with corporations like WorldCom and Bernie Ebbers where they distorted their financial statements by billions and cheaped shareholders out of their life savings. Hillary Clinton wants to micromanage the economy (planned economy) and force her leftwing political agenda down the throat of America. If you want to see what that leftwing agenda looks like go to her website.

J. Pierpont Finch


Hillary Clinton's Radical Summer
A Season of Love and Leftists

Staff Reporter of the Sun
November 26, 2007



The Sun is a neocon paper. No point in reading it.

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