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November 28, 2007



It's thought that Americans now hunger for the constructively bipartisan, which liberals and conservatives, Dems and Pubs etc can relate to and even agree on. Here's a Poster for Election2008 that could bring most everyone together even on the profoundly divisive Hillary.

We see Hill and Bill. A fairly tasteful presentation, i.e. decked out in their nouveau Prada and Saville Row etc., or, for more populist needs, their Burger King chic.

It's Billary, all right. And everyone can relate to the text, as all will read it and answer it in their own way, even with a simple yes or a simple no.


J. Pierpont Finch

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing."

Edmund Burke 1729 – 1797


You got it wrong, Monica. The people still love Bill. Certainly more than they love his wife.

If he wears expensive clothes now, he earned them. He and his wife never even owned their own house until after his presidency. They had so many legal bills thanks to 8 years of partisan warfare that it looked like they might never get out of it, until he earned enough to get out ahead with his autobiography.

And if you look at his quotes IN CONTEXT, he said that he approved the authority to go to Iraq after Hans Blix and the inspectors were given the opportunity to do their inspections. That's not the same as saying that he approved Bush's rush to war.

It would be really nice if the people who posted on this site and Monica herself would provide the full contexts of the quotes they put here.


THE FLIMFLAM MAN: You know Bill Clinton told a whooper (i.e. lie) when Chris Matthews of MSNBC calls him a "flimflam" man. Matthews and others who really did oppose the Iraq war from the very beginning are hopping mad at Clinton for this lie because those that really did oppose the war from the beginning know very well who were with them and who weren't. Of course we know all too well that this is not the first whooper that he has told. I can remember him looking in the camera, wagging that ugly finger at us, and telling us he didn't have sex with that woman. And then his co-president, Hillary, went on national television and blamed the vast right wing conspiracy for all his problems after she spent a life-time watching his skirt chasing. Yes there are people who still love Bill, and there are people who love OJ Simpson and Charlie Manson too but don't count me as one of those people. I respect him as an ex-President but the fact is, he is a liar, period.


Bill seems to be a lightning rod, but hey, we should give the guy a break. The deal with Bill is, someone has to do the job of schlepping, in order to pick up the campaign money. They are always trying to make a big deal out of everything, like his wearing impressive clothing to woo the ladies (although not all women are impressed by such things). It just so happens his wife, a woman, is running for office. There is no code in the tie.

As for using the I-word, that really gets me. It is actually rude isn't it? Like a person who walks ahead of their significant other, apparently unaware there is a person following them. Hopefully the biumvirate (probably is the wrong word) will not self-destruct.


You know what gets me? That someone actually counts how many times he says "I" and tries to pass it off as political analysis. Sheesh.



According to Lincoln: "You can fool SOME of the people all the time."

No matter how strong the proof of Bill's prevarications and immoral conduct, he'll always be a god to his minions.
Maybe the attraction is because they see a lot of themselves in him.


The attraction is his charisma, intelligence, and political skills. Unfortunately, he had moral failings that were harmful to his family, and he has to live with the consequences of those acts.

I don't view him as a "god", but I do admire him in his professional life, although not as much in his personal life, allowing some credit that he and his wife committed to saving their marriage rather than just giving up as many would.


Plant life in America, flora and the fauna



What was Clinton talking about when he said "I still resent that I was not asked or given the opportunity to support those soldiers."


Good question Celtic.

Its not always easy to decipher the meaning or intent of those with forked tongues.


Then can someone help me decipher any of George W. Bush's daily malapropisms?

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