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November 15, 2007



Are you basing this essay on any actual facts? Who exactly 'persuaded' Spitzer to withdraw his proposal. And what are the names of the people that you assert are members of what you call CLIT?

BTW, Monica, do you have some obsession with the acronym CLIT that you made up? Is it the word CLIT that you like so much?


No question that an epidemic of PDT (Politically Transmitted Disease)has spread across our great land. Monica, at least, is not suffering---as so many others are suffering---from Bush Derangement Syndrome. Monica's ailment appears to be, however, another common ailment, perhaps as pandemic as BDS: i.e. pathogenic clintonitis.
We get some of the symptoms listed by the ancient Wise Guy as he confronts the Values-Oriented Folk in Stanza 6 of CONSERVATISM: AN ELEGY?

"You dread the People's Republic of Clintonistan,
"The grammatically correct corruption, the shuck and the shady,
"The semi-literate cesspool adored by Victim People,
"The more articulate banality preferred by media mammals,
Glittering Oslo 'Agreements,' the sand foundation neatly hidden,
"The sleaze too greasy to grab and strangle,
"The gaudy, the tinsel, the fawning jackanapes,
"The tenured turkeys of academe, solemn and applauding,
"The carefully cultivated Pentagon desk jockeys,
The boa constrictor bureaucracies,
"The grinning moderate mooslims,
"The grinning moderate Beijingers,
"The Reconquista's La Raza calling you racists,
"The black racketeers calling you racists,
"The white progs calling you racists.
"The ACLU lawfare,
"Orwell's 'Animal Farm' Goes to Hollywood,
"The Repulsive Reverends in collusion,...
"And you also expect, as Soros-blessed payback,
"The first homosexual wedding ceremony on the White House lawn,
"Music by Elton John, photography by Annie Liebovitz,
"As Daddy Bubba gives the shaven 'bride' away

(from www.gringoman.com)



John Fund had a good article on this subject. Driver's Licenses for illegal aliens is tied to the Motor Voter Bill back in the 90s that allowed anyone to vote who had a Driver's License. If you give Licenses to illegal aliens you have given them the right to vote and that is why Hillary would take such a position. The Democrat's agenda is to give amnesty to illegals and allow them to vote at the earliest opportunity. They believe the millions of illegals will become part of their voting block either after amnesty (aka: comprehensive immigration reform) or via the backdoor by granting driver's licenses or some temporary visa. This is how Hillary could get caught up in a debacle like this because they will do anything to legalize this new voter base, including looking like an idiot at the last debate.


Correction to previous post:

'PDT' should read 'PTD'. 'PDT' of course, doesn't refer directly to Politically Transmitted Disease (PTD). It often refers to Progressively Depleted Testosterone, and so wouldn't apply to Monica. It's too bi-partisan.


Hi Monica- It was amazing tonight during the debate when the topic of Supreme Court nominees came up. It was unanimous, the constitution wasn't mentioned but the most important issue for nominees to the moonbats is "the right to privacy". In other words, support abortion on demand or you have no chance with the democrats. The Constitution is secondary!


Monica said: "The Clinton Ladies Intervention Team got her out of this particular box by leaning---Tony Soprano-like---on Spitzer. They twisted his arm until he cried "uncle." They told him he had exactly 24 hours to disavow his OWN policy, or....well, he wouldn't want to know what was going to happen to him."

Where is your proof of this? If that's a joke it's a dirty one, like most of your tactics.

While we're at it, Monica, let's clear up another one of your lies related to this issue.
Check the transcript lady. In that debate, Hillary did not say that she advocated giving drivers licenses to illegal immigrants. She simply said that she supported Spitzer's effort to find a solution to the problem.

In tonights debate, Hillary made her position on the matter clear enough that even your lying eyes and ears could not dispute it. When asked if she was in favor of giving drivers licenses to illegals, she answered an unequivocal NO. Is that good enough for you?
Or are you going to say she waffled from a position she did not take in the first place?

You are not a reputable political commentator or journalist Monica. You are just another run of the mill, unsavory propagandist, uninterested in, or incapable of the truth.


What would you expect from a plagiarist?
Look at the evidence and decide for yourself. Is she, or isn't she?


If the "left wing" media is as rabid as the conservatives say, where have they been on this?


Or try this on:



Oh for God's sake, not C.L.I.T. again! Your core audience - people who leave Cheetos dust instead of finger prints on objects they've touched - won't be able to figure it out anyway. Grow up.


Looks like the commies are having a field day!

I don't know who twisted Spitzer's arm, But I'm sure that public outrage had something to do with his changing his stance.
The man, I presume, caused more problems for Hillary than any other. (Some suspicious characters may even imagine that he's a ringtwinger in sheep's clothing)

The 'magician' stated that Hill answered an unequivocal NO, when asked about giving drivers' licenses to illegal aliens.
How come she wasn't so straightforward in the first place?
I'll tell you why. She and Bill are creatures of expediency. With them, principle doesn't take priority. They watch for which direction the political wind is blowing in, and base their decisions on that.
We saw that time and time again under the Slicksters' terms.


I think Monica is right, Spitzer joins a long list of people who have demonstrated they have no manhood in standing up against Hillary. This is a small taste of how a Hillary Clinton Administration will be run. I didn't watch the debate last night on CNN (Wolf Blizter has no manhood either)but I hear she accused Obama and Edwards of joining the vast right wing conspiracy against her by using tactics out of the Republican playbook. It's funny how she calls Obama and Edwards the "boys" as if she views them as having no manhood. At some point in this campaign the real Hillary Clinton will come out (like Howard Dean did) and it will not be a pretty site.


I could not help but think during the debate last evening that "we are all in trouble as citizens of our respectable and powerful democratic nation". Where have all the "leaders" gone? Our nation and the education system should be turning out more prospects for the biggest and without doubt, the most powerful job in the world, "President of the United States of America". I don't see a better slate of candidates in the Conservative camp either. We have to dig deeper to find some new leadership prospects.



I agree with you.

There are persons out there with the credentials--smart, courageous, etc.--but they're not interested in seeking political office. But, who can blame them for not wanting to get mixed (messed) up in the 'dirty business' of politics.


Who would want to go into politics, then get criticized by idiots like Monica, Finch, and Up-Chuck on this blog?


Cde. 24/7,

Looks like your pimps have no mercy.
Have they got you tied to the computer, or have they threatened you with grievious bodily harm if you get up?

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