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November 30, 2007



I didn't realize you were also a clairvoyant. Monica, Monica, Monica. You are so incredibly dumb. Isn't it clear that Bloomberg is not interested in running for President? If he were, it's certainly too late to toss his hat in the ring for 2008.

Bloomberg's intention is to show that he supports Obama. Don't you remember that Bloomberg used to be a Democrat and only ran as a Republican when there was no room for another Democratic candidate for Mayor?

It gets very frustrating to read your essays where you don't put any thought into what conclusions you draw.


I understand the total bill was $17.34 and Obama picked up the check. The tip was $10 dollars and was probably for the great view of reporters. Bloomberg appears to have a huge ego along the lines of H. Ross Perot and probably is wanting to jump in the race somehow. My guess is that he is looking to be Obama's VP candidate. He could use the VP office to then run for President later.


Becoming VP is the worst way to be elected President. Only Martin Van Buren and George Bush were able to get elected when they were sitting VP's, and both of them only got one term. Otherwise, sitting VP's only become President if the President dies. So I'm sure Bloomberg is making better plans.


I remembered that John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were also elected as sitting VP's, but that was before the advent of political parties (the Federalists and Democratic Republicans were loose alliances).


I think this describes a steak and eggs-over easy type breakfast, rather than just potatoes and scrambled eggs.

Instead, I believe, Obama probably was probing to see if it might be possible for someone who was Moslem-Secularist at the roots, to convert to Judaism-Secularist. Not that he is concerned at this stage about going all the way, but just enough to make some initial inquiries into the matter.



Bloomberg sends mixed signals, but one thing for sure: He'a s publicty hound!


Bloomberg was offering the VP spot to Obama!!! Not the other way around. If/when Hill baby gets the Dem Nom, Bloomy comes in with the big O and eureka, a perfect third party composite "Rep"/ Dem ticket. mucho $'s all over the place. Seasoned managerial executive/young charismatic hopeful. Hillary beware!!!!!


"The race is not to the swift.." __Eccl. 9:11.

Has a woman ever beaten a man for first place in a marathon?
Stamina and endurance is usually the key in these races.
If Hillary wins this, she may be breaking records

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