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October 28, 2007



Yes, this about sums up it up. People are still EXTREMELY upset with Spitzer and with his revised plan.


Why not just enforce the laws already on the books? I heard something about the Motor Voter side of driver licenses...did Spitzer want to sign these folks up before the next election? We don't need a new three tiered solution to anything. We have all the laws we need if anything we are overloaded with laws in this country, and should have some repealed, we are way over regulated by our Government. Our Government who thinks it knows what is better for us, then we do.."We The People" What happened to the fourth estate? The Democrats have turned into the Mommy Party, they have no faith in "The People" This is going to go down as one of the lowest points in our Country's history. The 72% of voters polled, shows the citizens are participating so why are the elected officials not listening and responding?


Ree, if Spitzer succeeds, he will start implementing his plan after this election, but in time for the '08 election. We certainly do think that is one his main motivations.

Spitzer has made it clear that he doesn't care about the people who voted for him. We have a growing list of legitimate concerns about this plan, but he doesn't care.



California recalled Gov Gray Davis...I think I got the name right I already forgot him LOL It may be more difficult for New Yorkers to forget Spitzer but maybe they should give it a try. What is the procedure in New York to recall a Governor. I have friends upstate New York, Geneva and Newark area, I can tell you they are very rarely happy with the New York City crowd. They might be the place to start, with a recall..it couldn't hurt to run it up the flag poll and see who salutes GRIN. It looks like Monica already came up with the bumper sticker for recall, stop Spitzer before he spits again, BG.



This is from Michelle Malkin's blog. Her blog isn't open for registration right now but her other blog Hot Air should be, the blogger for Hot Air is called, See Dubya he is really sharp.




This is from Hot Air same subject...Spitzer and his agenda.
When your done with this one, take a look at Hot Air's homepage you might like this blog I know I do. Michelle Malkin rates number 5 of most Blogs viewed..that includes Hot Air.




Good, but will you please get down to it? (This site aims, I believe, for an adult demographic.) Do you or do you not see this guy as Governor Putzer?

Okay, the floor is yours. Let's see how you dance.


"The state is in open revolt"? Um. Hate to tell you, Monica, but people are not discussing this issue in New York City. Please don't exaggerate.


Spitzer's license proposal could be a red herring.
Notice how people are hardly focusing on his ineptitude and faux pas.

On the other hand he could have an ulterior motive.
Granting licenses to the illegals could be a stepping stone towards amnesty.

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