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October 02, 2007


J. Pierpont Finch


Proposal for Government (ie. THE TAXPAYERS) to give a $5,000 (or whatever) account to new born kids for use as.


O'Reilly, as many will in the current polarizd environment) view the idea was buying votes (Dems vs Pubs). But, the tax code child exemption deduction has been accomlishing the same oytcome for years without a lot of restrictions. Parents of newborn could have been saving and investing this tax benefit, but most choose to comingle it with other funds and spend it on their kids or whatever.


In this environment of declining birth rates, illegal infiltration of our borders, and undisciplined legal immigration for the sake of diversity (perversity) alone, DOES OUR AMERICAN SOCIETY value it's principles and values enough to sustain itself by replacing its Judao-Christian population?

If so, will the proposal be a sufficient incentive to increase the U.S. birthrate sufficiently to accomplish the above goal.


NO - IT's transparent pandering by the master bitch of pandering!

BUT as a society, we need to think about providing adequate incentives to expend our population. IF WE DON'T, the land of our great country will still be here in the future, but we surely won't.

Russia seeme to have caught onto the necessity to stop their declining birth. Recently, they designated a new holiday from work "PROCREATION DAY" so workers could stay home and fick their brains out in hopes of generating a new wave of births. Maybe our country should do the same.


Socialism in action again--taking from some and giving to others.

It would be great if we could operate like the bees and the ants, which are true socialists, but we're not insects.
It should also be noted that those are primarily female dominated societies, and loafers are never tolerated, esp. the drones (males).

So you guys imbued with idealistic sociastic dreams, take note. After being used as fertiliser, you'll be tossed like unwanted rubbish.




Thanks this is the perfect article to place this link.

All if your an Imus fan stick the I-Nation Map. We have gone viral.


J. Pierpont Finch

Further to the proposal to have the governement set up $5000 newborn accounts,

- They can't even agree on putting asside social security taxes in a private account to be saved and invested. HOW IS THAT ANY DIFFERENT THAN HILLARY's $5000 New born account proposal?

- If the proposed accounts were ever put into effect, politicians would likely set up so many safeguards and legal blocks to prudent investing for the long term that the accounts would be worthless for the intended purpose - paying for college.


Jack Flynn

Even brilliant people like Hillary come up with stupid ideas, sometimes, and, granted, this IS a STUPID idea.
As far as whether or not it is politically motivated or not, about 95% of everything any of the candidates of both parties say and will say until the '08 election cannot be separated from their political intentions, so why be so surprised at that?

J. Pierpont Finch

There is no evidence that Hillary is "brilliant"!

There's lots of evidence she's mean, vindictive, false, without integrity and conniving.


I agree with Flynn. Hillary is brilliant.

Jack Flynn

We will have a queen as well as a President with Hillary.
She is prettier than Queen Elizabeth and America yearns for a maternal image in the Whitehouse. She will be the first one—the first woman to cross that threshold, for real, as President.
There is nothing that can stop her ascension to power.
It is driven by larger cultural and spiritual phenomena.

What she will do with it, know one knows, or can know.

Just as no one knew where George was going to go.


Jackie, my boy,
Looks like you fantasize about sharing a bed with the queen bee.
Take heed. Remember what happens to drones.

Thanks for the laughs.

Jack Flynn

Obviously you are unaware of this, Charlie, but it IS possible for a man to admire the beauty of a woman without thinking in terms of, how did you put it—"sharing a bed"?
Lift your mind up Charlie.
Perhaps you don't see it because it is the quality of the woman's mind that will matter when she is President—not her physical characteristics as a woman, which in my opinion are a friendly complement to a woman her age.
When I said that she is "prettier than Queen Elizabeth", how you extrapolated that statement into a fantasy of some sort of sexual liaison is slightly beyond my realm of comprehension.


Come on Jack, stop trying to fool yourself and others.
Thy speech betrayeth thee!

Any man who is so besotted and obsessed with a female as you are, is either an obsequious puppy, or a lecherous lothario. Which one are you?

Talking about 'quality of mind', the woman hasn't one of her own. At an early age it was commandeered and programmed by Marxist oriented professors. She hasn't an original thought of her own, but parrots the 'idealisms' and fantasies of liberal leftwingers.
So she is, in effect, a cyborg or robot being manipulated by other dark forces.

If you ever succeed in making it into her inner sanctum, don't be surprised if she turns out to be as warm as a block of ice.


Jack Flynn

I'll ignore your personal insults and cut to the chase. Apparently you are unaware that in her early college years Hillary was a Republican and worked on the ’64 Goldwater campaign—hardly an example of Marxist tutoring.
Goldwater, at that time, was the hero of the Radical Right who defended the John Birch Society and argued that the Social Security system should be voluntary.

In her latter college years Hilary smartened up and wisely became a Democrat.


So Hillary metamorphised from a pullet into a harpy.
Had to be at 'an early age', if she was still in college--(unless she was one of those perennial students)

Your concept of SMART and WISE seems to be somewhat unconventional.
Someone's whose mind has been hijacked and crammed with ideological viruses, certainly doesn't fit that picture. She, and most people, may not be aware of it, but she has become a puppet being operated and controlled by other forces and entities.
A battle is raging for the minds of men, women, and chlidren--and it is not limited to flesh and blood.

Jack Flynn

What are you talking about Charlie—Martians? Darth Vader? George Souras robot ants? Who, or what are those dark forces "cramming" Hillary's mind with "ideological viruses"? Do they arrive in the form of pods and conceal themselves in Hillary's back yard, waiting for the opportunity to secrete a pink liquid manifesto into her pores and take over her body and mind.
Just what are they Charlie?
Do they speak our language?


Not surprised that you don't believe in the forces of darkness.

If you haven't been brainwashed into believing that there is no God, and have any belief in the Bible, check out Ephesians 6: 10 "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against POWERS,....."

I have a feeling I may be casting pearls before swine here, though.

Jack Flynn

Well that's a good place to start, isn't it? You swine. We swine. A bunch of egocentric, right is right pigs with a penchant for verbal argument—right, middle or left.
As well I can remember, no moderate has posted on Monica's blog.

No moderates flitting around and alighting for a moment on a toadstool, log or fingertip.

Wonder why?

Jack Flynn

Moderates want peace, not war.
Moderates want decent healthcare for themselves and their families.
Moderates believe that it is right and proper to Live and Let Live.
Moderates accept the Ten Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount as the guiding moral and ethical principles of the past and present.

Moderates are sick of cowering and living in fear of the "Axis of Evil".
Moderates want to know what it feels like to live without fear and rancor in their hearts.
Moderates respect the Constitution but know that it has to adapt to meet the rapid changes occurring in the present and future.
Moderates want to fix the things here at home that need fixin', like bridges, tunnels and highways.
Moderates want our water, forests, wildlife, domestic animals, waterways and borders protected.
Moderates want to end poverty
Moderates want the government to treat drug use and addiction as a disease rather than a crime.

Gee. I guess that makes me a moderate.
Sorry Charlie. I'm not a Lefty any more. I'm a bloody Moderate.

Now, what is the difference between a Moderate and a Liberal?
None, really.
Except that Moderates are silent about their beliefs. They do their talking in the voting booths across this nation.
The Repubs used to call it the "Silent Majority".
It is a huge number of Americans now and spans the US from end to end.
Their voices will be heard in '08.
Americans will change things for Americans and in doing so, will change our face to the world.

As Snuffy Smith used to say, "Times-a-wastin'"

And Charlie, "It ain't no dream, cowboy."


Boo hoo hoo!! that nasty and insensitive Charlie is calling me a swine.
You might as well cut out the whining. You're not getting sympathy or sugar-coated medicine here.
It would seem that you haven't a clue as to the connotation of 'casting pearls before swine.'

So you're a MODERATE now!! Well, bless your soul.
I must give you lefty libs due credit for your chameleonic and metamorphosical art and prowess.
I can certainly do with some of that potion. Mind passing some this way.

Watch out for that Limbaugh guy, though. He has a track record of spotting PHONIES a mile away.

Jack Flynn

There is another, rather famous, "Charlie" tucked away in San Quentin—a fine Christian gentleman named Charles Manson. That wouldn't be you, now, would it Charlie?
He has his own twisted version of the Bible and Christianity, (remarkably similar to yours).

Did you know that the third most common given name in Canada is "Charles"/ so if you are looking for some real anonymity, "Charlie", that might be a good place for you to reside.
How about: "CHARLIE IN '08"
In Canada!

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