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October 10, 2007




There's an old creole saying: "When your own dog bites you; you're well bitten."

The evil you plan for others often come back to haunt you.
Remember that story about Haman in the Bible? He hated Mordecai because he refused to pay obeisance to him. So he decided to teach the impudent Jew a lesson. He built one of the highest gallows you could think of, intending to string up Mordecai. After a series of providential events, guess who ended up on that gallows?

Jack Flynn

Let me guess.


Jack Flynn

This photo is going to usher Hillary into the Whitehouse. Pretty good bod for an old gal, isn't it, even if it is, only in the photographer's eye?


Jack Flynn

Are they going to come up with one for Rudy "the G-String Man", Freddy "the Freeloader", and "Softballs" Mitt?
If they do, we know who will win hands down.

Then they could hit the Vice Presidential candidates.

The Repubs, in a last desperate move, would have to pull Condi out of a birthday cake, (whatever the cost, (political, personal, financial or spiritual).

I surmise she always wanted to be a stripper anyway.

Nobody in her position, who wears such unattractively drab clothing and has hidden herself for so long behind the masks of things, could withstand a powerful inner urge to stand naked, cast her palms to the sky, and spread her legs wide to the world.

Jack Flynn

If your job is to protect a bank, you must have bank robbers on your side. They give the best advice in times of crisis.

But there are more important things to worry about. Poor George Bush is at a crises. He is a broken man. He is awash in tears. Condi has gone and left him and seems to be forging her own international policy. "She's teamed up with a fu##ing Limey—the fu##ing ingrateful****. She said she wouldn’t be around forever. But I need her damnit," he wails to himself, as he paces alone by the fireplace at Crawford. "I need her. I need her and she's gone. Connnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnndiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

Notice? No friendly salutations coming from the Whitehouse press—no fanfare of the sort he offers the least of his associates on happy occasions.

Just how emotionally dependent did George become on Condi? Those daily meetings.

She was the last one. He is on his own now.

What will he do?

I think we are about to see either the worst, or the best of George W. Bush, and your guess is as good as mine.

God, I hope she isn't pregnant.
Both of them being such strong right to lifers, you know. Do they look enough alike for her to pull it off when the baby arrives?

Would it be an impeachable offense?

How about Ken Starr as the lead Prosecutor?


Hey Jacko,

Is someone paying you to hang around this board?
It would seem that you have no other employment.

What an immature, miserable, and mean-spirited creep!!!

Jack Flynn

"Is someone paying you to hang around this board?"

The answer is no. Wrong again Charlie?

"It would seem that you have no other employment."

I am a happy go lucky retiree Charlie. How about you?

"What an immature, miserable, and mean-spirited creep!!!"

Should I take that as a personal insult Charlie?
I mean, you didn't specifically say that you meant me.

Be careful Charlie. You know the problems you get into when you get angry and have no rational response. Your voices meld, the personal insults, suspicions, accusations, name calling and capitalized words increase and your syntax and writing style become like deep grooves on a 33-1/3 record.
I mean things like calling Gman "girly" and that sort of stuff. You wouldn't want folks on here to extrapolate and associate you with the nefarious “creep” who disturbed this blog for so long, now would you Charlie?


Nice try, Jacko, but you aint laying no guilt trip on me. I'm immune to such tactics.

Very charitable of you to operate here on a free basis. MoveOn can now use the extra cash to make use of the services of another donkey.

So you're a retiree!!! Mind telling me from what?
On the other hand, you'd better not. May just cause the law to come snooping around. And I would hate to see them carting you off in a paddy wagon.

Still trying to shift your spammer's exploits onto me, huh?
Careful Jacko!! You aint no match for this hombre. Your feeble attempts to cover your tracks aint working. They're a clear as footprints in freshly fallen snow.

Remember Haman? It would profit you and your cabal to always keep him in mind.

Keep well, my duplicitious friend.

Jack Flynn

My pal Les,(Les is more, he likes to say), tells me you're back to work. Congratulations. Now you can legitimately lambaste the indigent for being lazy and the illegals for stealing all the good jobs.
Les spent a few years on the paddy wagon—in the drivers seat. Says he would have enjoyed taxi-ing you to the station. He says, he knows the type, that two minutes back there with his partner Benny, you would wet yourself.
"Say it ain't so Shane."


Now what are you babbling about Jacko?

Are you partaking of illegal libatioons; or have my jabs scrambled your brains, thus making you incoherent.

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