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September 14, 2007


Jack Flynn

You've got two hands tied behind your back, don't you perp. You've gotta be nice now with your brand new Typekey ID. It gives you the opportunity to come clean and tell the good people on here all the rotten things you've been doing for the last six months. It also gives you the opportunity, (which I'm sure you won't take), to clean up your mean spirited act and stop the personal insults and dirty language.
Soooo, I guess you will be posting as Charlie on a regular basis, huh, which should keep you at least partially civilized. You will probably take on several typekey IDs, but your syntax is unmistakable and you will be watched very closely by interested parties.

There is another possibility for you, spammer. You could move on and find some other vulnerable blog to gnaw at and try to bring down.
Why don't you perp? After all, you failed here.
You could take your bag of dirty tricks and make a fresh start on some unsuspecting blog where nobody knows you.

Keep it clean, Perp.

Jack Flynn (Typekey ID, Jack 381)


Hi mutt,

there you go again, talking to, and about yourself.

all that venom and bitterness. no wonder you've made yourself sick.

Jack Flynn

I have heard from him and it is likely that I may have been wrong about Charlie—that he may have had his name hijacked as well. So I take back the reference to "Charlie" in the above post. However, I still intend the heart of that message to the real spammer, whoever he is and wherever he may be trolling.

Jack (Typekey ID: Jack 381)

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