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September 14, 2007


Tom TB

Monica, I think when this campaign contribution scandal plays out(if it ever does), Ponzi will be forgotton, and "Tsu-scheme" will enter the English language as an expression of a fraudulent enterprise. Hopefully, "Hill-raiser" will have a short run.



Petraeus’s superior, Admiral William Fallon, chief of the Central Command (CENTCOM), derided Petraeus as a sycophant during their first meeting in Baghdad last March, said Pentagon sources familiar with reports of the meeting. Fallon told Petraeus that he considered him to be “an a55-kissing little chickensh*t” and added, “I hate people like that”.


Intelligence analysts computing aggregate levels of violence against civilians for the NIE puzzled over how the military designated attacks as combat, sectarian or criminal, according to one senior intelligence official in Washington. "If a bullet went through the back of the head, it's sectarian," the official said. "If it went through the front, it's criminal." "Depending on which numbers you pick," he said, "you get a different outcome."

Tom TB

It would seem to me that if I were a Senator who A. Voted to fund the Iraq regime change, B. Approved the selection of General Petraeus as commander of ground troops, C. Was a candidate for the Presidency, D. Was married to the former President who was Petraes's Commander in Chief, I would hedge all my bets and ask,"General, what can I do for us?". That way, if things got better, I could take some credit; if things got worse, I could always blame the current administration!


I hate To Quote A dush Bag But when Bill marr Calls W a Dush Bag on his program its says all that can be said,Watch Real time check it out this week they had some very Good stuff on there,olong with the b#llsh#t
thats usually there but. Check it if You like...Niel


G manny is Quoting General Betray me at the "DOG & PONY show run by congress, Lets Clean house folks
needs to be done, and reinstate the draft, Cmon, lets start giving, stop blowin hot air, Ill do One more...


Well . I listened in tonite and le peroxide was up to the same smears, I noticed you would call out a dual, well I have news for you MONICA, you can sign up,if your not over 50 to be a marine, Go to Iraq for 18 months and if you live thru your duals with the locals
pack you Gear get ready to go home and the morning of your bus to take you to your plane, Be told that your
Demander and Chief has extended your stay for an undisclosed amount of time. So Join up. Or shut up,
peroxide Babbler...Niel..SEMPER..FI.

Jack Flynn

Monica, You often refer to "our way of life" when speaking of what we are fighting for in Iraq.

Some questions to ponder, Monica:

"Our way?" You mean YOUR way don't you, Monica? What way of life is that, Monica? What about my way, Joe's way, Mary's way, Betty's way? Don't they count? Isn't true freedom more individualized than your idea of "our way", allowing for a wide spectrum of ways to live, believe and act? Isn't "our way" as you put it, but a glorified, feel good abstraction, having little or no application, relevance, and/or meaning to the everyday lives of, (as Walt Whitman put it), the "single, separate person".
Isn't the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness geared to each and every individual American, rather than one man's or one woman's, or some group's conception of "our"?

Jack Flynn

Particularly, consider, "The Pursuit of Happiness", Monica.

Jack Flynn - Traitor to the USA

See how I stab Monica in the back with my fake alias sidekick Niel? I've never been in the MARINES or ANY military unit besides the dick whacking patrol. But I can pretend through Niel that I have my pretended moral superiority. Of course I am not even good enough to shine General Petraeus' boots but that would never stop any hypocrisy that I could conceive. Hell, its what I live for! Why stop now?


Me Jack and THE PERP nail his 3ss...Niel

Mark Simons

I agree, Jack. You are the biggest traitor and I hope you go to jail for these crimes. You forgot to own up to your Gman ID in your confession above. Monica is wise to your game now. I bet she nails your lunatic A-S-S. I wrote to Monica and explained the whole thing. Guess what? She answered. And I bet you would be very curious to know what she said.

You are going down, pal. Hope you have a real attorney, not the fake one you've been claiming for months. You better start interviewing some good criminal defense lawyers. You and OJ have a lot in common these days.

Jack Flynn

The last three posts are the spammer and his stolen alias, Mark.
I am tired of his obscenity. Isn't anyone else? Where in hell are your conservative values Tom Tb, Gringoman, Monica? Pete? Do you sanction this sort of stuff.


Hey Jack, don't be coming here bullshitting the blog again about some Perp guy you manufactured. Every one of us conservatives know its you playing this game to disrupt the website and distract away from Monica's commentary. Its too bad Monica doesn't read half the garbage you write or you'd be in jail right now. There, I said it. I agree with whoever that fella was that said you were nothing but a scumbag, because that's exactly what you are, Schmedley.

Jack Flynn

I have been requesting that action be taken to shut down that psycho creep for months via email and on this blog, and you know it, Pete. Conservatives couldn't possibly be that dumb.
Monica and her people have the tools, (email and IP). If they wanted to do something about the real spammer, it would take them exactly two minutes to know exactly who he/she is and get rid of him/her.
At present, I am staying on this blog for only one reason and actually can't wait to get out of here, (in that sense, the spammer has won), but as long as he/she continues to usurp my name and post pornographic attacks under it, I must stay here to fight back. It is he/she who has reduced this blog to little more than a forum to unleash salacious porno, and I believe that he will continue to do it until Monica or her people act, which they aren't inclined to do.

Friend of Monica

Mr Flynn, many people have asked you to leave this blog. Would you please do it? Monica doesn't want you here either. We do not appreciate Liberals here and especially ones whose main motivation is causing a big stink here. You are nobody anyway. What reputation do you need to protect? I never heard of you and I bet nobody else has either.

Also, if you leave here, how does anyone know you don't plan to come back as other names, like you have all along? Most of us do not believe you intend to leave at all. Monica may have to just have you dragged away kicking and screaming that your rights have been violated. But we really are trying to make you understand that you have NO rights here. This is a private blog and not a place where you have some unspoken right to talk, cajole, and abuse other people with your opinions. You are a bad seed. Please leave.


Dear Friend,

The reason I think Jack should leave is he likes to suck dick too much. He always likes to suck it til it cums. Why? Who knows. Why would any man want to suck another man's cock? I have no idea. But Jack loves it. He said so many times. See ya, Ty

Concerned with Honesty

Monica - I am very concerned that Jack Flynn has ruined this blog. From
everything I've seen written by other members, I believe its him who is
coming as all these fake monikers. Why would he do this? Let me guess.

Jack Flynn is a member of MoveOn.org and he has probably been assigned
here to disrupt your audience before the 2008 elections. He is raising
hell so conservatives cannot talk with one another. He attacks under other
names so that people will shy away from speaking. If I were Monica, I would
bitch slap him until he gave up his job with MoveOn. That is my belief.
Jack is a far left operative who is here to screw you up, Monica. I think
someone should go see him and tell him to stop. And if he doesn't, they
should throw his computer against the wall and break it into a million pieces.
That is my personal opinion. Monica, you may have a different or more effective idea. You need to act on this though. The longer you wait, the longer he will get
the idea that he is immune. Rock his world. That's probably the solution.


I see the testimony is building for Jack's ouster. I didn't know he was here from MoveOn.org. That's very shocking to hear. But it makes a lot of sense now.

Fred Klein

" Jack Flynn is the only psychopath on this site. Imagine a left wing kook coming here under so many names like Niel and others then pretending HE is the normal one? Everybody knows he is a fag and a drunk. That was proven long ago. I can't tell you how many times he tried to get me to engage in homosexual relations. Its enough to make you wonder what kind of childhood he must have had with all the leather strap beatings and evenings sent to bed with no dinner. My sister is a psychiatrist in NYC and she says Jack Flynn is a Ticking Timebomb. The longer he goes without therapy, the more intense the reaction when he finally goes off. Monica, it is your responsibility to ensure that this poor sick individual is placed somewhere he cannot harm others. ...."


I could not agree more, Mark. Good post. Right on the money. Flynn is a raving lunatic, as far as I can tell.

Fred Klein

How about having some guts and posting in your own name, not mine?

Jack Flynn

I know what you are doing spammer, likewise does Fred Klein and Niel and many others whom you have abused here with your foul and obscene rhetoric, posing as "men" and women. It is you, and you alone, who is doing this to Monica's blog for your own bizarre purposes and anyone who has had the stomach to follow your scurrilous machinations, knows that.

Just how dense are you Perp? Fred Klein has asked you several times to stop posting in his name.
But you don't have even minimal respect for anyone do you?

As far as Moveon.org goes, I wouldn't give two cents for its bigoted crapola. So you can stop using that lie, as well.

Fred Klein

I love moveon.org. So if the perp wants to attack me on that ground, he is welcome.


Hey Jack Niel here I dont have any Id(IDEA) any more whathefux up with this place, I think Im out of this nut house its become trivial and I defenetly dont agree with Monicas Blindness, as yousaid she must be dense Ill try to chat with you someplace else hope they aint to hard on you Im Bored with this whole deal
nothing worthwhile is written xepn me and you and a handful of ther intellegent folks, F#@K IT, Later

Jack Flynn

I see that you are back form your Sunday liaison with the undead at the local cemetery.
It is only fitting that you hang with them, because you are morally, socially and spiritually dead anyway.

Jack Flynn

Just as a footnote.. I will defend homosexual rights wherever they may come under attack. I do not admit to affiliation with MoveOn.org but I am certainly a member in good standing with Digital Queers (DQ), the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), and the Stonewall Democrats.

Beyond that, let me say that any single man is invited to post a note here if they want to chat sometime. I always have time for a good man like Niel.

Fred Klein

" ... Monica Crowley doesn't seem to have a concept what this blog is for, and the last time I listened to her pathetic show, she mentioned it as if it is a wonderful place to contribute your thoughts ... "

Posted by: Fred Klein | September 17, 2007 at 01:47 PM

The above post by "Fred Klein" was not written by me. Again, it was that sick
moron who goes by the name Jack Flynn. He doesn't have the guts to tell you
what he thinks of you himself, so he assigns the task to his many aliases.
But you can write him here, if you want to tell him to stop:


This is his full name and location: JACK F. FLYNN, Salem, MA

If you want to see his ugly face, make sure you did not eat beforehand
and click the link here:


Monica, you can see why an ugly piece of crap like Jack would have a problem
with someone so beautiful and svelte as yourself. He can NEVER have anyone
as gorgeous as you, so it sends him off into Crazyland. He cannot stand it and
this is why he writes all these eccentric & abusive posts. Sorry, Monica but this
is the naked truth about Jack F. Flynn. He is just a pathetic, lonely and toothless
Old Fart with no class or sense of propriety. A typical Democrat voter.


Jack Flynn

Okay Perp, let me get one thing straight with you. I do not sleep with women. My wife is in a wheel chair. She cannot have sex. And I am not even slightly attracted to Monica.

These days I choose to award my affections to pretty men who I meet in various gay bars in the Boston area. If anybody wants to meet me, they can usually find me at one of the following fine establishments:

Night Life/Bars and Clubs

47 Central
47 Central Avenue, Lynn, Massachusetts 01901, (781) 586-0551
The pub @ 47 Central opened its doors in March of 1999. Commonly called the "Gay Cheers of of the Northshore"

Fran's Place
776 Washington Street, Lynn, Massachusetts 01901, (781) 598-5618
The largest Nightclub/Sports Bar in Lynn - serving the G.L.B.T. community for over 68 years.

Friend's Landing
85 Water Street, Haverhill, Massachusetts, (978) 374-9400

Vision Nightclub
Route One North, Saugus, Massachusetts, (781) 231-4111
Nightclub is located just 15 minutes North of Boston and has a night to cater to everyone's clubbing needs and desires!

Aloha, fellas! .... See you there !!

Jack Flynn

My last post on this thread was:

I see that you are back form your Sunday liaison with the undead at the local cemetery.
It is only fitting that you hang with them, because you are morally, socially and spiritually dead anyway."

The rest is vomit from Monica's most loyal fan, the perp/spammer.
With friends like that, she has no enemies.

Friends of a Friend

To whom it may concern. We are very patient here in Massachusetts. But we look after our friends and do not appreciate certain actions that have been taken here against an associate. Desist. You will receive no further notice, sir.


If Norman Podhoretz (author of World War IV)is correct that 50% of the population is IN DENIAL in 9-10 mode about the threat from Islamofascism, then that 50% of the population has a severe mental disorder!

If those in 9-10 Denial Mode are "Progressives" (ie. Liberals) who are Democrats, then it follows that "Liberalism is a mental disorder".

Certrainly the moveon.org disrupter who posts here is an example of how mentally disordered a liberal can be.
This person pretends to post an opinion under one name, and then answers himself under another name, and the makes multiple posts pretending to be other sane or insane poeple. Very machievellian tactic to confuse everyone into giving up posting any thoughts at all - the desired goal of squelching free speech is accomplished and Monica's indented website goal of exchanging ideas is snuffed out. These were the tactics used in the former Soviet Union, and, these are the tactics of the international communist movement which supports moveon.org, and these are the tactics coming to America if the left prevails in the 2008 election.

Hell is a place where there is no reason. Thanks to the great impersonator, this place has become hell!

Jack Flynn

"Paranoia runs deep.
Into your heart it will creep."

Get out of the past. The "Red" scare is dead.

To follow your logic:

PREMISE: Denial is a mental disorder.

ARGUMENT: 50% of the voting population were in denial when they voted for George Bush.

CONCLUSION: 50% of the population are mentally disturbed.

I do not accept your premise, your argument, or your conclusion—nor mine, for that matter.

Logic can "prove" anything you want it to, as Petraeus clearly demonstrated at the hearings.

Jack Flynn

In view of the fact that we are the inmates running Monica's blog, why don't we make a tacit charter. I'll suggest the first principle.
(So we don't get overwhelmed with suggestions, or over-spammed, how about one principle, per person.)

1) ATTACK OPINIONS AND IDEAS, not people, (except for biting satire and tasteful, humorous needling.)


Jack Flynn

There is no move on.com member posting on here that I know of unless he/she is masquerading as a conservative Republican. There is however an individual who posted fairly normally, though under multiple names, like the Whirling Dervish, Brett, Camdenman, Liz, Timmy Lester, etc. until last April when he/she flipped out about something I said and began stealing my name, and other people's names, doubling and tripling his/her multiple identities, and posting porno and homophobe inspired articles in my name, all with the sole intention of driving me out of here. That, and that alone, is what has turned this blog into the "hell" mentioned above.

Jack Flynn

A little history on the spamming.

It started on the thread “Monica in the Spin Zone” on 04/28/07. (Archives), April 22, 2007- April 28, 2007. The thread ran thru 08/07/07 and has 102 postings. On that thread, the poster, “Sam,” metamorphs himself into the homophobe spammer for the first time.
At first the thread becomes a sprightly sparring contest between Sam and a bright and thoughtful liberal leaning poster named Mark Simons.
They battle back and forth like a cobra and a mongoose and at one point, Sam accuses Mark of being Jol’s (my) alter ego. He says, “What's the matter, Simons .. you all burned out from tag-teaming people with your alter-ego, JOL?”
Later on in the thread, he usurps my Screen name Jol, and makes gay passes at Mark. He then changes from Sam to “Wendy UK” and “Rush is Right” and gets more outrageous with the gay, homophobic stuff.
At one point he feels his power and blurts out, “hee-hee, this is fun”.
Eventually Mark became bored with the inanity and upset with the gay stuff, so he left Monica’s blog for good.
The spammer added Mark’s name to his list of many aliases and still posts as him every once and a while.

The real Mark returned to the blog a few times to complain, (to no avail), about the spammer using his name, but I think the spammer still believes that Mark was/is me.

Later the spammer found out my real name and began to post disgusting gay porno stuff under it, and I have been forced to counter his shenanigans ever since.

That’s the story. If you have fallen for his/her subterfuges and don’t believe it, check it out in the archives. It is all there in blinding color and black and white.

Jack Flynn

The above post was not mine. The spammer won't give up. Who would go to such lengths to make up a story like this so that I would have to deny it? I spend all my time denying the lies this person prints. What a dope.

Jack Flynn

"so that 'I' would have to deny it" you say spammer.
Yes that is the real you twirp, not me—YOU!
You say, "Who would go to such lengths to make up a story like this?"
That's right perp, WHO WOULD?
especially when the truth is right there in the archives in black and white.
The truth is Perp, you can't deny it,
because the dates and times are all there. You began messing around with peoples identities on that thread, and have continued to do so right up to and including today.
Posting irrational disclaimers in my name will not hide the truth. You are naked and alone out
there, spammer, and you're the only one who doesn't know it.

Jack Flynn

Now, don't bother me, Perp. I have a busy day ahead—a little "business" with law enforcement.
I should caution you Perp. They are not happy about you wasting their time on this trivia. They have better and more important things to do. So when your true identity finally does pop up on their screen, they will obligingly look aside, while I make you extremely unhappy, in a "legal" sort of way, of course.
Do you CHOOSE to take that as a threat, Perp?
Go right ahead.


So-Called Haditha Massacre slowly Chipped Away


The fabrication of the Haditha "Massacre" is crumbling piece by piece before our eyes. Methodically, like military precision, the onion peels are dropping away as soldier after soldier involved in this disgraceful charade have their charges dropped.

In short order, with the grace of God, all of these victimized soldiers will find themselves exonerated.

See above link for the rest of the story.


Hey LLJ Spammer,

How much longer are you going to continue soliloquizing with yourself?

FYI, its one of the trademarks of mental illness.

Jack Flynn

Tabby caught you right away, perp.
Little coward boy calling yourself Charlie.
Won't be seeing you at Creedmore pal. We have our own suppliers and the best dam ned team east of the Appalacian plateau.
You are logged Perp.
keep them coming.


Jack Flynn

We don't want your nicey nicey material perp.
We want your usual, heavy duty, salacious material.
Forget the innuendo. We have thick skins.
Oblige please.



keep up the muttering. the men in white are on the way.

Jack Flynn

Gotcha picture perp. Who are you calling spammer, you phony. You can do better than that.

Tabby tells me that one has already been exposed.
You are the perp/spammer, bunghole.
and your the one who visits boy spanking sites, perp. We already know that about you.

Where do you get off calling other people spammer when you are the mainline spammer on here?
You are logged again perp.

Jack Flynn

One other thing perp. I'm not muttering. I AM TALKING TO YOU.


My dear spammer,

What's all the hysterics about, creep? Can't deal with the truth, huh? Everyone knows you are a MUTTERER, and headed for Creedmoor, if you're not already there.

Trying to project your sick and creepy traits onto me and the others aint going to work. We've got your number.
Hope you get well.

Jack Flynn

You're breaking the Eighth Commandment, perp.


"All men must be aware that to gossip or to darken another man's name or way will most certainly be accountable to Me. Each man is accountable for himself and will have to stand solely alone on the merits he earned walking the human role. Men who sin against this Rule will most likely sin against several of the others, for to bear false witness says ego, pride, jealousy, contempt, a lack of self-discipline,
Gossip - Slander - Lying - Defamation of Character - Hating"

When you say, as you have many times under various aliases, that Jack was sent over here form moveon.org to undermine this blog, you know that's a lie, don't you perp?

Moses is lookin right atcha lyin eyes, kid.

Jack Flynn

From now on, when your cursor falls on the name, Jack Flynn, it will reveal the typekey ID "Jack 381". Any future legitimate post by Jack Flynn, will have that same typekey ID, "Jack 381". It cannot be faked.
A spammer, unfortunately can still steal a screen name, like, Jack Flynn, or any other, but they can't fake that ID. If it doesn't say, Jack 381, it is the spammer.
It will work for anyone who has had their name hijacked by the spammer.

Jack Flynn

I'm outa here perp. Looks like the new log in system will work OK.
I'm giving this thing back to bro.
But we'll be watching you perp, like owls. . . who. . . who. . . who

and, if necessary, we WILL ID you.


Hi mutt, (spammer)

looks like you just can't stop your muttering.
maybe you should try placing a muzzle on the snout.

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