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September 08, 2007



Jack Flynn Do not stop blogging your an excallnt writer!....NIEL...SEMPER...FI...


Thats Excellent....Niel...SEMPER...FI


Im listening to You know who right now. The GOP new prefix to every sentence is;" LOOK" Blah Blah . Before the Election will be LOOKIT< any bets.....Niel...SEMPER...FI....


In a former election campaign, a woman came up with the slogan: "Where's the beef."

How much substance do these guys have? As for charisma, I don't see any.



Ron paul has also mike huckabee who won the debates
dream ticket never happen though too bad.

Jack Flynn

Isn't it peaceful when the Perp/Spammer isn't around? He goes away for several precious hours on Sunday afternoons and evenings. The rest of the time he is home, twenty four a day, Monday through Saturday.

For a few precious hours,
no spamming, no bad language, none of the rabid stuff that nightmares are made of.
You can scan the posts and Monica's writings and not have to worry about the diatribes, personal attacks and insults popping up.

I wonder how many of the names he uses won't post between 2:pm today and late evening.


Monica, WABC had football. Please, make podcasts on your shows available again! PLEASE!

Jack Flynn

Still quiet on the Western Front.

Jack Flynn

Still Quiet on the Eastern Front.

Jack Flynn

Interesting. No Perp/Spammer. No aliases.

Jack Flynn

He'll probably pop back in the morning and his aliases won't be far behind. Or he'll start some new ones.

Jack Flynn

Welcome back Perp.

Jack Flynn

Strange, while the perp/spammer was away, from 2pm Sunday until at least noon today, (so far), there were no posts during that 22 hour period by, by Charlie, the "usurped" Fred, name, Niel, and/or other offbeat screen names, Jol variations etc.
In fact, none of his aliases turned up.
Strange, but, not so strange, after all, is it?
Perhaps he should take a laptop with him next Sunday when he is out of Dodge.

Jack Flynn

It has been over 24 hours. The perp/spammer is still off line and there is NO spamming going on. All of the familiar aliases are silent.



This is Jill from SupportImus.org. I too wished that I could have listened to you over the weekend. I called my local program manager and he said he would look into adding you to our weekend lineup, but he didn't think you were syndicated. What can we do to change that? In the meantime, if you could make podcasts available that would be really great!

If you see Bernard, would you mind telling him that his female fans miss him and would like to know what we can do to get him back on the air. Thanks again for everything you did to support Don Imus, Bernard and their fans.

Looking forward to become a regular listener of your show,



Who ever Jack Flynn Is I salute the real you and as
a east coast technically west, cause I watch the sun sets over the water in eve, Might I add the most Beautiful sunsets with my beautiful wife who has been in the hair business for goin on 25 years. I believe I have the perp Nailed. Check out the last Blog by Monica, Nothing to do with politics just Lames Makin Ove 1000% of the money old porixide herself is makin
God Bless America! Thank God for free markets, Jelousy
over money is the Root of all Evil.....Niel...SEMPER..FI


Okay Monica, we've located Jack Flynn's computer and law enforcement is
working on triangulating his address at this time. His ISP has finally come
forward with the records and a court order will not be necessary thanks to
the attorney's help. We should be shutting him down pretty soon. Thanks
for the support and tell Lars his computer skills are beyond reproach.

Chris Gagnon

As happy as I am that "law enforcement" has the time to track down a serial commentor, I am equally happy with the lamest field of Republican candidates I have ever seen in my life. What did you like about the debate, Monica? The childish sniping or the complete lack of a platform? I, myself, enjoy the refusal to accept reality as it is; but as our fearless president says, "There's a fine line between pessimism and reality." Maybe he should map out a few new bike routes if that will make him stop crying over dead soldiers.
Bottom line? Not one of these sorry Republican candidates could beat Dennis Kucinich if the election were held today, and as time drags on (and the skeletons are dragged out) you have to be pretty pessimistic about the chances of a GOP victory in 2008. Pessimistic? Or realistic? It's a fine line...

Jack Flynn

Perp/spammer/alias, webmaster,
How strange that when you were absent, your aliases were also absent.

Are you back to give us further proof that you are the master of nothing you survey?

Or are you just up to your same old nihilistic antics?

I guess, both.

Say "nihilistic antics" twenty five times, then eat your porridge.
And remember, Perp, potty training is the first fifty years.

Jack Flynn

By the way, Perp. I do enjoy a hard Black Dick. I like to watch myself in the mirror taking one right up the pooper. Also, I never use a condom. Its against the Irish tradition. I'm a Catholic, you know. We don't do that. I use the rhythm method. Black guys have lots of rhythm. Oooowww, yeahhhhhhhhhhh.... give it to me, daddy!

G. LaSalle

Hey, what kind of site is this? This dude Jack is a real pervert. Why do you let him ruin a good blog like this??

Jack Flynn

How about a reality check Spammer. Who, would ever believe that a person would say such perverted things about themselves?
Exactly noboby, spammer.
The twisted tripe you are posting in my name points only to you. It is your sick mind on display here, like the little girl girl in the Exorcist with her head spinning around, spewing out vomit and atrocious sexual epithets.

Jack Flynn

How is it that Arianna Huffington can control her blog and you can't control yours?

Jack Flynn

Are you trying to do this on the cheap?
Can't you afford the safeguards that set up a "log-in" system that prevents identity theft and pornographic spammers?

Why don't you call Arianna and ask her how she does it.


I'm starting to really believe there is something to the spammers claim that you are gay. 'Thou dost protest too much' is the expression, I believe. When I was in the Marines, it was the guys who complained the most about gays who we always spotted downtown outside the fag bar. Is this the truth about you? Its okay if its true. I just want to know who I'm dealing with. You don't seem that manly to me. Maybe you were in the Arts or something? Anyway, I don't feel comfortable being friends with a gay man. Its okay for some, but its just not something I am comfortable hanging with. So, I wish you'd come clean. I have to confess, I've been wondering why you always talk to me so much. I feel you are hitting on me sometimes and pandering to my viewpoint, maybe to gain my approval. This would turn my stomach if you tell me you are gay, Jack. I mean, I want the truth -- but I just know it will turn my stomach if its true. How do you put a guy's dick in your mouth, Jack? You enjoy that sort of thing? I think thats some weird sh#t, man.

SEMPER FI ............ NIEL

Jack Flynn

Do I need to repeat myself Perp? Haven't you read the other threads? That is NOT Niel.

Jack Flynn

The post above on September 13, 2007 at 06:29 PM
was not mine. I'm getting tired of this.

Monica, when will you adopt log in procedures like on Huffington?

The perp has taken over the whole blog. I've had to buy a big Pitbull for home protection. The dog got mad and bit my wife on the tit. Now I have doctor bills up the Wazzoo. Are you going to help me pay for them, Monica? Huh??

Jack Flynn

That's udder nonsense Perp. If you had a wife, I doubt that she would have any teats.

By the way, Perp, that Pitbull? It is your unconscious coming up to bite you.

Jack Flynn

Okay Perp, let me get one thing straight with you. I do not sleep with a woman. My wife is in a wheel chair. She cannot have sex.

These days I choose to award my affections to pretty men who I meet in various gay bars in the Boston area. If anybody wants to meet me, they can usually find me at one of the following fine establishments:

Night Life/Bars and Clubs

47 Central
47 Central Avenue, Lynn, Massachusetts 01901, (781) 586-0551
The pub @ 47 Central opened its doors in March of 1999. Commonly called the "Gay Cheers of of the Northshore"

Fran's Place
776 Washington Street, Lynn, Massachusetts 01901, (781) 598-5618
The largest Nightclub/Sports Bar in Lynn - serving the G.L.B.T. community for over 68 years.

Friend's Landing
85 Water Street, Haverhill, Massachusetts, (978) 374-9400

Vision Nightclub
Route One North, Saugus, Massachusetts, (781) 231-4111
Nightclub is located just 15 minutes North of Boston and has a night to cater to everyone's clubbing needs and desires!

Aloha, fellas! .... See you there !!

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