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September 30, 2007


Jack Flynn

Yes! yes! yes! Get them to debate on your show, Monica. Two Titans debating, with the Titaness, Themis, moderating. It would be great.



Didn't see the shows, so can't comment on them.

With the dearth of substance and oratorical skills among the crop of midgets, (candidates), it should be refreshing and entertaining to see these two square off against each other.



Speaking of Clintons have a look at this new video.




If you translate mano a mano from Spanish to English you don't get man to man as so many people seem to think. You get hand by hand. Is that what you meant?!

Jack Flynn

Sooooo, Monica admits that Bill Clinton possesses a "towering" intellect. Of course he does, as does his wife, Hillary Clinton, our next President.
What is interesting here is that the Repubs, under the slimy tutorship of "Grigon Yefimovich" Morris, (alias), Dick Morris), originally wanted Hillary to be the Democratic candidate because they were certain they had a sure loser to run against in '08.
They had an arsenal of mud ready to sling, and with an unlimited supply of anti Hillary jokes, expected to turn her into an unelectable caricature—a “pin the tail on the donkey" scenario in which nobody would take her seriously.
It has all backfired and gone wrong for the "Know Nothing" party and they are now faced with a Goliath of a woman who has the brain, the organization and the "gelt" to leave them at the starting gate.
Their only hope now would be to recognize that their field of candidates is full of losers and to draft Newt Gingrich at the convention. He is their only chance, but lately the Repubs have been shooting themselves in the feet so much it is unlikely that they will recover quickly enough from their internal and external disarray to take the only chance they have in '08.

Go Hillary!


Mr. Flynn,

It is wiser not to set one's hopes too high, or to take anything for granted.
The higher you climb; the harder the fall.

Remember, Hillary doesn't have the charisma of her husband and, generally, she's not a very likeable person. Hardcore liberals and Democrats will support her, even if she were Jezebel. But she has yet to impress and convince those outside that ring.

The fiasco in Iraq has been one of the Democrats trump cards. Now that things are beginning to look up, they may lose that edge.
Another large-scale terrorist attack could be another factor.
Would America want Hillary, or a guy like Rudy to be in control them.

Fate and circumstances also play a role in these affairs so, I suppose, we'll just have to wait and see.

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