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September 22, 2007



This will be my only authentic post on this discussion thread!

Hillary's pictured gard definately becomes her personality. Of course she won't condemn the disgraceful moveon.org smear of General Petraeus - Why would she bite the hand (George Soros) that feeds her campaign contributions?

Had teachers at Virginia Tech packed guns, the killing spree on campus by that insane student, Cho, would have been stopped much earlier and lives would have been saved. Instead, insane liberals want to disarm us and repeal the second amendment right to bear arms. That way we will all be totally vulnerable to violence at the whim of criminals, terrorists, fascist campus police with taser guns, and ultimately the government.

Columbia University has become an anti-American institution of lower learning. They encourage their students to squelch free speech by shouting down speakers who support patriotism. Now they seek to provide the Iranian dictator and hitler of our time a platform to speak. The sumbag low-life criminal was part of the Iranian guard that kidnapped and held hostage innocent Americans for 444 days in the early 1980's. He openly called for the wiping of Israel off the face of the earth, the destruction of the United States.... He should immediately be taken prisoner, given a trial and executed. Free speech in an American citizen entitlement, not an entitlement of the Hitler of our time, the dictator of Iran! Anyone who thinks this is hate speech, is mentally disturbed and should seek help.


To make him as uncomfortable as possible, I agree with those who suggest that the secret service detail protecting the visiting Iranian dictator, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, should be entirely comprised of armed people of the Orthodox Jewish religion.

J. Pierpont Finch


Since some lurking here post under hijacked identities, this will be MY only authentic post on this discussion thread.

On today's program, I liked your analysis of Jesse Jackson's racist attack on Barrack Hussein Obamination where Jackson claimed that Obama was acting like a white person.

One could mention more negtive black role models in addition to those you mentioned today. On the other hand, there exists many positive black role models. Ohio Governor Ken Blackwell comes to mind.


Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice is another positive role model that comes to mind.

Jack Flynn

I see you have problems with trolling and spamming on this site. The solution is simple. Monica or the webmaster can activate comment registration.

From Typekey:

"Comment Registration with TypeKey
As a weblog author, you can require commenters to log in with a verified TypeKey account before posting to your site. This gives you more control over managing comments that have been posted, prevents anonymous junk comments and curbs other unwanted comments."


J. Pierpont Finch:

Sir, you are entirely welcome to use "�bamination," a neologism that gringoVision introduced on Monica's site months ago (when 'JOL'condemned it as being disrespectful of BHO.)
As for the delicate question of whether Mr. Obama is white enough or black enough, our analysts have come up with a solution to this racial dilemna, But despite it's being perfectly accurate, non-judgmental and wonderfully plain spoken, apparently no Republican---and that would include our Monica---will touch it:

"The Democrats' great half-white hope."

Posted by: gringoman | September 23, 2007 at 07:29 AM

J. Pierpont Finch


Nice to see you posting these parts again. We'll see how the new website security measures work - this will be interesting. Hopefully the black helicopters finally scooped up the perverse identify thief from moveon.schmuck.

As for Mr. Obamination, my concerns have nothing to do with his skin color. My biggest concern is his childhood upbringing in a Madrassa. In the middle of this war on imperial Islamofascism, it astounds me that this man is even considered a potential candidate. This seems to be the best new brand the Dems have. If the people, out of ingnorance or anger, ultimately vote him in; we are all in deep doo doo in my opinion. His nieve public utterances about the touchy Pakistan situation were really foolish.

Jack Flynn

From now on, when your cursor falls on the name, Jack Flynn, it will reveal the typekey ID "Jack 381". Any future legitimate post by Jack Flynn, will have that same typekey ID, "Jack 381". It cannot be faked.
A spammer, unfortunately can still steal a screen name, like, Jack Flynn, or any other, but they can't fake that ID. If it doesn't say, Jack 381, it is the spammer.
It will work for anyone who has had their name hijacked by the spammer.



Strange how some celebrities--who think they are gods and goddesses--would invoke the name of Jesus when they land in hot water.

As for Sharpton and Jackson, no need to elaborate on them. They demonstrate, in no uncertain terms, what they are, and what they represent.

As for the wizened and ugly Iranian, I say: if he wants to go to ground zero, let him go. The one stipulation is that he go there without guards.


An astute person observed that Ahmadinejad's principal reason for wanting to go to ground zero, is to lay the wreath in memory and reverence of those terrorist murderers who died thare.

Jack Flynn

The following is rather windy. I apologize for that but I need to say it.

Finally, they have the Typekey system on here, it should end much of the identity theft, and porno "trolling" "spamming" which has been going on.

One way to make it real easy to help people verify that the poster is for real, is to close our comments, (within the comment space provided) with our Typekey ID, like below.

It can be verified immediately by laying the cursor arrow on the blue colored post signature.
If the two IDs don't match, we know it is a phony post by an undesirable troll or spammer.

Of course it would still be possible for the spammer to make the effort to change the display name on a regular basis but unless he keeps separate accounts for each one, the Typekey ID will not change and cannot be changed by the holder of the account unless he dissolves the account completely, so it wouldn't do him much good.
In regard to display names, check the post above signed by "Jake the Snake". If you lay the cursor arrow on that signature, my typekey ID, (Jack 381), will show up because when I first registered for Typekey, it was in the midst of the war with the spammer. He had usurped my original screen name, (jol) and my real name and posted all sorts of disgusting and vile comments under those names, so I was going to use "Jake the Snake" as a screen name to get out of his line of fire for a while. I only used it once or twice, and accidentally above.
Should the perp see that as an opportunity, and tries to use "Jake the Snake" the Typekey ID will lead back to him/her rather than to "Jack 381".
On the other hand, the spammer could register and pick "Jack 382" as a Typekey ID and put Jack Flynn as the display name.
But I have already have the information posted and dated on this blog that "Jack 381" is the only and real Jack Flynn posting on here, so should anyone use that name or any variation of it, it will be an obvious phony.
Also, if something like that should happen, it is a violation of Typepad terms of agreement and should the spammer post the kind of pornographic character assassination and slander that he has been posting here, the law could easily be sent against him and Typepad would have to release email and IP addresses at the legitimate request of law enforcement.
The spammer can't take advantage of that either, because a legitimate complaint to Typepad requires verifiable proof, based on the postings here, so It would be a cinch for them to separate the perp from the good guys who want to post in peace.

Jack Flynn (Typekey ID: Jack 381)


Two remarks on 'Typekey Comes to MonicaMemo':

1. Upside: It probably delivers a much-needed slap-down of abuser(s) and identity theft, maybe not total, but running wild over Monica's site isn't likely to be what it used to be for the thought mugger(s).

2. Downside: The Typekey solution to blogostalkers, while useful and commendable, seems to eliminate one of the incentives for commenters to add content to someone's blog: i.e. the commenter's signature which automatically links to the commenter's site. This incentive encourages the blog-active. It also encourages them not to get pushy about their own sites, since their own are only an unobtrusive click away, in case the reader for any reason wants to go there. Call it the Higher Internet Etiquette. Or call it giving something to get something, which everybody knows about in the real world. Maybe. for some. such a welcoming feature doesn't matter, and maybe it won't affect the long-term "productivity" in Monica's Comments. Or maybe it will. I don't know if any studies have been done.

ps. I seem to dimly recall that Typekey can be adjusted for this signature problem, but maybe not. Maybe all you can get from Typekey is this pretty dead profile page that goes nowhere. (In this sense, Typekey is a turn-off.) Or maybe the webmaster can make an adjustment that would easily solve the problem. That would be up to Monica and him.

pps Or maybe it's already solved and I'm not awake enough yet to see it?

ppps: Wait! Hold everything. I just woke up (in a different time zone.) That happens. Embarrassment overload. Scrub all the above, everything (except the sensible parts.) I take it back. Really. I do.

Monica, congratulations! You and Webmaster are rocking. Your site just may have been liberated, at last.

pppps: Sorry, Hold everything again. Due to hassle posting this, I'm still not SURE if said problem has been solved ot not. A moment ago it looked like it was. Now it looks like maybe not.


There's the evidence (beneath my post above.) The old form allowed you to place url as signature link. This new form does not. Looks like I was awake enough after all.


Hey Gringo,

Are you always so wishy washy.:)
Interesting and informative info, though.

Typekey may offer a measure of protection but, as you should be aware, nothing is foolfproof, esp. in today's world.

Let's hope that we can carry on sane and civil discussions without the petty and immature distractions of the mockingbird (spammer).
We shouldn't take anything for granted, though. He's quite oily and devious.

Jack Flynn

Yes, in the former system you could place your URL as a signature link but that didn't stop the spammer from flashing my URL all over the place and setting it in an unflattering context.
As far as the profile page is concern, you can make that as interesting or non interesting as you choose. I intend to keep mine uninteresting, because it is the Typekey ID itself that is most important to users.
It took them six months to finally make this necessary change, so good luck in getting the Webmaster to change anything else. I don't think the baby has been thrown out with the bath here, and it will certainly greatly limit the spammer's ability to wreak havoc, as he has done for past six months with his character assassination, dirty language and disgusting porno material. His ID can now be easily traced back to him so he will be unable to put his foul words in other people's mouths which has been his modus operandi since all this started.

Typekey ID, "Jack 381"

Jack Flynn

You've got two hands tied behind your back, don't you perp. You've gotta be nice now with your brand new Typekey ID. It gives you the opportunity to come clean and tell the good people on here all the rotten things you've been doing for the last six months. It also gives you the opportunity, (which I'm sure you won't take), to clean up your mean spirited act and stop the personal insults and dirty language.
Soooo, I assume you will be posting as Charlie on a regular basis, huh, which should keep you at least partially civilized. You will probably take on several typekey IDs, but your syntax is unmistakable and you will be watched very closely by interested parties.

There is another possibility for you, spammer. You could move on and find some other vulnerable blog to gnaw at and try to bring down.
Why don't you perp? After all, you failed here.
You could take your bag of dirty tricks and make a fresh start on some unsuspecting blog where nobody knows you.

Keep it clean, Mooncloud.

Jack Flynn (Typekey ID, Jack 381)


Mr. Flynn,

If you are not the spammer, then I can understand why you've developed such a suscpcious complex.

FYI, I am not him. He's been using my name, as he has been doing yours and others, to make people think I was the lowlife moron that he is.
If you check back with the initial posts with my name, you'll find that they are civil and clean. After I realized what he was up to, I stopped posting here. Now that Typekey has been introduced, I've given it another try.
By attacking me, you're playing into his game. And he's obviously laughing his head off over it--as we make fools of ourselves.

J. Pierpont Finch

9/24/07 REPORT

Top Columbia journalism graduate to rip diploma up in protest over Columbia president using the first amendment as justification for inviting the Iranian dictator-terrorist to speak on campus




Mr Finch,

The Present administration of Columbia University doesn't appear to understand how the free market in our country works...Americans vote with their wallets and their feet. It is past time someone held up the mirror to those left leaning loons, running this University. This is what happens, in lots of Universities, the acedamia live in bubbles, and are out of touch with the rest of American Citizens. Columbia University's school colors, should be PINK...and being Pink, yes, they will probably run.

J. Pierpont Finch

To me, Mr. Ree (that rhymes), the most important issue is the giving of aid and comfort to the enemy during a time of war. For whatever the reason, they do not see that their very existance is in jeopardy if the dictator of Iran and the terrorist organizations they support worldwide have their way and destroy the USA and other Western countries they gradually infiltrate and seek to bring down and makeover as Islamic slaves.
These are nut cases worse their 7th century ancestors.

When a person says they are going to put a bomb in your mother;s house, whatdo you do? You put a bomb in his house first!

Jack Flynn

I remember having some civil discourse on here with a "Charlie". We seemed recognize that although we were at opposite ends of the political spectrum we could intelligently discuss issues, with a minimum of rancor. At one point, Charlie's posts abruptly changed to the salacious, accusing rhetoric of the spammer and I didn't see any protest by any other Charlie that his screen name had been hijacked. I thought that those more civil postings under "Charlie" were just another facet of his disorganized and fractured personality, that he indulged in from time to time.
It is possible that your protest took a more generic form against the anonymous spammer, himself. Some of Charlie's posts seemed to do just that.
At one point "Charlie" really threw me by accusing the spammer of being a liberal such and such, which is really strange because the spammer was obviously a far out right winger who despised my liberal position on issues. That is why he was intent on driving me from this blog, no matter what he had to do to accomplish it.
So, from here, it looks like we were both trolled over
by the spammer, along with Pete, Fred Klein, Mark Simons, possibly, Niel and others. I thought you were he and apparently you thought I was he. I did a lot of digging through the archives and I traced down most of his aliases, but I could have been wrong about you, as you were wrong about me.
There were some people working with me on the spammer's identity and had this blog not initiated the Typekey system we would have had him in a matter of weeks, anyway.
But whoever he may be, (and I don't give a dam anymore), I think the current Typekey system will keep him at bay.
So, if you are the genuine no spammer Charlie I would look forward to some spirited, but civil discussions. I will know that the Typekey ID "mooncloud" is the real Charlie as you can depend that "Jack 381" is the real Jack Flynn. The spammer's power has been anonymity and with the new system, he loses that advantage.
So let's you and I assume that you and I aren't the spammer and go from there. Frankly, if I were in your position, I might have thought that I was the spammer as well, because he was really good at twisting things around to make it appear that way, like accusing me of being an infiltrator from Moveon.org, ironically, an organization that is far too over the top for me in its actions.

So let's give each other the benefit of the doubt and move on, NOT move on.org.
I take back the reference to Charlie in the above post but still gear the heart of that message to the real spammer whom I am sure is still here, listening and planning his next move.
I will place a disclaimer under the same post, which I put up on another thread.

Jack (Typekey ID Jack 381)

Jack Flynn

"Anyone who thinks this is hate speech, is mentally disturbed and should seek help."

An interesting way to consider people who might disagree with you.
I think what you say is pretty hateful and the loony bin wagon is nowhere in sight. Maybe they just have too much to do, to bother with an "insane liberal" like myself who would do anything he could to keep guns out of YOUR hands.

As LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD might have said to the big bad wolf, "My, what huge and sweeping generalities you use Grandma."
BIG BAD WOLF: "All the better to mislead and deceive you with, my dear."
"But Grandma, I don't understand your 'support patriotism' tee shirt. Isn't that sort of like looking at an empty ice cream cone and saying, 'support jimmies?"
BIG BAD WOLF: "Get lost kid."

Jack Flynn

Hey Pete, don't you have a disclaimer here?

Jack (Typekey ID: Jack 381)

Jack Flynn

J. Pierpont Finch
What a great name.
I have a flat, harsh sounding name that I don't particularly like. It exudes intimidation and a caustic persona, one who wouldn't hesitate to punch another in the face. JACK FLYNN. See? harsh as hell. Now take
J. Pierpont Finch. It exudes sophistication, gall, control, orderliness, cleanliness, an intellectual or mental distance. . . patience and persistence—a man who knows himself.

It's all in a name, isn't it?



Thanks for clarifying this troublesome issue. He had us fooled for a time.

This guy is apparently operating under the aegis of Eris, the goddess of strife and discord.

With Typekey in place, maybe we should be able to carry on decent discussions now. But don't take anything for granted and let your guard down.


Jack Flynn

What better place to keep an eye on Ahmadinejad but here in America? To quote the "Godfather" "Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer."

)Typekey ID: Jack 381)

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