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September 25, 2007


J. Pierpont Finch

The customers of the Hollywood idiots Monica mentions and their ilk are the public who pay to seek or hear their work. From a business viewpoint, it's idiodic for these actors, writers, producers of art to take any political stand in the current polarized environment. WHY? There's a material chance that those who see world events differntly from their public displays of ignorance and hostility for the country that gave them the opportunity to succeed will be totally put off by their stink bombs and will resolve not to support them in the future by paying to see or hear their work. But why should anyone expect anything different from an idiot.

Some of this stupidity is genetic. Take Sean Pennsky. I understand that his dad was a big time communist sypathizer. Add drugs to the mix and the brain chemistry changes. You get the metally disordered Red Diapor Doper Babies from the 1960's to today.

What a world! Makes you wonder how many in congress are or have ever been on drugs. That's why I'm for manditory drug testing of all current senators and congressman and those canditates running for office.


It's a blood pact: As long as you keep body counts up, we will give you media coverage and a forum to express your views.

Even if unintentional, there is a ghoulish focus by the media on how many are killed each day in Iraq. The president of Iran seems pleased to supply them something to focus on.

In this context his idiotic statements and non-responses are not cute or humorous. They are intended to subvert the rule of law. In my opinion, they do not qualify as protected speech under our constitution, and gives the false impression that any speech at any time deserves to be protected (especially, if it doesn't deserve to be heard!).

Jack Flynn

I disagree with virtually everything you say above, Pierpont, except for the drug testing in Congress. I say yea to that. Yea!
I wonder how many of them would go running to their wives husbands and kids to pee in a cup for them.
I can see Orrin Hatch now, grimacing righteously as he tinkles. And Lieberman tossing it off disinterestedly, as though he hadn't been asked.

While we're at it, how about drug and alcohol testing for Monica, the webmaster and the administrators of Monicamemo.com. I say yea to that too. Yea!

Can you imagine what the results would have been had they tested the Carter Whitehouse? In those days, Pennsylvania Avenue was flooded with Marajuana buds, and joints dangled merrily from the Christmas tree.

(Typekey ID: (Jack 381)

Jack Flynn

Gross generalizations Monica. When you can't get one, (Hillary), get em all, huh? Each time you do it, you are only aiding and abetting the Democrats in '08.

Typekey ID: (Jack 381)



The tactic of Revolutionary Defeatism dates back to Lenin. We should view the actions of those on the far left with that tactic in mind.

Communist live in a fantasy world where the ultimate N word is Nationalism. It is viewed as a primitive sign of stupidity by the far left. The far left attempts to erase nationality in the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia ended up in disasters.


Speaking of taking action against the People's Social Deviants, it appears Monica has done a job, at last, of re-claiming her site from Identity Theft. One remaining problem, as previously mentioned, is that the Typekey set-up seems to do away with the commenter's privilege of using his signatrure as link to another site.

However, that problem,(a breach of Internet etiquette) I will now confirm, can be solved easily (provided Monica and Webmaster choose to solve it.) Here's how.

Do the regular Typekey sign-in. However, when signing in, there is also a field (optional) to enter URL. Voila! You have signed in via Typekey, but your signature will work (optional) as link to another site.

If anyone needs evidence, go to Debbie Schlussel's site and see how the Typekey sign-in works. It's very plain and very simple, which is how the sharp of mind work. And you can guess what would happen to any ID thief who was bold enough to try to mess with right-wing Attorney Debbie Schlussel's site. Let's not go there. Some things you don't wish even on a "progressive" Identity Thief.


"You never miss the water till the well runs dry."

Ingratitude is one of the worst sins.
The US has its faults, and they are many, but it is still one of the best countries in this world.
The time may come when the idiots here who try to tear it down, will rue the day they ever spoke ill against it.
Reminds me of the Menendez Brothers who killed their parents. Those creeps had everything that the average child hasn't, yet they weren't satisfied.
You don't bite the hand that feeds you.

Dissent has its role, but when it becomes paranoid, irrational, and hateful, then it becomes dangerous.



I wish Imus was back on the Air I do miss his coverage of all these events. This is a link to the special on the Imus Ranch for children with cancer and blood disorders. There are people who are feeling really proud of themselves over the firing of Don Imus. Media Matters now setting it's sights on Bill O'Reilly, I noticed you were on his program the Factor Monday evening. Which brings us back to the "Left" when Senator Hillary Clinton took credit for establishing Media Matters at a Daily Kos convention.

Don Imus the Boogey Man? NO- Media Matters just what MESSAGE do Americans need Monitored, that they can't HEAR and decide for themselves? Thank God for the Internet...New Tech is going to trump Old Tech.


Jack Flynn

You can simply paste your URL under your comment like this and you have your link in there:


TypekeyID: (Jack 381)

Jack Flynn

These are my thoughts about Don Imus:


TypekeyID: (Jack 381)



Is this a back door into the Fairness Doctrine? they are using Imus again for an excuse to clean up the airwaves, who asked them to? Not Me that is what the FCC is for. We do not need the un elected or un appointed Morals Police-Speech Police to decide what AMERICANS get to listen to.

Abt 6 months ago Media Matters targeted Don Imus, this week they targeted Bill O'Reilly. I have a problem with any orginazation deciding what they think I should and shouldn't hear.


Jack Flynn

Don't be picky Gringoman. You can't have all the bells and whistles all the time.
Like when I installed an application, I had to give up the visual ink level monitor for my printer.
Very inconvenient.



Jack Flynn,

Thanks for the suggestion. My problem with it: Why should a smart, with-it blog compel its blogexually active commenters to go klunky and slap a url at the bottom of their posts? Why, when it can be done neatly, as a signature, instead of like a pushy klutz?

You call this "picky." Others call it new tech. In a different era it would be called elegant, even tasteful. Once upon a time it might even be called 'discriminating,' until that became a dirty word in PC Land

There's nothing more to argue about, anyway. This is not about "bells and whistles." In fact this is about dumping the Microsoft-like un-wanted and getting down to simple brass tacks. Don't try to make the simple complicated, Jack. It's no good in politics or tech. Those who know, are doing. I cited just one crystal clear example---the smart way to use Typekey at www.debbieschlussel.com. And Debbie's not even a rocket scientist, despite the solid fuel delivery.

Of course, If Monica really wants her commenters to have no alternative but the deadly bore of 'Typekey Profile,' well, who is to turn Monica's head? There will always be some commenters who prefer that Typekey wasteland. They don't have to disclose their reasons.

Jack Flynn

Yes, I agree GM. Just joking about "picky" and "bells and whistles".
It took them six months to deal with the spamming/ident theft problem, and it is unlikely that they will go in the direction you suggest i.e. utilizing the example of Schlussel's site, because if people go messing around that site, it might turn out to be a double edged sword, for Monica, if you catch my drift. Interesting that you say I make the simple more complicated. I usually get accused of making the complicated too simple.


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