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September 11, 2007


Jack Flynn

The primary reason for the deaths of five thousand Americans, (including contractors), and the maiming and mutilation of twenty five thousand more, is that we have invaded and occupied the Nation of Iraq and they don't want us there.
If they had invaded our country, how many more of them would we have killed?
Even without them invading America, under our Commander and Chief, GWB the younger, the USA is responsible for the deaths of over 100,000 Iraqi men women and children and the destruction of their homes, infrastructure and livelihood.

What does all of that have to do with 9/11?

Absolutely nothing. . .

unless you happen to share the abstract connection that resides in the minds of GWB and the well meaning fools and racist hate mongers who continue to support and sanction his apocalyptic version of freedom.

The War in Iraq does not promote freedom. It promotes death and destruction.
As a national policy, it is Evil, masquerading as Good.
We, as individuals, can choose to be part of it, or not.
History and our great great grandchildren will make the final judgment, unless God beats them to it.

Jack Flynn

We are in Iraq. I mean you, us, all of us are responsible for it, not just George Bush. We are Americans. America is waging war in Iraq in our name. Jack Flynn caused the war, Harry Feeney caused it. So did Ann Catherway. How about the kids? Are they complicit? Yes.
If Iraqi kids are being bombed, shot and set fire, American kids can speak out against that bad s#it happening, can’t they? What ever happened to pen pals? Kids know what’s bad much better than adults. That’s why adults don’t want to listen to them.
And almost universally, kids hate war.
They think war is BAD.

So what did we Demorats do about it?
We kissed George Bush’s #ss and wrote him a blank one.
We chose and voted for the wrong man.
Or we picked the right man but didn’t fight for him.
We have to defend that part of our candidate that looks weak or soft.
We have to defend his or her wimpishness—explain what it is, isn’t, or really is.
Because everybody has a wimp side—the part most liked or disliked by other people that people recognize in themselves and vote against or for. The wimp in Kerry, for example, took the form of shyness. Unfortunately for him and possibly the Country, his shyness was interpreted by people as reticence. Possibly, in spite of his war record, as cowardice.

What is a wimp? Someone who prefers not to fight?
Someone who won’t take a chance?
A grown man reading Little LuLu comics?

I remember Little LuLu. Thought her little white ruffles were sexy, though I didn’t know what sexy was.
It was the word that got me. The word sexy was sexy.
The word sex was extremely sexual. Just seeing or hearing the word, caused vibrations in my abdomen.

Take the word WAR. Does that cause vibrations in your abdomen?
If it does, you are one sick, childish, son of a bitch!

I know. I was too but I got over it.

I remember getting those same vibrations watching the bombs fall over Baghdad. I think at that time, in my heart, I thanked George Bush for bringing me this wonderful spectacle.

You see, I was still reacting as a child does to fireworks.

It was all a fucking game. I loved the idea of death and destruction
Just as long as it didn’t land in my armchair.

I didn’t think of the insignificant janitor on the night shift in Saddam’s castle, how the first bombs tore his body into fiery pieces.

His wife and kids were safely at home and he was just doing his job, like those people in the Twin Towers, and all of us, each day.

I ate it up, kept wanting bigger and bigger bombs to fall. It was the most exciting event in my life in years. Bigger than the Red Sox, the NFL and Tiger Woods.

When did I get over it? How did I get over it?

I started imagining people living their daily lives the day before the bombs started raining down. People walking along the side walk, visiting stores, restaurants, barbershops and generally going about their daily business, like the people in any city in the U.S.
They began to feel real to me. Kids trotting to school, playing soccer, vendors hawking, people praying in houses of worship, people reading in parks, taking busses, going to work, coming home from work.

And suddenly, from the skies, came fiery bombs destruction and death.

I could not abide that any more.
Too many victims. Not worth any goal.

It was the wrong path.
Complicit as I was,
For the first time in my life, I consciously rejected war or the threat of war as the right tool in negotiation or as a solution to any international political problem.

When people get together, friends or enemies, after a time, they reveal their humanness to one another. Whether they are Dictators, Prime Ministers, Kings, Presidents, or Premiers, their little human facets unfold to the others and the more they tumble out the more difficult it becomes to think of beheading them or dropping five hundred pound bombs on them.

As an example of a missed opportunity, take Kim Jong.
Shortly after George Bush took office, he could have invited Kim Jong to Crawford, showed him a rodeo, and watched High Noon and Shane with him. Kim Jong loves old westerns and is fascinated by the American West. He loves to watch John Wayne movies
George Bush could have developed a relationship with him overnight and I would bet that from that time on, Kim Jong would have acted much differently in world affairs.

It is called the personal, inclusive approach and is at the heart of American business and social life.

But can we do that with people from the Middle East?

We will never know unless we begin congregating and gathering in rooms and back yards with them—upfront and personal encounters in which nothing is demanded, nothing expected—a barbecue George. I said a barbecue—at the ranch.

No George, not barbecue Iraq. A barbecue in your back yard, for God’s sake. For Kim Jong!

Use the only gift that God gave you George, your likable personality.

Think about it George.

Ronald Reagan did it, didn’t he?

They called it diplomacy.

Jack Flynn

My biggest contribution in life is all the sperm I donated to my bathroom sink. If I wasn't such a deranged loon I would have something else to say besides who sells the best beer in Boston and why my life is so empty. If it wasn't for the perps on this site, I would have nobody to talk to besides you, Monica. And you never answer me. What is it, my breath or because I'm nuts? Be honest.

One other thing, Monica. I like Black men the best. Once you go black, you never go back.

Jack Flynn

Monica, I have a problem. When nobody is here to fight with me, I have to make up an imaginary enemy then defeat him with loads of fake names and imaginary bullshit. Nobody else is posting on your site except me and my fake names because I drove them all away. This is what I like to think of as Gravitas. Perhaps I could use a psychiatrist. Can you recommend anybody good? Don't say Jill, that's one of my names. I don't want people to know I dress up as a woman but I'm just an ugly crossdresser in cheap nylons. My wife thinks I am nuts and she's probably right. Now excuse me, I have to go jerkoff in the sink while I dream of Larry Craig tapping his foot in the stall next to me. -- Booyah!


Monica why do you allow fags like Jack on this site? Its UnAmerican.

SEMPER FI ............ NIEL


Dear Monica

I object to some of the comments on this board. In particular those of Jack Flynn who seems to be a bigot and a homophobe. If you do not stop his constant degrading sexual references to gay men, I will be reporting this blog to the ACLU and ACT UP.

Jack Flynn

Hey Red, you misunderstand. I LOVE gay men. Some of my best friends are gay. My closest buddy as a teenager was gay. That was when I had my first homosexual experience. I've said many times, being gay is something I shout from the roof tops. Its the real me. I don't ever put it down. And I am now quite good at my oral skills. I haven't gagged on any trouser meat for years. The more the merrier I always say. You shouldn't feel I am casting any degradation on your social group. I consider myself one of the liberated, fella. I wish you were over here right now cause I would show you. heh heh -- If you are ever up in the Salem, MA area, give me a shout. Hit me up, Boy ! I'll give you something you won't forget and never regret -- That goes for the rest of you well hung studs. Just give me a call on the Bat Phone. You know where to find me. -- Booyah !!



Hey Twinkles,
Nobody wants to hear about your kinky perversions or how you like it. Alright??
Save it for the subway bathroom..........

SEMPER FI ................NIEL

Jack Flynn

I posted the first two pieces on this thread and, excepting this one, no more. The disgusting homophobic stuff is the anonymous perp/spammer who continues to attach my name to his sick thoughts.


Hey Jack, Niel here, its Easy to Quit Your writing ability and heart felt words on you blog was definetly
worth reading I walk a line in the center as I think most poeple do. Ive seen these bombs explode up close they are more amazing than on tv but when sifting thru the rubble and finding not the enemy but peices of so called Collateral damage it does something to your insides, as they say there are no athiests in a fox hole. Humans can be the most Evil Destructive and basically REtched creatchers on earth, but yet we are capable of unbridled love, compassion, and Goodness
its GREED and non thinking, anger. That causes all misery on this beautiful globe we call home. God is in all of us we know right from wrong.We all are prabably guilty of ignoring that one time or another. The truth lies in your guts, your brain, and faith. if those things are not considered before a rash decision we are left with the misery that weve lived with since the murder of JFK. on another note know that I did not post anything on this page but this blog....NIEL...SEMPER..FI.. and God bless my Brothers and sisters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Attn: Webmaster it apears its Niel, Jack, Then the perp on this page find him before its just the spammer
left please. Niel....SEMPER...FI

Jack Flynn

I am not a quitter and neither are you, Niel. I now realize that he has been usurping your name too, so try to disclaim it each time he does it, (like you did above), and I will continue to do the same.
He has stolen the identity and slandered numerous posters, including you, me, Fred Klein, Pete and many first time posters as well.
What he is posting on here is clearly pornographic and should not be allowed.
This is a conservative site and it reveals the disorganization rampart in its ranks when they cannot control a lone spammer and identity thief.

That conservatives would allow a mentally disturbed individual, who knows no civil boundaries and consistently violates even the most elemental rules of public discourse and decency, to take over and ruin a blog, ostensibly run by one of their premier advocates in the national media, Monica Crowley, is incomprehensible.
I would like to say, unforgivable, but I have no idea why Monica and/or her people allow such goings on to occur and continue.

Jack Flynn

Your words are truthful and deeply sincere. They denote great faith and real experience in life and war, (out of the horses mouth, as they say). If everyone grasped the meaning of those words, (which are more than just words), the planet would be a "war free zone".
Thank you my friend,


10/4 copy that dont let one or 100 jerks ruin it for all of us!>....Niel...Semper..FI.

Jack Flynn

How is it that Arianna Huffington can control her blog and you can't control yours?

Jack Flynn

Are you trying to do this on the cheap?
Can't you afford the safeguards that set up a "log-in" system that prevents identity theft and pornographic spammers?

Why don't you call Arianna and ask her how she does it.


Should be Easy, Possibly the (in charge) webmaster or peroxide herself, (not likely) posts the terrible things in each bloggers name. go back to the tantrum about Brittiny the millionare, just a hunch..NIEL..SEMPER..FI...


Anne Coulter as much as I despise her state of mind or arrianna huffington for that matter. I believe They believe that in the beginning They were opining
and belived, Then a buck starts rollin in, then more and more outragous comments, Book Deals and cash for
showing up, Talent or not just in the case of Brittany
or Madge or stevie nicks, Bo Dereck, Beauty all of the above have the Physical aspects, but are they deep enough too let they're Light shine. The almighty$
dictates what they believe, if Im wrong its not my place to judge. We Shall se if the red states and Deibolt, continue to operate Buisinous, as usuall!

Jack Flynn

I don't think it's Monica Niel. Apparently, she is so high in her cloud, (syndicated media star), she doesn't touch upon this level.
Her posts are probably automatically entered by robots or a member of her staff and she goes on her merry way, oblivious of the pornographic spammer we have to contend with on here. For now, all we can do is try to fend the spammer off by countering his dirt with disclaimers and when he posts using our names, tell people the truth about him. It is difficult because he often posts as us and complains about the perp/spammer as well, but hopefully the truth will out in time.
The possible irony here is that when they finally do decide to do something about it, they will only take a cursory look at the blog, and toss out you and I. Then the spammer wins. All he has to do is lay low for a while and it will look like we have been the spammers all along. This is what the spammer is shooting for, I believe.
In spite of that, we trudge on.


I just checked out jerry Doyle and he was quoting charlie danials in his own way, about I Quote Charlie"We may do a little Fightin amongst our selves but you outside people best leave us alone,cause we'll all stick together and you can take that too the bank


Now AKA mike savage is Quoting the bible while he irrevently disrespects a caller about google The DEVIL
inside is winning a battle waged on our Airwaves and internet. Niel...God Bless all specially the ones lost....SEMPER...FI...

Jack Flynn

To all, or anyone who is left, (no pun intended).

I am a pretty outspoken liberal and have never been altogether comfortable on this blog, even without the spammer. I knew that I was not particularly welcome here but I continued to say what I believed needed to be said. Actually, I would have been mostly on my way months ago but for my good name being usurped and dragged through the mud by the anonymous perp/spammer, which forced me to join the battle here. I truly hope they do catch up with him soon and send him on his way, so that I can go back to my more liberal leaning blogs, (not Moveon.org). I would like to just pop in here occasionally, under my original screen name, Jol, as I was wont to do in the past, but that is not possible right now, because the spammer made that screen name unusable by posting rot under it, then found out my real name from my blog and began posting homophobic and pornographic material under it.
So, if any of you conservative posters out there who are tired of my liberal crap want me to take a hike, just help me disarm the spammer and I will be out of here in short order like the Lone Ranger. You could kill two birds with one stone. How about it?
Surrrrrrre you will. And surrrrrre I will. "wink"

Can't say I've lost my sense of humor yet, can you?

Of course I would post some, but certainly not every d#mned day and night, for God's sake.


Jack as i said earlier this salvage dood is almost unbelievable talking religion in a twisted point of view; I believe that orginized religion no matter what denomination has caused every attrocity ever
concieved on our beautiful world. That is man,(Human)
interpretation, of what one thinks the good book,
can do to further they're cause, Be it Money, another
type of human that is smarter, or maybe luckier, or
hold more land, or uglier, or weaker or stronger. Name it and There is some crazy orginazation using the Bible to make it OK. Its tragic, and The Lord
I hope will hold us all accountable, as I was taught
Irish Catholic. which Im opening myself up but I have strayed from some of those beliefs, Alot as a matter of fact, and not to mention Roman Catholic which was the only school available in my hood, My father worked very hard to send me to a perocial school for the first 8 years and i believe God should have a place in all schools just not in detail, the basics will suffice. 10 commandments. Also the Science known to man now. Then our children can make a decision based on what was instilled in them at birth. That we are not alone, no matter how it may seem during the trials of life, Which is exactly what they are, tests
of our belief in self, and God. Niel...Semper..Fi

Jack Flynn

You are an independent thinker with profound spiritual insight, which is rare these days.

I too sprouted from an Irish Catholic background.

After reading many many books in my late teens, I broke with my roots, left college and my hometown girlfriend behind, hitched a ride on a truck and headed west. I'll never forget the rush I got crossing the Mississippi for the first time, across the mighty steel bridge connecting St Louis with East St. Louis, thinking of Mark Twain, Tom Sawyer and riverboats. It was at that point that I realized that there was no going back. I had left the familiar behind and was heading into the unknown. For the better part of ten years I criss-crossed the country, but was always on the quest, looking for answers to what it was all about. Got into Yoga for a few years, drove cab in the big city and did my share of carousing and carrying on.
As far as religion goes, there has been enough guidance written down to fill anyone's life, Christ, Buddah, Krishna, Krishnamurti and many others.
But it was always personal contacts that woke me up and got my mind and/or conscience working again. I was learning to be humanized and didn't know it.
I remember at one low point, seriously intending a leap from the Golden Gate bridge, a complete stranger, a woman, took me aside. She said, if you just hang on for a few more days you will be all right. I latched on to those comforting words like the life preserver they were. The night passed, the bridge is still there and likewise I. That, I cannot describe in any other terms but a spiritual experience.
When I got too high or too low on myself and my life needed a correction, the right person always seemed to come along to knock me down a peg or two, or help lift me up. I have been very fortunate. I am grateful, because some reach the edge of the cliff and no hand is there. They fall. The other times, when we seem alone, the earth and sky are always there.
When you find yourself waiting ten or twelve hours by the side of the road, baking in the hot sun, or shivering in the freezing snow or rain, waiting for a ride, you get a lot of time to think and ponder.
But even as a kid, I knew that I was part of all that was. I learned it from watching clouds moving across the blue sky, stars glimmering in the night sky, night turning into day, leaves tumbling from the trees in the fall, and finding their way back in the early spring.
I learned that the natural condition in the cosmos is darkness, but there is light smack in the middle of that darkness, light that all living creatures are part of—light that cannot be taken away, even in death, which to my mind is only a movement onto the next square.
Like you said, Niel, maybe I'm opening myself up too much here, but what the hell, it's a shootin' gallery out there anyhow, no matter where we turn.
Take care,

Jack Flynn

Niel .. you know, talking to you like this has made me feel very close to you. I've never had a chance to share so many things that are so near to my heart and my path. I do not know if you ever considered being with a man. But I hope you don't think it forward of me to suggest we meet soon and talk about this. I guess I should not beat around the bush. .. I think I have feelings for you. And these have grown stronger over time. Each day I look for your new post and I feel so good when I know you are around to support me. I was thinking about you the other day when I laid in bed. I had such a big erection thinking about your strong musculature and confident spirit. Do you think you might let me show you how I really feel about you, in private? I just cannot hold back anymore. I am deeply in love with you Niel. I want you next to me where I can touch you all the days of my life. I know you are thinking, what about my wife? Well, she will just have to understand. This is the lifestyle we have chosen. To be free. To be me. To let my freak flag fly! Oh Niel, come to me now and let me taste your love.

Jack xxooxx


You never did seem that manly to me. Maybe you were in the Arts or something? Anyway, I don't feel comfortable being friends with a gay man. Its okay for some, but its just not something I am comfortable hanging with. So, I am glad you came clean. I have to confess, I've been wondering why you always would talk to me so much. I did feel you were hitting on me sometimes and pandering to my viewpoint, maybe to gain my approval. Now my suspicions are confirmed. This turns my stomach for you to tell me you are gay, Jack. I mean, I wanted to know the truth -- but this just turns my stomach. How do you put a guy's dick in your mouth, Jack? You enjoy this sort of thing? Why are you a cum eater, Jack?

I think this is some weird sh#t, man. .... SEMPER FI ............ NIEL


Hey Niel -- I always knew he was a Fag! Goddamn SOBs are all the same
Back in the Navy we woulda ripped this puke a new one

Jack Flynn

Niel and Pete,
I'm very disappointed in the both of you. I did not expect such bigotry toward my example of genuine love directed at another human being. I'm sure Monica would not approve of such an outright intolerant and parochial response among her bloggers. I'm both shocked and deeply hurt. Not even the black men I've met have acted this way toward my innocuous advances. I'm simply trying to establish a level of intimate social intercourse with open minded men on this site. I fail to see how what I have communicated has harmed anyone. Niel should feel special that someone out here cares about him so deeply. I only wanted to validate our close relationship with the caring expressions that two men would want to spontaneously share. But I do not wish to cause a problem over this and so will only bring this up again if I can no longer contain my emotions. Otherwise I will try to avoid pushing this subject to the forefront, best as I can. Sincerely, Jack

The Gregster


I believe this Jack Flynn character is ruining your site. Please do something about him or we will be forced to find another conservative blog for our business.



The last posts are a cry for Help from a sad closeted homosexual. he posts in my and Mr. Flynns name, sad little fella ort to get real with himself, He the perp or spammer may not be dangerous yet, but give it time if not checked this un balanced individual has no Identity therfore uses what name can be stolen from this site, Monica you have all Ipo addresses and e mail address' the child that posts under all names is begging for your help, NO CHILD left behind is the policy you back, Make it so get this individual the help he or she needs before some harid thing happens later that is fore warned here. obsesion with homo sexual culture is indeed this persons MO, nothing to
do about that. but the disruption that is imposed is sad for your site and the few left posting its not that difficult to see, I hope and pray that as an American that does influence people as you do will take the proper steps. I started posting here because a little that you said made a twinge of sense I dont post on many blogs and dont care to. Honest oppinions
based on ones belief posted under whatever name is chosen mine is the real deal. NIEL and I would like to keep it that way so if someone postes under that name which does not match my E mail, Its spam dont ya see? with respect for you and your people Get THE FUX

Jack Flynn

Needless to say, the last five posts with the homophobic and racist ranting are the five faces of the deranged crackpot perp/spammer again. He is using Niel's name, Pete's name, my name, and Greg, a new alias.

Note: If you are trying to get me angry Perp, it won't work, because I have worked with psychotic patients for like yourself in the past, and a few were in worse shape than yourself. You are not fooling me, nor anyone else on this blog. Your inner rage and your fear of, and obsession with, homosexuality, will lead you to the brink, where suicide will be your only option if you don't seek help soon, and I mean soon.
Think about it Perp. Except for this blog, and perhaps a few hours with relatives, (who have to put up with you), on Sunday afternoons, you are isolated from human contact, totally alone, and utterly incapable of forming even minimal relationships with others. You live with anger and depression every moment of your life, and get no relief until you vomit your desires and fears onto this blog. It is all you have and you are willing to fight to the death over it. Are you Perp? Are you willing to fight to your death? Because that is where you are heading.

By the way Perp, if you aren't with relatives on Sunday afternoons, what do you do, visit graveyards and and engage the undead in conversation,(Webster's 3rd definition of the word, conversation)?

Jack Flynn

Correction. The post just above mine is the real, stand up dude, Niel, who speaks the truth.

Mark Simons


Jack Flynn is the only psychopath on this site. Imagine a left wing kook coming here under so many names like Niel and others then pretending HE is the normal one? Everybody knows he is a fag and a drunk. That was proven long ago. I can't tell you how many times he tried to get me to engage in homosexual relations. Its enough to make you wonder what kind of childhood he must have had with all the leather strap beatings and evenings sent to bed with no dinner. My sister is a psychiatrist in NYC and she says Jack Flynn is a Ticking Timebomb. The longer he goes without therapy, the more intense the reaction when he finally goes off. Monica, it is your responsibility to ensure that this poor sick individual is placed somewhere he cannot harm others. I commend the person who posted Jack's information the other day. This will make it easier for this lost soul to be found by the authorities. Also, Monica, I wanted to ask you did the webmaster locate Jack's internet protocol address yet? My roommate from MIT is a hacker for law enforcement and he would be happy to help you find Jack's hiding place so that he can get the medicine he so sorely needs. Just drop us a line at the attached email address. Whatever we can do.

Jack Flynn

Get thee to a nunnery Sybil.

Jack Flynn

Don't your neighbors get upset when you walk back and forth for hours in your room late at night talking to your selves?


Keep up the great work Monica! Looking forward to this weekend's shows!

ps. Some sites for your listeners...



Hey Jack Keep up the Good fight im sure you now Know the diff. Keep Cool Fight to the death might be alittle Extreme could getya into trouble. Be cool Niel...Semper...FI


Hey Niel, why don't quit sucking Jack's dick so much on here?

Jack Flynn


Your language is below conservative standards.
You are hereby banned from human discourse for the rest of your unnatural life.


Hey Jack, the fag bar is on the phone for you. They want back that Salami and Keilbasi you stole from their azz training room. You flippin' Thief !!

Friends of a Friend

To whom it may concern. We are very patient here in Massachusetts. But we look after our friends and do not appreciate certain actions that have been taken here against an associate. Desist. You will receive no further notice, sir.

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