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September 10, 2007



Talk about poroxide blondes, Monica your yourning for Your lime lite stage of ditsy blonds in politics, you havent written anything worth while may a blog this week in paticular that shows your jelousey for stardom
it aint gonna happen, Blanch is long gone I think you might meen stevie Nicks to try to be younger than your self..... if you have a political blog besides jelousy for a young finacial winner post it , If not
your lameness showes through, as well as your jelousy
stick to points of fact, your not a LA critic you dont get paid for that leave it alone! Madge is your girl God bless you. dont think Madge speaks politacally. But that shows your aging weakness.... NIEL.....sempr...FI



YOU could be a phenomenal role model for younger women. I'm quite impressed with your educational background and your experience working with Richard Nixon. Would you share your thoughts about the Nixon administration with us sometime?

I do have to say that I feel sorry for Lindsey Lohan. I saw her in the movie A PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION and I thought she was very talented. Garrison Keillor was great with her. Lindsey just turned 21 years old and I don't think she is getting enough parental support. I say ship her out to Minnesota and have her work on Garrison's radio show for a couple of months.

Jack Flynn

Britney, YAWN.
Madonna has a vivid and creative imagination. She is highly disciplined and consciously employs fantasy to evoke and provoke. More a role model for adults of her own generation, than kids, her rebellion was against puritanical societal mores and the unnatural suppression of natural human tendencies and desires, rather than "tearing down" for its own sake.
Britney, on the other hand, is a child of chaos, and unless Orpheus turns up to retrieve her, (unlikely), she will continue to cavort in the darker regions and be at the mercy of the voracious and unforgivable media. More sad than anything else.


Poor Britney. At this rate could she even inspire some heart-felt misogyny?

gringoman.com, On the road never taken, (according to Bob's Blogodex).


WHILE THE WASHED UP WHITE TRASH SLUT DANCES and gets widespread unwarranted public exposure enabled by the perverts in the media,



Monday, September 10, 2007 8:02 PM

Author: Ronald Kessler Article Font Size

Six years after 9/11, we have not had another attack. But it’s not for lack of trying: While Democrats insist the war on terror is a Bush administration gimmick, every few months the FBI rolls up another terrorist plot. Since 9/11, the FBI and CIA have nabbed more than 5,000 terrorists worldwide.

No book has done better in outlining what new challenges we face, and how we should confront them, than Norman Podhoretz's “World War IV: The Long Struggle Against Islamofascism," which is being published this week. [Get your copy of this book Click Here Now.]

By referring to the current war as World War IV, Podhoretz, a former editor in chief of Commentary magazine, underscores its importance and places it in context. Indeed, the threat from al-Qaida is greater than the threats we faced in previous wars — World War I, World War II, and the Cold War. That’s because al-Qaida is intent on acquiring nuclear weapons. Unlike the old Soviet Union, it has no assets to protect and doesn’t care if its members are killed.

The outcome of World War IV is still in doubt — not because we don’t have the capability to defeat terrorists but because our effort is being undermined by our own people and the “defeat industry,” as writer Amir Taheri has put it.

‘We might go forward to victory, or, God forbid, we might lose,” Podhoretz tells me. “The stakes are nothing less than the survival of Western civilization, to the extent that Western civilization still exists, because half of it seems to be committing suicide.”

During World War II, even pacifists and isolationists who had opposed U.S. entry into the war signed on after Pearl Harbor.

“The nation during that war was willing to give great latitude to Franklin Roosevelt and to Winston Churchill, who made horrendous mistakes that cost hundreds of thousands of lives,” Podhoretz notes. “These were mistakes that make mistakes charged to the Bush administration look like chump change.”

So far, close to 3,800 American soldiers have been killed in Iraq.

“Well, almost twice as many as that were lost in a single day on D-Day in World War II,” Podhoretz says. “We lost over 30,000 in Korea and close to 60,000 in Vietnam and 400,000 in World War II.”

Podhoretz points out that the left with its “negative faith in America the ugly” began demonizing the U.S. when the twin towers were still smoldering.

“No sooner had the twin towers been toppled and the Pentagon smashed than a fierce competition began for the gold in the anti-American Olympics,” Podhoretz writes. “Susan Sontag seized an early lead in this contest with a piece in which she asserted that 9/11 was an attack “‘undertaken as a consequence of specific American alliances and actions.’”

While slow out of the starting gate, Norman Mailer “came up strong on the inside,” Podhoretz says. Mailer compared the twin towers to “two huge buck teeth” and pronounced the ruins at ground zero “more beautiful than the buildings were.”

Mailer went on to denounce “our cultural oppressors and aesthetic oppressors.”

Of what did this oppression consist? It consisted of our establishing “enclaves of our food out there, like McDonald’s” and putting “our high-rise buildings around the airports of even “the meanest, scummiest capital[s] in the world.”

For these “horrendous crimes,” Podhoretz writes, “we had, on 9/11, received a measure — and only a small measure at that — of our just deserts.”

As for the Iraq war, Podhoretz lists statements from every Democrat from Hillary Clinton, Carl Levin, and Harry Reid to Al Gore, John Kerry, and Edward M. Kennedy supporting Bush’s decision to go after Saddam Hussein because he was believed to have WMD. Podhoretz takes on the right as well, harpooning Bush administration critics like Pat Buchanan.

Podhoretz outlines how important the Bush Doctrine has been in combating terrorism. He broadly defines that doctrine as including not only Bush’s statement that any country that harbors a terrorist will be considered a terrorist country but Bush’s proactive approach in going after terrorism.

Comparing Bush with Harry Truman, Podhoretz tells me, “When Truman left office, his approval ratings were even lower than Bush’s. He’s now looked upon as a great president by almost everyone. And the reason is that he was the one who recognized the Soviet threat when many others were pooh-poohing it, and who also designed a strategy for meeting it.”

Podhoretz thinks the same transformation will occur with Bush.

“What makes him, in my eyes, a great president is exactly what made Truman a great president,” Podhoretz says. “Bush recognized the threat of Islamofascism for what it is, mainly a new totalitarian challenge to our civilization similar to that of Nazism and communism. And he, like Truman, also designed a strategy for dealing with this threat.”

Ronald Kessler is chief Washington correspondent of NewsMax.com. View his previous reports and get his dispatches sent to you free via e-mail. Go here now.

© 2007 NewsMax. All rights reserved.


Okay Monica, we've located Jack Flynn's computer and law enforcement is
working on triangulating his address at this time. His ISP has finally come
forward with the records and a court order will not be necessary thanks to
the attorney's help. We should be shutting him down pretty soon. Thanks
for the support and tell Lars his computer skills are beyond reproach.


Nixon, Now theres an honest republican,Who doesnt love his memory, He fixwd the nightmare called vietnam
W could take a few lesson from that boys journals!...Niel ....SEMPER FI..

Jack Flynn

It was real peaceful on here without you Sunday into Monday, Perp. While you were off-line, none of your aliases posted during that 30 hour period.
A coincidence? Don't think so.
Much to the regret of the legitimate posters on here, I see that you are back with a your usual nihilistic flourish, lies-a-flappin'.


Nixon's strength was foreign policy; that side of him is overshadowed by Watergate and Vietnam. According to Monica's biography, she has a Ph.D in international relations from Columbia University and was a Foreign Policy Assistant to Richard Nixon. In fact she has written two books on Nixon that I haven't had a chance to read - yet.

I would like to learn more about Nixon's foreign policy years because they are an important part of the history of this country. In fact, it wouldn't hurt me to learn a little bit more about current foreign policy.

Jack Flynn

You are as transparent as Victoria Secret's underwear Perp.

Give up yet?

Jack Flynn

You see Perp, the problem with using aliases like you do, is that it greatly limits your effectiveness. When I confront you with a particular statement, you are unable to let the alias answer or counter fully or directly because then it would be obvious that the alias is you. You have to always be on guard so that you don't give yourself away—a very unrewarding and stressful strategy.
You think that your subterfuge gives you more control but actually it is just the opposite. You are forced to listen to what I have to say and you are unable to form a legitimate response.

You are limited to posting disgusting things in my name, diatribes, foul language, personal insults and other glancing blows.
Essentially, you become a victim of your own methods and deprive yourself of the gravitas necessary for a person to be respected or taken seriously by others.

You have aliased your self into a corner from which you cannot extract yourself.

To complete the picture, Perp, put a dunce cap on your head.
You have become the dummy you have tried to make me out to be.

Jack Flynn

Monica, I have a problem. When nobody is here to fight with me, I have to make up an imaginary enemy then defeat him with loads of fake names and imaginary bullshit. Nobody else is posting on your site except me and my fake names. This is what I like to think of as Gravitas. I think I could use a psychiatrist. Can you recommend anybody good? Don't say Jill, that's one of my names. I don't want people to know I dress up as a woman. I'm an ugly crossdresser. My wife thinks I am nuts and she's probably right. Now excuse me, I have to go jerkoff in the sink while I think of Larry Craig.


The HOLLYWOOD USEFUL IDIOTS, the so-called Progressives who live in a fantasy alternative reality where there really is not enemy except the capitalist system that generates the wealth that supports our high standard of living, and OTHERS who are into the alternative lifestyles that terroists see as "satanic" should TAKE NOTE of this article that shows the harsh intolerance of our Islamofascist enemies. It might help them to realize the importance of supporting the war effort, despite their hatered of President Bush and bobardment of daily propaganda from the insane mainstream media.

Terrorists: We'll cut off head of 'prostitute' Britney Spears - Madonna also targeted by jihad leaders who warn of 'spreading satanic culture'



Dear Monica

I object to some of the comments on this board. In particular those of Jack Flynn
who seems to be a bigot and a homophobe. If you do not stop his constant
digusting sexual references to gay men I will be reporting this blog to the ACLU.

Jack Flynn

Jack Flynn did not post the sick homophobic tripe above.


Good to here from you again jack if that is jack.Refering to the post 9-11 938pm. I say you have
hit the nail on the head when refering to the perp as a dunce. Simple and to the point not quite as harsh as i would have put it. What do you think about these pop stars showing up on the site and one envious peroxide blonde making slurs against her by propping up another? Sad I say when political stategist, so called reporters have nothing else to Bitch about on the eve of 9/11.....Niel...Semper...Fi

Jack Flynn

How is it that Arianna Huffington can control her blog and you can't control yours?

Jack Flynn

Are you trying to do this on the cheap?
Can't you afford the safeguards that set up a "log-in" system that prevents identity theft and pornographic spammers?

Why don't you call Arianna and ask her how she does it.


Are you sure you are not a homosexual? I've been getting that vibe from you lately.

SEMPER Fi .......... NIEL

Jack Flynn

That is NOT Niel Perp. Niel has you figured out.

Jack Flynn


Jack Flynn = Niel


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