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September 14, 2007


Jack Flynn

I made no judgment on the guilt or innocence of OJ until the moment he tried on the gloves—the very gloves that were used to murder and nearly decapitate OJ's wife, Nicole, and slash Ron Goldman's throat, while his children slept upstairs,
OJ smirked and toyed with the gloves like they were impersonal stage props—showing no emotion, thought or concern that they had been used in the murders.
What sort of human being could have so easily picked up and touched the bloody gloves that had been involved in the heinous destruction of a loved one.
He barely kept himself from smiling and letting on how much he was enjoying the party. He showed no resistance at all, no emotional pain—no righteousness, or indignation for having to go through such an ordeal. Instead he smirked, frowned artificially, and flashed quizzical smirks as he pretended to struggle with the gloves.
The mostly black, OJ leaning jurors, hung on the edge of their seats—hoping they wouldn't fit—wanting to follow Johnny Cochran's mantra, "If the gloves don't fit, you must acquit." They had already used street tactics, (like accidentally on purpose tripping a white female juror who crossed in front getting to her seat), to get rid of any jurors who were thoughtfully and seriously considering and evaluating the evidence.
I believe that those jurors knew OJ was guilty, but he was one of theirs. They forgave him in their minds and hearts, and then acquitted him.
After all, he had only killed a snotty white girl, who had no business messing with a black man anyhow.

Jack Flynn

The only thing I like about OJ is he is black and I'm sure he has a pretty big Schlong. I bet its real tasty! ...mmm

Mark Simons

Jack, must you always inject your perverse thoughts into the discourse on this site? I am disgusted with your sexual obsessions at this point. You make it impossible to allow children to read the Monica blog because of your XXX-rated rants.

Jack Flynn

Those last two obscene posts are the perp/spammer.

Do you sanction this the kind of posting on here Monica?
Your lack of action amounts to complicity.
You are responsible for your blog.

Fred Klein

Is Mark Simons a real person or just the perp again? If you are real, Mark, take a look around. Someone keeps using Jack's identity and attributes bizarre remarks to him.

Mark Simons

Is Fred Klein just another alias for the criminal pervert, Jack Flynn? I think so.

Jack Flynn

That last post is the spammer. Mark Simons was at one time, I believe, a legitimate poster on here, until the spammer usurped his good name, as he has done with so many on here, including you Fred. He usurps a name and then accuses me of doing so. My posts, until the Spammer went into action several months back, have been pretty much on topic and part of the legitimate discourse here.

Concerned with Honesty

It can be proven if Jack Flynn is which name in question. Just match
his IP to every name you think is him. Easy. No muss - No fuss.

Everyone knows he's guilty anyway. The only who believes he isn't
all the crazy names on this blog is him. He holds out hope that others
will be convinced but they won't. Jack LIES.

Jack Flynn

Jack: "You're crazy."

Perp/Spammer: "You're drunk."

Jack: "Well, I'll be sober tomorrow. You'll be crazy for the rest of your life."

Courtesy of W.C. Fields



We have triangulated on your location and know your true identity. As a member of the underground seeking to bring down this great nation and its constitution, you have been declared an enemy of the state.

Soon, you will be taken into custody, booked with a mug shot just like OJ's, imprisoned, and tortured in our re-education camp located in a secret location in a foreign country where no laws will save you and where no google satellite camera can hone in on you. Afterwards, you will wish you had never been born!

Better flee town and keep looking over your shoulder because we know where you are and we will find you quickly when the water boarding room preparations are complete. Also better keep glancing to the sky as our killer drones may be above ready to flash the "the laser" on you, their target.

Your antics have ruined civil discourse at this website and there will be retrabution in spades for doing that. Monica and her listers do not deserve such treatment.

Jack Flynn

I assume, stazi agent 007, should you, and/or people like you, be in control of the government, that is the kind of America you would create.



Fred Klein

See? I told you Jack was out of his mind!

Stazi Agent 007? What a goddamn idiot you are, Jack.

Please, somebody call a doctor for this sicko. Monica how can you sit by and let this man's mind deteriorate into this useless mush?

Friends of a Friend

To whom it may concern. We are very patient here in Massachusetts. But we look after our friends and do not appreciate certain actions that have been taken here against an associate. Desist. You will receive no further notice, sir.

Jack Flynn

Back to the subject of the thread.

OJ craves the spotlight. It determines his every move. He was once loved by the nation. Now he is held in contempt by just about everyone.
That is the worse punishment that could be imposed on a show boating narcissist, like OJ.

He knows he is becoming a non-entity and he must do something outrageous to command that attention again.

He will probably have to murder someone again.

So they'd better get him on this one.


None of the Jack Flynn posts above are mine.

Jack Flynn

The perp/spammer has a new tactic now. He is denying my legitimate posts in my name.
10 of the last 16 posts are not mine.
It is easy to tell the difference. Except for the two on OJ, the ones he disclaims, expose him/her. Like this next one.

Yes, six of the above posts ARE mine——only the rational ones, however, without twisted thinking and porno talk.
This next post is definitely mine.

Jack Flynn

A little history on the spamming.

It started on the thread “Monica in the Spin Zone” on 04/28/07. (Archives), April 22, 2007- April 28, 2007. The thread ran thru 08/07/07 and has 102 postings. On that thread, the poster, “Sam,” metamorphs himself into the homophobe spammer for the first time.
At first the thread becomes a sprightly sparring contest between Sam and a bright and thoughtful liberal leaning poster named Mark Simons.
They battle back and forth like a cobra and a mongoose and at one point, Sam accuses Mark of being Jol’s (my) alter ego. He says, “What's the matter, Simons .. you all burned out from tag-teaming people with your alter-ego, JOL?”
Later on in the thread, he usurps my Screen name Jol, and makes gay passes at Mark. He then changes from Sam to “Wendy UK” and “Rush is Right” and gets more outrageous with the gay, homophobic stuff.
At one point he feels his power and blurts out, “hee-hee, this is fun”.
Eventually Mark became bored with the inanity and upset with the gay stuff, so he left Monica’s blog for good.
The spammer added Mark’s name to his list of many aliases and still posts as him every once and a while.

The real Mark returned to the blog a few times to complain, (to no avail), about the spammer using his name, but I think the spammer still believes that Mark was/is me.

Later the spammer found out my real name and began to post disgusting gay porno stuff under it, and I have been forced to counter his shenanigans ever since.

That’s the story. If you have fallen for his/her subterfuges and don’t believe it, check it out in the archives. It is all there in blinding color and black and white.

Jack Flynn

It is sad, really.
Like OJ, with his personality disorder, the worst punishment for the spammer would be ostracism——to get banished from this blog for good. Monica's blog is his playground. He is just a step from the asylum anyhow, and should he get banished, what little that is left of his fragile and fragmented personality would disintegrate. He has no support system, like normal people, no friends, no relationships with women or even animals.
No one loves the poor little twirp so he s#its out his paranoid delusions, grandiose dreams and sexual malfunctions here. Take that away and he becomes the nothing he actually is again. This blog is the ONLY thing in his life that gives him any sort of an identity. The irony is, it is an anonymous one.
Whether he stays here or not, the most he will ever be is an anonymous voice, hiding behind a plethora of false names——a wretched caricature of lostness——a pitiful echo of the undead.

Yes, it is sad to see a man, who isn't a man, in a desperate struggle to make himself important.
But don't you appreciate his struggle posters? Don't you have any sympathy at all for the guy?

How about a SAVE THE PERP movement on this blog?

Whatzamatter posters? Doncha have a heart?


Reading the various threads on this blog, I noticed that 90% of the posts are made by a chap named JACK FLYNN. That is very curious to me. I this blog about Flynn, or, is it about the various issues initiated by Monica?

There should be a rule here limiting each poster to one post and one follow-up per issue.

Jack Flynn

Half of those posts under the name of Flynn have been put up on this blog by a spammer who is engaged in identity theft. If the spammer has his way, it will probably continue to be about Flynn, Chappie. Not my choice. But if some of these conservative blokes on here had the courage to lift their heads out of the sand, they could do something about the spamming and identity theft. Instead, they follow GW Bush's lead and disappear when things get hot or uncomfortable. They know what's going on here and they are like their leader, hiding behind his children's book, and like Monica, fiddling while her blog burns.
Perhaps you didn't notice, but just about all of those threads have a post by me relating to the subject.
It only changes when the spammer then adds salacious material under my name and I am forced to counter it and defend my name.

Just like this thread. My first post started with an article on O.J. in response to Monica's post. The spammer immediately posted a piece of dirt in my name and I had to counter it.
later on in this thread, I posted again back on subject and the spammer got at it again and I went after him.
What would you do if someone was screwing with your name?

Jack Flynn

There are parts of O.J.that O.J. has no control of. One of those parts killed his wife, Nicole and her friend, Ron. One of those parts claimed her as his woman, he owned her, she was his property. He could keep or dispose of her at will. Meanwhile she had no rights that were not sanctioned by him. He didn't murder her. In his mind, he simply corrected her. It was his inalienable right to correct his woman. He does not believe, to this day, that a crime was committed. He planned every aspect of it, scouted it, timed it, got the right clothes, vehicle and weapon ready, and make plans to get out of there that could not be disputed. O.J. was on a mission that night. The boyfriend didn't matter. If he weren't there he wouldn't have been killed. He happened to be there and had to be killed.
As as ugly as it sounds, it was a successful mission. In war, he would have got a medal.


O J SIMPSON is IRRELEVANT. Whatever they do to him has no impact on our lives. The media uses him to draw eyeballs to their programs and thus attract ad revenue to their corporations - It's all about the money and it's all bullsh*t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I change the channel when I see reports on OJ and suggest everyoone do the same rather than fall for this obvious media ploy to use the viewing public. Same goes for the Natalie Holloway story - it just dragged on and on and on....., but was irrelevant!

Jack Flynn

It IS the subject of this thread though, isn't it?

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