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September 27, 2007


Jack Flynn

Is that "imminent attack" like the imminent attack that Saddham was about to launch with his weapons of mass destruction?

B-a-l-o-n-e-y, Monica, the cheapest of meats.

Every single individual person on the planet will contradict themselves multiple times in a lifetime.
So what's the big deal there?

Go ahead, continue to post unflattering pictures and point out a loose shoelace here and there, as she sprints to the finish line and "cackles" gleefully at jealous, mean spirited hate mongers who call her Satan.


CONSISTENCY, which denotes stability and security, is a noble and admirable trait.

A person whose thoughts and actions are governed by expediency and public opinion, is like a cork in the ocean--at the mercy and whims of wind and tide. Such a person is not fit to be in charge of a canoe, much less an ocean liner.

Torture is indeed a cruel and barbarous act but, at times, it is necessary. Being magnanimous is great; but not when its akin to stupidity. To be realistis is always the wisest course, esp. when your life depends on it.
If torturing one, so that many may be spared, then I'm all for Dirty Harry's style.



This reminds me of an old Steely Dan song, Do you know the name of this tune?

Times are hard
You're afraid to pay the fee
So you find yourself somebody
Who can do the job for free

Like a castle in the corner
In a medieval game
I foresee terrible trouble
And I stay here just the same

I don't want to do your dirty work no more.....

To late Bill that trains left the station.

Jack Flynn

It's called "Dirty Work" and Bill Clinton will probably be singing it around '09.

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