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September 18, 2007



Is it true that many of our large health care providers and insurance companies contribute large sums of money to Hillary's Presidential Compaign? If so, these companies must be planning to benefit and profit from Hillary's health plan, which immediately makes me suspicious. Hello!!!


Direct hit, NORMPLATT.

We have the best government money can buy!

We the people have little say. It's the lobbyists, stupid!

Tom TB

It just occured to me; where is the rest of the posse, like old family members Roger Clinton and Hugh Rodham? Wonder what they're investing in these days...

Movie Watcher

Monica, back in the '90's, Bush wasn't the president, so right there it is positive. I know you can't help yourself piling on Hillary, anything to cast a negative light on her. Really, millions of people, unlike you, have no health insurance. They need help. Who else but the gov't is going to help them? Wal-Mart? Some other big company? Hardly.

Jack Flynn

They can hate and lacerate Hilary, like Monica does, but as long as is she is working hard on health care and comes up with a viable plan for everyone, Americans will flock to her in droves. Call it tax and spend feel good politics all you want, but when the chips are down, the American public knows what is good for them and especially, what they need.
If it comes down to healthcare for them and their families, or the war in Iraq, what do you think they will choose? To covet a favorite Republican phrase: "It's a no brainer."

Jack Flynn

What members of Congress and the Whitehouse don't get, (probably because they and their families get the best care, possible), is how much the security of good health care means to average, everyday, hard working Americans. It is half the worry of most peoples lives.

The candidate that comes up with best health plan will win this election.

Jack Flynn

Except for died in the wool Bush supporters and those who have lost loved ones, the war in Iraq is and will remain an abstraction to a large majority of Americans. That will not change. It is called being human, not denial. No, not because people are denying the terrorist threat, but because they are busy working and taking care of their kids, parents, and animals.

In fact, the best security this country has, is that no matter what threat or catastrophic event is going on, the rest of the country continues to get up each morning and go to work. And what weighs most heavily 24/7 on the lives of those millions upon millions of workers . . . . yeah, HEALTHCARE AVAILIBILITY AND HOW MUCH IT COSTS,

I repeat. The candidate who comes up with a workable and humane health plan for every individual in this country and will vow on his kid's lives that he will implement it, will win in a landslide.


Don't take anything I post here seriously. I'm here to confuse and frustrate.

You don't really believe all that tripe, do you?


Ah, common, Jack. You really had me believing. You are my idol.

Jack Flynn

I would them seriously if I were you. It is out of my hands.

Jack Flynn

That is: "take" them seriously.


Except it isn't Hillary's health care plan, Mitt Romeny came up with it...way to co op a presidential candiates platfrom...but then Mitt Romeny took Joe Biden's platform on partitioning Iraq...so who is out of ideas first? The Democrats or the Republicans? Maybe Friedman was right, "The Earth is Flat"...something like that.


Tom Friedman "The World is Flat" well we don't value the Individual anymore, the people who come up with inovations....remember what Hillary said, it takes a village. It is the Collectivist vs the Individualist. We can all tell what side the MSM is on and whose agenda is being pushed forward. Hell just look at all the Reality Television if you don't believe me, the death of creativity and inovation.

Jack Flynn

Hillary worked long and hard on her original health plan and granted, it turned out to be unworkable, but she garnered tons of information about health care and that will serve her well when she gets down to the nitty-gritty of her new plan. Because of the time and effort she put into it earlier, there is no other candidate who knows as much as she about the subject. So if she integrates some of Romney's ideas into her plan, all the better.
But, if Hilary lifted her plan from Romney, as some suggest, why is Romney criticizing it so much?


Word apparantly has not reached you Jack.

Bill Clinton, not Hillary, developed the Health Care Plan proposed under the Clinton administration. Hillary just "managed" the proposal's presentation and guided it through congress.

I don't want government increasing its control over my health care. Anyone who does is a fool. Look at all the countires that have socialized medicine. Taxes go up and quality of healthcare goes down. Would you go to Sweden, U.K. Canada, Cuba ... for your important life saving operation? No - you'd demand it be done here in the USA. Where have all of the healthcare procedure and drug breakthroughs come from? Not from the countries with socialized medicine. They were developed here in the USA. Face it. We have one of the best healthcare systems in the world. Why ruin it by listening ot pandering politicians who lie to get your vote. Don't be a fool.


NIEL, I did not know that. I must have been drunk when that news flash came across the wire. Hickup!


I don't see why kids should be entitled to health care insurance. It's ridiculous! They wouldn't even know how to fill out a claim form. How often do they get sick, anyway. It will just mean more premium income to the big insurance companies who make big political contributions to the pandering demogogue politicians.

I don't see why illegal aliens should be entitled to health insurace coverage, either. They are law breakers who need to be rounded up and shipped back to their home country so that they can apply for citizenship like law abiding people around the world do who want to emmigrate to the USA. Moreover, it's unfair that the U.S taxpayer will ultimately end up footing the medical bills for these illegal aliens.


Forget health insurance.

If we get Hillary for 4 to 8 years, just think of having to listen to that harsh bitchy voice all of those years. Yikes - It makes my skin crawl just to think about it. It's worse than the voice of Hubert Humphey's VP candidate, Geraldine Ferraro in 1992.

Fred Klein

That's an intelligent point. We don't want to have an intelligent president if her voice is harsh.

By certain accounts, Abraham Lincoln spoke in a high-pitched mid-western drawl. Good thing we didn't have to listen to him!


F@#k: Alll Of You Except Jack is A moron< I had Too Check In Im BaddAssBiker... Niel... SEMPER..FI and AsssHHHOLES Posting under my Name shows Le Peroxide
is a Fuckin Asshole also for not fixing the prob, ILL
say once again Clean house in WAshington before Ya get drafted...Niel ...Semper...FI


The hair, the voice, the nose, the eyebrows - these are all important factors, FRED. And don't forget the cleavage (not the JoAnnie come lately type, either).

Also. it is important that the candidate not be a JoAnnie come lately pandering Yankee fan.



NIEL, we all know you are really pretending to be the washed up actor, Richard Gere, in that old boot camp movie with Debra Winger. How macho. You can't fool us. Admit it.

Jack Flynn

The last two posts in my name are not mine.

Jack Flynn

A little history on the spamming.

It started on the thread “Monica in the Spin Zone” on 04/28/07. (Archives), April 22, 2007- April 28, 2007. The thread ran thru 08/07/07 and has 102 postings. On that thread, the poster, “Sam,” metamorphs himself into the homophobe spammer for the first time.
At first the thread becomes a sprightly sparring contest between Sam and a bright and thoughtful liberal leaning poster named Mark Simons.
They battle back and forth like a cobra and a mongoose and at one point, Sam accuses Mark of being Jol’s (my) alter ego. He says, “What's the matter, Simons .. you all burned out from tag-teaming people with your alter-ego, JOL?”
Later on in the thread, he usurps my Screen name Jol, and makes gay passes at Mark. He then changes from Sam to “Wendy UK” and “Rush is Right” and gets more outrageous with the gay, homophobic stuff.
At one point he feels his power and blurts out, “hee-hee, this is fun”.
Eventually Mark became bored with the inanity and upset with the gay stuff, so he left Monica’s blog for good.
The spammer added Mark’s name to his list of many aliases and still posts as him every once and a while.

The real Mark returned to the blog a few times to complain, (to no avail), about the spammer using his name, but I think the spammer still believes that Mark was/is me.

Later the spammer found out my real name and began to post disgusting gay porno stuff under it, and I have been forced to counter his shenanigans ever since.

That’s the story. If you have fallen for his/her subterfuges and don’t believe it, check it out in the archives. It is all there in blinding color and black and white.

Jack Flynn

Isn't funny how the long arm of the law reaches across America. When it's a matter of brotherhood, those matters are often acted upon more expeditiously than more serious problems. It becomes kinda personal, you know. Insult one, insult us all.

A good solid Republican credo, huh?

Jack Flynn

Sure Perp/Spammer, I was an actor. After I retired.
I retired early due to an on the job injury—four bullets from a 9mm Glock. Working at McDonalds, you know. It can be dangerous.

I have always been a Democrat, my Father and Grandfather were Democrats. My dog is a Democrat.


Jack Flynn - an actor when he retired, and,, an actor now! His dog became a democrat so Jack wanted to be like is dog and became one too. Really clear thinking - woof woof!


Those posts starting at 9:32AM are not mine.

Jack Flynn

The last denial is the SICKO.

" little History on the spamming" posted September 19, 2007 at 09:32 PM IS mine.
The rest, under it, also the SICKO.


Is the Perp/Spammer really me, or am I really the Perp/Spammer. When you spin a web of lies, you eventually lose your way. As an actor without my script, I'm totally lost. Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going?

Now the the great impersonator is pretending to be the SICKO. When is this insanity going to stop. Is there no place for a civil reasonable discourse of issues here?

Jack Flynn

I didn't put up that last post, but now that I look at it, it makes SOME sense. Sounds to me like the perp/spammer is diligently at work trying to shoot himself in the foot.

Excellent questions to ask yourself though, perp.

"Who am I?"
a jerk.

"Where did I come from?"

"Where am I going?"
to a place where there is no place to hide.

"The unexamined life is not worth living," you know.

Jack Flynn

By the way, Perp. I gather by the increasing insanity evident in your posts, that you'll be committing suicide, soon. I won't be attending your funereal but I would be willing to talk you over the cliff. What do you say, chicken? Need some help?

Tell me Perp, is that over the top, or what?
Gee, I must be losing sight of my boundaries here.
Do you have any suggestions in that area?

Yes, tell us about boundaries, Perp.
By now, you SHOULD know at least a "little" something about them, shouldn't you?

Time to wail like a baby, Perp, and cry foul.
I mean, just think, Perp, what if you were really crazy, on the very edge, and I gave you a little verbal shove. Could I be prosecuted for that? Huh?

Jack Flynn

Wouldn't it be "self" defense?

Jack Flynn

I was working at McDonalds when one of my aliases walked in and shot me. Of course I denied it. Luckily he was prosecuted for impersonating an idiot and sentenced to time already served in the lunatic asylum.


O J SIMPSON is IRRELEVANT. Whatever they do to him has no impact on our lives. The media uses him to draw eyeballs to their programs and thus attract ad revenue to their corporations - It's all about the money and it's all bullsh*t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I change the channel when I see reports on OJ and suggest everyoone do the same rather than fall for this obvious media ploy to use the viewing public. Same goes for the Natalie Holloway story - it just dragged on and on and on....., but was irrelevant!


You are an insufferable bore Mr spammerperp or whatever your name is. . . boring. . . boring. . . boring
I have read some of the anti-social posts you have written and all you do is attack Jack Flynn. He must be a saint to tolerate you and your ident stealing, character assassination lies and foolishness. You have nothing even minutely important to say about anything. So why don't you do something constructive with your life and leave jack and the rest of the dedicated posters on here alone.
It is obvious that you don't belong here. Your ratty posts stick out like a sore thumb. In truth you don't belong anywhere where civilized people are attempting to share their political views.
Why don't you do everyone a big favor and just get lost.

Jack Flynn

Thank you Cathy, even though it won't do any good. The spammer is unteachable and irrational. Take that post above, for example, that he signs in my name.
Now why would I, Jack Flynn,(originally Jol), a regular poster on here since day one of Monica's blog, suddenly decide after years of serious posting to post such stupid and crazy stuff.
In his mad attempt to drive me from this blog the spammer doesn't realize that people don't change like that overnight, unless they are a rabid screwball as the spammer has proved himself to be.
Listen carefully to what he says here:
"I was working at McDonalds when one of my aliases walked in and shot me. Of course I denied it. Luckily he was prosecuted for impersonating an idiot and sentenced to time already served in the lunatic asylum."
I ask you, are those the words of a sane individual? He IS crazy and he is here to disrupt and create chaos, nothing more, nothing less.

Jack Flynn

From now on, when your cursor falls on the name, Jack Flynn, it will reveal the typekey ID "Jack 381". Any future legitimate post by Jack Flynn, will have that same typekey ID, "Jack 381". It cannot be faked.
A spammer, unfortunately can still steal a screen name, like, Jack Flynn, or any other, but they can't fake that ID. If it doesn't say, Jack 381, it is the spammer.
It will work for anyone who has had their name hijacked by the spammer.

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