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August 21, 2007


Shining Star

Thanks for the heads up, Monica. You deserve the best life has to offer.

Its too bad some of the bloggers here do not appreciate you as much
as they should. But those slugs are either jealous or crazy is how the
rest of us see it ...... Here's an example of the latter:

"This site sucks and so does the show... Idiots ...Niel
Posted by: Niel | August 21, 2007 at 03:30 PM "

Niel is really Jack Flynn who should be in a mental hospital.

Here's more proof ....



Annie M.

Wow, that guy on the video is some kind of crackpot. Maybe a doctor can help him. He needs a double dose of Thorazine.

Jeff Cortez

I am very sorry to tell you but to me this thread is looking bad. Yesterday, I wrote a very serious and frank opinion intending to be constructive. Today, I had my name associated with a clearly ill person. I have a name, an image and I do not want to keep on inventing names to show up in this column; if the people responsible for it do not create a password system, everything I have to say is good-bye and wish you the best of luck. My best regards, from Sao Paulo - Brazil.

Jack Flynn

I have been a regular poster, (screen name Jol), on your blog since its inception—(liberal, yes), but legitimate. I responded to various articles by you and others and have tried as best I could to stick to the subject at hand. Granted, I have sometimes gone over the top—(the penalty assessed for being virtually the lone liberal voice on a conservative site.) But as much as your bloggers have disagreed with my opinions and become upset with me, I have tried to bring a modicum of insight, a unique point of view and some humor to your blog. (Not that I was doing it for you. I am a loud mouth by nature.)

Several months back an anonymous spammer, who was at variance with my thoughts and ideas attempted to discredit Jol,(me), by posting multiple irrational and disgusting articles in Jol's name, accusing him, (me) of being a homosexual and a drunkard, (neither of which is true). Many of these postings took the form of confessions containing graphic accusations of the most indecent sort. I complained to you by email and on these threads but nothing was done. Here is a copy of an email I sent you on July 1st.

The fellow who is posting all sorts of scurrilous nonsense and using insulting and disgusting versions of my screen name, is turning this blog into his own personal asylum and ruining intelligent discourse. Can you not control that sort of thing?
He is obviously a disturbed individual and has driven Conley Qwinn from here. Although Conley may not be on the same political wave length as yourself, he is one of the brighter minds posting here.
Among his other delusions, this fellow thinks that I am gay and that I am Conley, which is nonsense. He is ruining monicamemo.com and I hope you will do something about it. The whole thing is rather unwholesome.
Thank you,
Jol (Jack Flynn)”

I tried ignoring the spammer for a time, but the hateful posts continued and became nastier and nastier. I am a writer and the spammer lifted my real name from my book and website and has become obsessed with a short story that I wrote about a high school reunion. Lately he/she has been using my real name more and more, referring to material on my website and You Tube and directing people to it. He/she is engaging in spamming and blatant character assassination of the lowest sort.

I tried to continue to post as Jol and comment seriously on the subjects at hand, but he/she would immediately respond with various aliases, the Jol screen name, or variations of it. Employing graphic sexual language and imagery, he attributed unspeakable homosexual acts to Jol/Jack, as well as accusing me of being a drunk and calling my wife ugly—my wonderful wife of many years who is disabled and in chronic pain much of the time.

Here are some examples of his posts.
“I bet she could satisfy my needs better than Jol too ! Posted by: Wife of Jol”
“Please excuse my husband. He hasn't been himself since he overdosed on Viagra. Posted by: Wife of Jol “

“It seems Jol likes to drink and hit on guys. He needs to go cruise Craigslist and leave the rest of the straight population alone.”

“Jol is a weird sob and gay as a three-dollar bill. Every time I would post on here he'd be laying some gay pickup lines on me, like I might go have a drink with him somewhere. I can't think of a more creepy situation than sitting down for a beer with that freakin' douche bag.”

“Jack, doesn't it ever bother you to be such a lying C-O-C-K sucker? Have you no shame whatsoever? This will be a fun game until you find out your ID is being researched as we speak. Your publisher isn't keeping quiet and soon your world will come crashing down. Better get while the gittin' is good.”

“The Red Sox suck and so do you. Why don't you just bite the big one,
you phony bastard. If you had any class you would kill yourself out of
a sense of honor. But since you're just an Irish peasant, honor means
less to you than a cold beer. Drink up.”


For a while, I tried responding with humor, sparring with him/her tit for tat, and/or ignoring the spammer but eventually I had to resort to using different screen names myself so I could still post on serious issues. But each time I would use a new name, like Alex, Kim, or Alf, the anonymous spammer would start using it, or make up insulting and demeaning variations of it. Lately he/she has accused legitimate posters of being Jol, (or Jack), and uses their names as well.

The spammer has virtually destroyed the credibility of this blog and now is accusing me of spamming it.

Here is where I stand on the issue at present, Monica.
This is your Blog. Every poster here has to give a legitimate email address. You have a perfect right to ask me not to post here and if you did so ask I would respect your wishes and leave promptly. All you have to do is email me and make that request so that I will know that the request is legitimate and not just another ploy by the spammer.
I realize that this is a very conservative blog and I am a bit of a pain in the butt to many here with my often acerbic opinions, but I am a firm believer that both sides of the political spectrum should be heard on any issue of importance and there are a plethora of such issues in these controversial and turbulent times.
So I can either stay or go, depending on your wishes. Perhaps if I do go, the spammer will crawl back into the alimentary canal of the snake he/she emerged from and there will be peace after all.
If that would work, I say, go ahead Monica, but I hope you don’t end up throwing the baby out with the bathwater.
I have attempted to spice up this site with a little humor, controversy and imaginative speculation but if you want me out just say so. Thus far, by your inaction, you seem to accept and/or tacitly agree with the hate filled ravings of the spammer. I can’t help but wonder why.

This post will be forwarded to my lawyer. If I do leave this site and find that the spammer continues to post in my name and/or engage in defamation of character, I will be forced to take legal action against those responsible.

Jack Flynn

Jack Flynn

Jeff is right. A password system, (don't get mad now), like Huffington has, would solve the problem. And I don't mean "typepad". Typepad is useless.

Jack Flynn

I meant "typekey". Also useless. Doesn't protect anyone's screen name.

Concerned Blogger

Hmm, a few points to consider:

1) How would Jack know which posters are legitimate and which are not? Since only Monica and the webmaster has access to such information, Jack claiming to have such knowledge must indicate that he has some information about those posts. How could he have any information about them, if he did not write them?

2) How can we know what information being presented is false and which is true? If the poster Conley is a real person, how would Jack know? Maybe Jack invented the person so he could claim someone else here drove Conley away. Jack already admits to posting under other names. How do we know which names are his and which are not? How do we know which names Jack is posting under, but does not admit to? Again, this is something Monica could determine.

3) If some poster said those things to Jack, what did Jack say to inflame this situation? Did Jack say something offensive and someone is responding to that? Jack claims to be an innocent victim who only posts reasonable but dissenting views. How can we know this is the case and that he is not causing this website disruption in order to further some political agenda? There have been cases of left wing organizations sending their agents to certain free style conservative blogs to carry out this very thing. Why should anyone believe Jack? How can we be certain anything he says is not more misdirection from the Left? On last week's show, Monica spoke of the political activity of "Moles" who infiltrate campaigns in order to undermine candidates. Why should any conservative trust Mr. Flynn after he has claimed to be a supporter of the Clintons?

4) The burden of proof seems to be on Jack. He has made many wild assertions in the past and has not provided much evidence. Certainly there are many sides to any situation. So the question is, why would Jack bring up these matters here and right before an election year? It may take more than just making claims on a blog to prove what is being offered is the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

It sounds like a lot of hogwash to me. But then again, Monica may know more than she is letting on. Lets see what she does about Jack and his complaints. How can all of us, including Monica, be responsible for whomever wants to post under the name "Jack Flynn"? Maybe there is more than one? It sounds like a common name in any case. Or perhaps, there is only one Jack who is posting these things to purposely cause an issue for Monica. Maybe if Jack really did leave without resorting to posting under other assumed names, all of these "problems" would go away on their own. We did not appear to have any problems before Jack got here, did we? Funny that as soon as Jack shows up as whatever assumed names he posts under, just prior to an election year, then Monica is supposed to divide her time away from her articles, TV appearances, and radio preparation, in order to attend to the "important issues" of Jack, or be threatened with legal action. It paints a very peculiar picture and maybe not to just this observer.

Tom TB

Meanwhile, back on topic; Monica, I think if had written a screenplay 20 years ago about a presidential race with all these elements it would be rejected, and it would be suggested that I write about space aliens! Former First Lady of former impeached President running for adulterous husband's former job, against first bi-racial candidate with African-American wife who more than implies that if a wife can't keep her house in order as former co-president, why should we believe she can as Commander in Chief?

No Justice No Peace

hey Blogger, this isn't rocket science
Here is some of Jack's work --- does this sound like
a sane person to you? .........................

"Today I bake, tomorrow I brew,
Today for one
Tomorrow for two
Little knows my royal dame
Monica Crowley is my name"

Posted by: Rumpelstiltskin | August 2007

Or how about this berserk little blurb --- could a mentally stable person
have written this? ............................

"Conservatives are hurt by the liberal barbs hurled at them, when that has been their modus operandi since the birth of the Contract With America.
We are hurting the feelings of the poor little things and they are imploring us to stop.
Well, of course we won't, so get used to it losers.
You will be in the political and cultural dunce corner for years to come—the corner you have painted yourselves into. Yes, you will be pilloried and stoned with barbs and insults and you fully and duly deserve every single one of them. You have been posing as patriots and Christians long enough—causing wars and meddling in peoples personal lives.
So sit back and endure it my right winged friends. You are about to reap what you have sown."

Posted by: Jol | April 2007

The same deranged character made this video message
to our brave president .................


You gonna try debating with a crazy person? He badgers posters
all the time. Some of them are his other aliases for sure.

Need more evidence? Just take a stroll around this site and you'll see
enough to make your head swim. There is only one Crackpot Liberal on
MonicaMemo.com and now you know who it is.

Chuck in Albany


This proves Liberalism must be a weird form of mental illness.

Three consecutive posts by Jack Flynn, all within 18 minutes, which accuses
Monica of playing inane blog games with him. Notice how the big brave man
poses as a "lady" to slander our Monica. This crossdressing NUTJOB probably
thinks he's being witty. He should be locked in a padded cell, imho. >>>>>

" Jack, you fool. The Perp is female. It is Monica indulging her craziness. Did you ever hear her off-mike laugh. It's crazier than Howard Dean's Yiiiieowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!
You can tell a person by their laugh, you know, particularly the crazy part of them.
You fool Jack. You have been shadow boxing with Monica Crowley all along. She has been leading you around by the nose and you followed like a dumb Irish Setter.
What a laugh.

Posted by: Beverly/Canadian liberal | August 19, 2007 at 09:44 PM "

" Could be Beverly, but gee, I wonder where she developed such a heavy duty prejudice against the Irish. Could it be alcohol, a Mel Gibson thing? I mean, she does seem exhausted on Sunday evenings.
Well, I suppose we all have to vent, don't we?

Posted by: Jack | August 19, 2007 at 09:55 PM "

" Today I bake, tomorrow I brew,
Today for one
Tomorrow for two
Little knows my royal dame
Monica Crowley is my name"

Posted by: Rumplestilskan | August 19, 2007 at 10:02 PM "



Just a few words (thankfully) on the adolescent blog abuse at monicamemo.com.

Agreed, this is a tack used by lefties or head cases wherever they see they can get away with it.

That said, Monica (and probably her webmaster) are the ultimate arbiters. This is Monica's blog. It reflects the tone and character she wishes it to reflect. Repeat: It is Monica's blog. (Repeat 100 times if you still don't get the point.)In Georgie's famous word, Monica is the "decider." Anyone who loses sight of that---as everyone will, being human-all-too-human---is effectively beating around the bush.

The atmosphere you get is what Monica has decided to enable. Republicans, who assure us they believe in personal responsibility and accountability, should be able to understand this.

Jack Flynn

I have spoken my piece, now back to the subject at hand.

Obama's wife reminds me of the President's wife in the first run of 24, intrusive, aggressive, opinionated, a bit of the megalomaniac in her.
As far as Obama himself goes, I think he is an opportunist, a jerk and a con man. He bends with every breeze that comes down the pike and masks it as open-mindedness. His facial expression of "affected concern" reminds me of Bill Clinton's lip biting, phony as hell.
I wouldn't trust the man, (Obama), as far as I could throw him.

Ultimately, it will be my girl, Hillary, who will steal the show and become our next President. No "lip biting" or "affected concern" with her. She knows just what she wants and how to get it. She is one tough lady and will make a great President. (She has a cute little rump as well, don't you think?)
You might as well face it my conservative brethren. The lady is not "Satan" and is here to stay. It WILL take a VILLAGE and I believe that she is the best candidate to lead our village into the future.

Don't get testy now folks. Just one man's version of moonlight, that's all. My opinion.

A non sequitur, but, when you come right down to it, doesn't almost everything spoken and written come down to mostly opinion?
It would be interesting to see a debate between "opinions" and "facts". I think we would find that only about 10% percent,(or less),of opinions are bolstered by facts, but I would guess, (conservatively), that about 95% of facts are influenced or directed by opinions.

I guess basically what I am saying is, facts do not speak for themselves. They speak more for the person who presents them. You can make facts do just about anything, e.g. GWB and his pre war intelligence.

Jack Flynn

And e.g."wink" a large majority of Monica's Posts.


jeff cortez is jack flynn, lolol
resigning the site again in protest. just like that pain in the crack brother-in-law who comes over every holiday but will never leave til you throw him out

legitimate poster, my a*s*s !


hey jack,
how does a person go thru his whole life being a rube for the left? monica doesn't have to email you. who do you think you are secretary of state?


People need to run themselves. Only parents are responsible for young children. People who are goingto cheat, will do it, and not anyone can stop them, even Mrs. Obama.

Red Alert

JOSE and GRINGO, that old fart Jack has been playing us for fools since he got here. I'm glad to see some people are wising up and not taking it lying down. If Monica does not intervene then we have to do something. Simple as that. Don't let that crazy old goat cause a riff between the conservative guys. Nobody is minding the store except people who care about the site. A case of Force Majeure.

Jack Flynn

Acajudi is one of my names. Since I am the only liberal here, all pro-Hillary/anti-Obama comments made on this blog will be from me. Do you blame me? I need all the help I can get. *wink*

Ace of Base

Jack said: "...I realize that this is a very conservative blog and I am a bit of a pain in the butt to many here with my often acerbic opinions, but I am a firm believer that both sides of the political spectrum should be heard on any issue of importance and there are a plethora of such issues in these controversial and turbulent times. So I can either stay or go, depending on your wishes."

Jack, despite how self-important are your opinions, you have no right to "be heard" or to superimpose your views on this blog any more than the guy who stands up on his chair and shouts to the whole restaurant. We are all sick to death of you and its no hard stretch to say opinion here runs 100% on this, when all of your fake blog names are excluded from the count.

You have your answer now, so go away. No fanfare necessary. Just go.

Jack Flynn

The post above that refers to acajudi's post is not mine. It was put there by the perp spammer who used my name.

"It's better to be silent than to be a fool"

Harper Lee


Jack, if Harper Lee is correct then why don't you be silent?

Jack Flynn

Silence is the music out of which springs all life.


But .........

"It's better to be silent than to be a fool"

Harper Lee

Chuck in Albany


Jack's decaying mind and soul is allowing Satan's influence to reign supreme on what would otherwise be a fine website. Lying means nothing to Jack but source of inspiration. If someone were to cast his entire "contribution" here under the bus, he would certainly not be missed. Monica is being alerted as we speak. It won't be long before the appropriate measures are taken to eject the likes of Jack Flynn back to the hell from which he sprang. Chuck.

Jack Flynn

Hey Chuck, Hillary isn't Satan. I am.

Jack Flynn

Hey Chuck, now that you know who I am, why don't you stop messing up this blog and come onto my website and we'll have it out. Just comment on any post and we'll take it from there—as down and dirty as you want pal. Only stop your s##t on this blog. Monica doesn't deserve it. Nor does anyone else here.


This is really funny, Jack. You are concerned with this blog. That's hilarious. You go out of your way to destroy what Monica has created here but now you want to blame your work on others. That's really rich.

Let me ask you something. Why would I want to go to your blog? Why would anyone want to go to your blog? Your blog is the Air America of the internet and even less. I bet nobody goes to your blog. I haven't been there and wouldn't know how to get there, but I bet nobody ever posts anything on your blog except you. Nobody reads it and nobody cares what you have to say. This is why you come here. You are pissed that nobody gives a flying crap what you think. And you try to force your views on the rest of us, as if we have some obligation to listen to your half-baked malarkey. When nobody here will agree with you, you invent characters to offer support for your BS views and pretend they are real folks, "legitimate posters" as you like to call them. But its all you. You and your WACKED OUT Point of View. Now you are mad at poor Chuck for discovering your angry little propaganda game. Oh, woe is me.

Hey, we don't have to listen to it. Too bad you're mad. Thats tough bananas, Jack. But don't try to lay your guilt trips on me. I don't owe you a thing, not even
my spit. But you know I do agree with one thing you said: You ARE Satan. At least it seems you've taken him into your spirit, which is a shame. Its a waste because you might have been a contributor here, if you were not such a Raving Lunatic.

Jack Flynn

Hey Chuck, there is a message for you over at :"Musings from Michael Dukakis"

Jack Flynn

"You can turn the other cheek
and still get out a ton of garbage."

Ronald Reagan

Conscience of Jol

"When one lies doesn't work, try three!"

-- Jack Flynn

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