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August 01, 2007



"This is what happens to a political party when it has nothing to offer beyond tearing down the other party."


Does this not overlook a prime-time Democrat who just revealed an offer not just to tear down Republican wuss but even accomplish something beyond that?

Barack Obama, with years of experience in the Illinois State House, has just rocked the Beltway Boat. He seems to be saying: Hey, let's cut and run from Iraq (where bin Laden ain't), chat with the Ahma guy in Tehran (who might know where Osama is) and go get Osama in shaky Musharaff's nuclear-armed Pakistan.

Okay, maybe this Obama doesn't explain what happens to Iraq after the U.S. bug-out, or Iran if the mullahs say convert,die,or pay political jizya, or to Pakistan if U.S. intervention triggers the Islamo toppling of General Musharaff and his nukes, but these are details, details. Maybe his handlers are saving the most logical parts for C-Span.

Can you ignore such realpolitik, or globo-political ratiocination from Team Obama, handlers of the charismatic "black" candidate (since the tamed donkeys and even the domesticated elephants of our great PC Republic are not permitted and will not dare to describe him more honestly and accurately. Or do you know anyone who will refer to him as exactly what he is, in plain English, namely "the Progressive Democrats' Great Half-White Hope"?)

Fess up, Monica.

courtesy gringoman.com, Always Penetrating, Never Read.

ps Any chance of a date with Debbie this Saturday, as mentioned in commentary for previous post?


Nazi Germany was unified. It is what unity is about, that counts, what it is for and against, what it wants to do about the present and the future, what it can do to improve the lives of every-day Americans.

You Republicans have become a cynical lot.


Jol was killed this afternoon attempting to leap a gorge in Alaska. I am his cousin and I am notifying the blogs and websites he posted on.
Thank you


It ain't a bleakin football game lady. It's a bloody war and kids are dyin over there.


I have some more information on Jol. He died trying to rescue a man caught in a bear trap.


Your cynicism is not appreciated. What kind iof a person are you? He fell. He died that's all you f##cking b##stard.


Sorry old sport.
I thought he was a Republican.


Right on Andy.


Hey you Twirps. You're in big trouble when I get back home. And don't forget, I'm nursing a big Viagra erection, so this is no idle threat. Not even Joanie could handle this baby. In the meantime, you Perps can bite my rearend!

By the way. can you imagine Hillary in some thigh high boots and a riding crop? Now thats my idea of fun, pooky! -- Oh Hillary, I've been a very baadd boy!!


I don't know who you are, or think you are, but what I said is true. Jol is deceased. He had four surviving brothers, two sisters, a son and two grandchildren. Out of common respect for them, you should not be posting in his name and speaking in such a vile manner of him.
Have you no shame or values sir?


I further extend my apologies and sympathy to you and your family. And I agree wholeheartedly Patrick. It is despicable to treat the death of a man in such a vulgar manner. The stocks and pillories are too good for such a vile, contemptuous, inhumane individual.


Listen up you twirps. I only have one brother and he died at age 13 in a freak pool accident. Keep it up posers and there will be severe repercussions, I can assure you.


I read some of Jol's stuff on here, not the phony cr#p you put up. Anyone can tell that Jol was a straight shooter, a decent guy. You can steal his name because he is dead and can't protest. But let me tell you this pal. You're not good enough to lick his boots.


You have him pegged Andy. I'll bet you would like ten minutes in a locked room with that low-life snippet.


Five minutes and he'd be prayin to Momma.


I wouldn't need five minutes and he'd be prayin to more than Momma.

Jol is Andy Alex Patrick

Isn't it funny how brave this overgrown Leprechaun can be when he gets a few drinks in him in front of a keyboard? Too bad he's all mouth, cause I'd stick my goddamn foot up his dumb Irish rearend if he was a man.

He'd look pretty funny with my foot stuck in his arse while he's scrambling to find the key to that locked room. He's a straight shooter. eh? Only thing he shoots straight is his booze -- right down the old hatch -- just like every pathetic drunk in his worthless family.


I can't understand how anyone can underscore the death of 73 American soldiers as some sort of relative achievement in Iraq. They won't be giving their children any more Christmas, presents or their wives and Moms a mother's day kiss. They are lost forever because we have a President who sees Al Qaeda in cloud formations and under his bed.

Father O'Flynn

Bless you, my son. We've tried to reform the scoundrel JOL for many years but he has rejected The Lord and lives in sin to this day. Excommunicated from The Church for his blatant disregard of all human decency, when his name is mentioned, sorry to say every good christian should look down and spit on the ground.

The UnKim

Kim you stupid freak. This is what happens in war. And the less killed the better. That is an achievement. You are such an idiot. Was the World Trade Center coming down just a cloud formation in our mind? 3000 dead and you dishonor their memory with that bunch of lies. Screw you, freaking traitor. You must be related to Jol, the other traitor on this blog.

Flynn o' the Moment

Yea Lassie, I luvs to drink..

Pour me a mornin' wake brandy, will ya Mulligan?

The Ghost of Jol

You are torn asunder aren't you perp. You don't know who to respond to, who is who, or what is what. I warned you that this would happen, that you would be all alone out here, jousting with phantoms.
And here you are, isolated and alone like GWB, stabbing at Al Quaeda behind curtains, in the closet and under the bed.
Be careful fool. It may lead you to drink.

"What's that Jesus?
Sure, I'll be right there. Just cleaning up a tiny oil spill back on Earth."


Watch out perp.
He is with the source of all being up there—a lot more powerful in death, and infinitely more creative.

Jack can BITE it

Hi Jack,,, don't worry .... you are never very hard to spot. Only a stupid narcissistic idiot like yourself could deceive himself into thinking that he's such a hand full. You're a light weight, pal. You're a push over, with one hand tied behind us. Maybe if you gave up the hootch you could see what the rest of us see about Jol. But you know thats not going to happen for a Boozer like you.

All talk, just like every drunk McPrick from Beantown.

Bite can Jack it

More powerful in death? What a lunatic he is !! Out to lunch and down for the count !

You young people take note of what alcohol can do to your brain after you hit 60. Its not pretty.

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