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August 11, 2007



Well. I like your taste in music, anyway.

"Let's Get It On," has always been a favorite of mine.

Keep on, keepin' on, Monica!

Don't let those who disagree with you pull the diamonds from your shoes.

xx,bCAIN. ~~(^_^)~~ (say you heard it here first!)


Monica: "I wrote a blog on it...."

No you didn't, Monica, unless you're an advanced hi-tech programmer in demand by Silicon Valley.

What did you do? You wrote in your blog. Or posted in your blog. Or blogged something. Or just blogged etc. You didn't "write a blog."

Careful. You don't want to sound more behind the tech times than I am.

Courtesy gringoman.com, Unread Does Not Mean Unreadable.



I heard your show today and was pleased that you conceded a few points to Hillary.
But watch out. You are starting to sound like an Obama groupie.
I liked it when you called Hillary a "Queen Bee". It makes her her almost cute.
But I disagree with your contention that she should be held responsible for her husband's presidency. You will find that she is of her own mind, and as soon as she gets elected you will also discover just how liberal she really is. "It takes a village" is not just an idle phrase to Hillary. It is a profound philosophy and she will build her presidency around it. It reflects how she sees the country and the world.
Bill Clinton was a fine president. Hillary will be a great one, the likes of a Golda Meir. She will be the founder of the new State of America. She is, indeed the Queen Bee.
You may kiss the hem of her gown now.

Kim May Kiss My Azz Now

Jol (Kim) loves to come dressed as females lately. What else would you expect from a drunken-pervert with an emotional commitment to communism. Last week he was pretending to be a 12 year-old girl. They should lock him back in that Boston nuthouse until further notice. What a crackpot.

Tom TB

Good show Saturday, Monica! My pick for a theme song for Hillary and Billary would be ol' Willie Nelson's "Yesterday's Wine". Vino may improve with time, but not yesterday's failed socialist experiments. You brought up how Nixon had ended the draft; I remember it like it was the other day when Melvin Laird announced 1/27/73 that we could go all-volunteer four months earlier than planned, giving an eighteen year old like me some time to plan how to best serve my country.


Remember what Gertrude Stein said:
"A blog is a blog, is a blog , is a blog. . . is a blog"

Gashouse Jim VFW

To "Kim May Kiss My Azz Now"

You're not a man, talking to a woman like that.
You wouldn't have lasted a fraggen day in my unit.

Gashouse Jim VFW

Hey Monica,
Like your show. You set things right, especially for Vets like myself and those guys doing their job over there.

Kim May Kiss My Azz Now

Hey Gasbag, I mean Jol, I mean Kim ... If you are a veteran, I will leap with an umbrella from the Capitol dome.

You spent the 60s doing drugs and protesting the Vietnam War while you followed around your heros like Robert Kennedy and later George McGovern. Don't you ever dishonor the good name of veterans by mixing them up with a stupid piece crap like yourself. We all wish you get this over with and just light your beard on fire in protest of the Iraqi War. Stop coming here to snipe at loyal Conservative Americans. You are not one of them and don't be flattering yourself as some kind of defender of females. The only females you defend are the professional dominatrices you worship like Hillary. You have said the most vile things toward Monica during you time here as Jol and other aliases. We don't have to keep taking it, which is why myself and others have started speaking up against your antics. You don't like being busted on every blog. Too bad. When Monica tires of you she will identify and ban your IP address or prosecute you. I hope to get a front seat at that trial. A circus clown like you need to be put in a museum for Expired 60s freaks. Its a real relief knowing that your liver will probably give out soon and we'll be done with the likes of your Bastardhood.

Chuck from Albany

Excellent. How could anyone disagree with K.M.K.M.A.N.

This Kim/Jol/Gashouse must be the local A-hole. Every blog has one. I say nuke him.

GOP Mind

NY TIMES: Democrats concede US presence in Iraq may last for years



The whole thing reminds me of the WC Fields orange grove flick

Jol(WC): Your crazy.

Perp(other man): You're drunk.

Jol: Well, I'll be sober tomorrow. You'll be crazy for the rest of your life

Mark Simons

I don't think that critic of JOL sounds crazy at all. But go check out JOL's video and you might wonder if he's EVER sober. He says the most perverted things and should be banned from YOUTUBE and everywhere. He's been trying to pick me up in the chat but I told him to take a hike. After listening to him I don't think I'll be voting for any dems in '08 >>>


Before long maybe Monica will give us all a break by banning JOL and his supporters. Personally, they make me want to puke.

The Ghost of Jol

What have I done to deserve all of this contempt? Okay so I voted for Bill Clinton. Big deal. And I'm a Marxist, so sue me. I believe if you have more than me, you have an obligation to share it with me and my family. No ifs ands or buts. You have something, I want some. Any questions?

Anybody who has a problem with that can go argue with Congressman Barney Frank. The democrats are in charge. Get use to it, Perps. Just try to ban me from blogging and I'll call the ACLU.

Mr Simons, what makes you think you are cute enough for me? I am very particular. You guys are so stuck up. Who do you think you are, Brad Pitt?

HILLARY 2008 Gimme some Gimme some! LOL



Washington (AP) - In a surprise move, the White House has announced the resignation of top Bush advisor, Karl Rove. Prominent democrats reportedly called emergency strategy meetings early this morning via secure conference call, signalling the extreme impact of this major shakeup. President Bush in an unexpected personal visit to the White House press room has already named Rove's replacement from outside of GOP circles, in an effort to quell opposition from across the aisle. Unknown activist from the New England area, Jack Flynn, was tapped this morning as a gesture of solidarilty with groups like MoveOn.org and Code Pink. When pestered for an explanation, the President would only comment, "if Jol is going to be a pain-in-the-butt, he might as well be a pain-in-the-butt for our side. Now, get out of my way."

Jol is Insane

And INKA aka JOL is calling someone ELSE crazy??
..... Whew!

Being a drunken lunatic is no way to go through life, son.


'The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they're ignorant: It's just that they know so much that isn't so.' - Ronald Reagan

The Ghost of Jol

Jol, regretfully, had to decline the position, because he is dead.


Notice that he called us, "friends". That was the man's real talent—building bridges, not letting them collapse.


Mark Simons (Perp)

How dirty is this video?



Notice to bloggers:

I am formerly Jol. All my fans can now address me as Alf. Sometimes I might be Niel and others just to make it interesting and keep you guessing. LOL


By the way I really loved those democrat debates on LOGO. Did anyone else watch them? Any other gays on here besides me?

Chuck from Albany

Dear Niel and Alf,

You are no more interesting as these new names than you were as Jol

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