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August 16, 2007



Hey Monica,

We have to stop saying "radical" islam. The Pentagon recently conducted a study to determine if our enemies were truly "radical" to the teachings, tenets and history of islam. That study sadly concluded that our enemies are fully consistent with traditional, orthodox notions of islam.

The enemy is political islam.

And since islam is a complete, comprehensive prescription for man, for how man should order his society, even qualifying the problem as "political" islam is still not quite correct.

It's accurate, but it's not correct. It strikes the target, but it's not a bullseye.

Every term of qualification leaves within our throat, leaves within us a sense of imprecision.

Every attempt at qualification is an attempt at dodging the true enormity of our enemy.

We're pulling our punches, and we know it.

The enemy is what the enemy has always been.

1,300 hundred years worth of history doesn't deceive.

Not a single school of islamic jurisprudence has condemned terror, for the very simple reason that the word "terror" is but the modern descriptive for historic "razza." And "razza" is hostage taking, terror raiding, atrocities, rape, gang rape, plundering and pillaging, commerce raiding, etc.

Remember the war against those we termed the "Barbary Pirates." Those weren't "pirates" at all. They were jihadists. Everything they were doing fit within the larger scheme for islamic enrichment and expansion.

We've fooled ourselves for years by portraying the war as one against "pirates." It was our first interaction with the nonsense of islam and jihad.

But whereas our illustrious forefathers went after their enemies, and reduced their ports and cities, and dictated peace, we prefer to discuss matters at Davos.

We prefer to allow Condi to wander from one worthless conference to another, embarrassing herself, embarrassing us, compromising our security, compromising Western security.

We either put political correctness to death, .................................. or it will kill us.

Tom TB

There has only been one group of people that has desired my demise in the 1990's to now, and they are Muslim men in their teens to early 30's. To say otherwise is to preach denial. Monica, you are correct, when these worshipers of death are appeased, they just get bolder.

Corrupt Flynn

I agree with Monica 100%. Stomp out the the homegrown Jihadists. But what
about their homegrown Liberal enablers who spend every waking moment
feeling guilty that we might somehow be PROFILING? (Oh my God, I said it ..
.. the ugly P word). The Liberals support a concoction of measures that all
serve to undermine the homegrown War on Terror. (Homeland Security, for
you Rubes in the audience). Many of these Rubes look to their old heros
in the Democrat Party, like Senator Kennedy, for leadership on how best to
help America expose its vulnerable underbelly to the Jihadists. Some come
from the same region of the country as Kennedy. Some even come to this
website and spew the same America-loathing monologues.

Who are we talking about? Well, you know that answer. Its JOL aka Jack
aka Niel, and so many aliases it might take the entire page to list them.
But the purpose of each comment is the same, the set up a further teardown
of what conservatives do to help bolster security for America. And if that means
coming as a thousand different names to feign agreement with a bunch of
pretended Liberal talking points, then that is just the way it must go.

It is these enablers like Jack who, besides the Jihadists themselves, pose
the greatest threat to Homeland Security. They want us vulnerable. They need
us vulnerable. And why? So that they may feel comfortable in rationalizing all
their misguided, warped ideals that were ingrained by some drug experience
they had in the 60s, most likely. Why not just call it what it is, a reliving of the
Good Old Days... a chance to view the World again through the prism of those
Old Eyes permanently changed during the Vietnam years. So, every time
Jack posts, its another blow to "The Man" ..... another hit against who?
"The Establishment".... Familiar words to those who were there and lived
through that mess. But its impact on Today is immense. An entire generation
of lost souls living on the coasts mostly, who cannot reconcile differences
between the war waged in the 60s and 70s, with a Terror War waged out of
necessity to save a Country we love and a way of life worth preserving for the
future. To them, war is war and its ALL BAD. (unless of course if America
has no vital interest at stake... Marines serving up meals-on-wheels, that's
fine with them.)

And so you have the Fake Blogger Fringe. They are out there. They are right
here. (Hi Jack!) Let me tell you who the only real conservative bloggers are
on this site. I'm not talking about the occasional driveby conservative, but
the true consistent posters who you can trust. There is TomTB and then
there is Gringoman, Pete and a few of their obvious friends. And that is it,
until Monica decides to bring in some more from who knows where. But
I will only take the above short list seriously. These people I know are not
enablers and are True Americans who should be sent all your well wishes.
Jack is a feeble artifact from the Looney Left and will be disposed of on the
junk heap of history before long. He exists there in our minds already, but
he needs to find out where he is in Reality and that takes time. Unfortunately,
in the meantime, the country needs defending and you won't get any help
from Jack's kind.

Jack poses his own question, then answer it. He never seems to tire of the
same phony game. Only a drunk Irish Rube with no influence in the world
would stoop to such chicanery. Its sad to be from such a slimey heritage.
Sad that the only thing his father taught him was how to tip a glass. I hate
to say this so bluntly, when I know there is a very staunch well-taught,
conservative line of Irish who deserve all of my respect, but like Monica,
they know who they are and I HOPE they know this commentary is not
directed toward them. Again, its the Kennedy branch of Irishdom that is
being addressed here and its a very Wacky faction. Who could explain
what happened there? Its a mystery. My only explanation is the Booze got
to their mind. This has to be a sort of thinking impairment due to alcohol.
Let's hope it wasn't the smoke. That wouldn't explain Kennedy anyway.

In the words of the immortal Ann Coulter, speaking of the Left:


"If conservatives are the ones driven by ideological passions, then why are liberals the ones always falling for laughable hoaxes in support of their anti-war ideological agenda? And if liberal beliefs are true, why do they need all the phony stunts to prove them? ..."


Phony stunts, Jack. Its your specialty. Just let it sink in a while.


Hey, why don't you write a book, Charley? I think you really have some talent, haw. . . haw. . . haw.
You know, it's a rotten shame you aren't a Democrat.
You have all the mental attributes of a donkey,
He Haw. . . He Haw. . . He Haw.

Movie Watcher

So Padilla was convicted...because of his fingerprints on a form? That's it?! Wow, that's amazing! Where is the E-V-I-D-E-N-C-E!!! I'm not one to nit-pick, but is there any proof of him building a "dirty bomb"? Any photos, video, or anything? Monica, you bought that jive the gov't just passed off? I thought you were smarter than that. But, I shouldn't be surprised. I'm sure you still believe the war is working. And you probably think a republican is going to be the next president, too.


Thanks for the answer duke, Im not sure but be happy to hear any other responses as lon as they are legit.
the question was, can hillary pick her hubby bill as VP. and God forbid something happened to her would he be able to step up and serve a third term? and GOD bless the familys' of the three minors trying to save the other trapped minors, They are truly AMERICAS heros. thats all for me ... SEMPER FI.... NIEL


Corrupt flynn your a bore not tmention a moron dont use my name when your rederick goes on and on I am who I say I am and post undr my real name. get a Life
cum stain and stay out of my world you play with fire your gonna get burned.


Any one watch hardball, did cheney hit the nail on the head in 94 or what the whole show could be a precursor to the downfall of the GOP the whole thing
bummer are ya cringing or what.....NIEL

Whacky Jack

Niel is no marine. The closest he got to a battle is deciding which hand to use for doing the Nasty. He favors the Left cause he says it feels like somebody else is doing it.

But what's the diff? Ace = Movie Watcher = Niel = Jack Flynn

Red Alert

JACK aka Duke Trainor III SAID:

" Red Alert said, "There's no desire for unity whatsoever"
Implied in your own statement is that unity is something positive to achieve.

Also, you misquoted me. I said, "Unity is A goal." Not Unity is THE goal. I simply meant that it will take a unified desire to accomplish specific tasks such as making healthcare available to all Americans, and it will take a unified desire to attack the massive problems of a crumbling infrastructure and homeland security etc.
How you got from there to "all of us goose-stepping the some tune" is beyond my realm of comprehension.
It is a classic example of "truth twisting" which is practiced daily by the likes of Coulter, Limbaugh, O'Reilly, Hannity, (or those "Great Americans" as they they like to call themselves and fascist fools like yourself).
You ought to find a some new mentors pal. The ones you have now are walking anachronisms. The dust bins are full of them.

Posted by: Duke Trainor III | August 17, 2007 at 01:23 PM "

Sorry Jack, I looked for your quote on what I said but its not up there.. I checked twice. You probably misunderstand, but that is nothing new. Not speaking against Unity here at all. But also not going to browbeat somebody into conforming to my idea of what Unity means. Hence the goose-step comment. Its not being an anachronism to walk your own way. So why you would try to enforce this conformity by insisting on your idea of what constitutes Unity, is a real source of bewilderment and astonishment, frankly. Is this not exactly the same tactic as the Brownshirts that you claim to so despise? If you indeed despise them, then why employ their tactics? Certainly, not even you could be that dense.

Well, we are hardly in dust bins. All of Coulter's books were #1 best sellers, as were Hannity's, as were Rush Limbaugh's. Its the Liberal agenda that isn't selling. Air America is a good example of a project that couldn't sell its message, despite cash infusions from the Left. And in order to get elected in 2006, Dems had to market themselves as Conservatives. It was hilarious to see so many new "converts" like Hillary suddenly talking about her "religious faith." Afterward it was a case of bait and switch, as Liberals claimed that America voted for "Their Agenda." That is what is laughable. Its the same thing with an immoral slug like you, Jack. The more you preach these Love Ideals, the more you look like the Marxist you are underneath all that slime you like to sling. You equate your view of Unity with all of these Liberal programs and they do anything but serve us or unify us. But what do you care? You don't measure a project's worth by its results, anyway. For you, its the thought that counts. Otherwise you would admit that all the feel good welfare programs fostered by a Democrat Congress from the time of LBJ onward, did nothing but create a Class of Dependency in this country. And those poor people are growing ever more poor and dependent by the very programs your side has devised to save them. You failed. Now its time you admit it. But you never will, because you never learn. This is the difference between pragmatism and idealism. All you live for is to justify your mistakes and the mistakes of your fellow Libs. Then you demand all the more loudly that the rest of us march down the same deadend with you, or we should be accused of disrupting your ever perfect World Idea of Unity. Sorry Jack, but we don't do that goose-step, whether its "A goal" or "The goal." That is your thing. Not mine, not ours. -- Don't want it. Don't need it.

Vito from Brooklyn

hey Red -

nice job - super clear - who could disagree.


To the anonymous person who is using multiple names and posting all this anti Jol/jack confession crap.
You are firing off at this Jol/jack person all over this blog and making it extremely uncomfortable for the rest of us. You remind me of the definition of a fanatic I once heard: "One who having lost sight of his goals, redoubles his efforts." Why don't you let go of it. It is clear that you are posting a lot of scurrilous nonsense in his name which reflects more on your sick mind than anything negative on JOl/jack. You are obviously jealous of him and obsessed with him. And all the homosexual stuff is coming right out of your own psyche not from his. I have been on his website and there is nothing there to indicate that he is anything other than a knowledgeable, thoughtful man with a great sense of humor and a healthy heterosexual orientation.
Not so you. You are sexually ambivalent and have an unnatural fear of your own homosexual tendencies which you are blatantly projecting on Jol/jack.
Get help man. You are on a self destructive course that can only take you deeper into the psychological abyss you are floundering in.
And leave the rest of us alone on here. If you are going to post on here, why don't you have the guts to use either your real name or a consistent screen name.
Your evasive tactics and scatter-shot sniping are nothing more than a reflection of your own cowardice.
You are a Jihardist of the worse kind, a back shooter.
And don't point to the various screen names Jol/jack has been forced to use and say he is the one who is doing it. You leave him no other choice. At least there is an intelligence, consistency and relevance to his posts, which are sorely lacking in yours.
You are nothing but a terrorist troll on these pages, one real sick puppy.


President Bush will get no credit for
all the little things that are accomplished
in the fight against these terrorists (muslims)
but he will get the blame if they ever succeed.

Duke Trainor lll

Red Alert,(perp)

You're thinking is severely jaded.
Perp nonsense. Not worth a response.

P.S. By the way, your Niel/Niel posts display your split personality in spades. You are an open book pal.
It is really a laugh when you pretend that you think Niel is me.

Just how stupid do you think the people on here are, anyway?

It's hands off on Pete, Tom TB and Monica, isn't it?
I should think your "liberal" Niel would be all over them.

Vito from Brooklyn?

Duke Trainor III

And yes if you think that was me posting as Ann and Hammar you'd be right. What else can I do? I'm really pissed.

Jack Flynn

Dan said: "We either put political correctness to death, .................................. or it will kill us."

To you fear mongers out there like Monica, Dan and Tom TB, who see Al Qaeda under your beds and in your closets. Have you checked the attic and the basement? Better get busy. They are swarming over the roof, crawling down your chimney.
For God'a sake, grow up.
Global terrorism is a fact of life we ALL have to live with, not just YOU. Quit worrying about your own skin and get used to it. And quit thinking that America is the only bulwark against it. That is perfectly ridiculous. Terrorism is a Global problem and the answers will only come from the multiple efforts and intelligence of hundreds of nations and millions of persons throughout the world.
Instead of wasting your time building a case against Coulter's "liberal infidels" who are courageous enough to speak out against a wrong headed, paranoid government that is on the road to turning America into a military state, why don't you forget your fears for a second and look at the systemic problems that more directly effect the safety and well being of Americans—like poor or non-existent health-care, a failing infrastructure, poverty, disease, natural and unnatural disasters, the energy crisis, the emotional and physical abuse of children, illiteracy, gang warfare, alcohol and drug abuse, domestic strife, serial killings, animal abuse, white collar crime, poisonous chemicals in our food and water, poor and ineffective protection of our workers, etc. etc. etc.
And you think political correctness is the problem? Liberal whacko posters?
How shallow can you get? How out of touch with reality can you get?

Jack Flynn

I bet I have sucked more man meat than everyone on this site.

Let me take a pole.

Jack Flynn

Yes, I'll bet you have.

Jack Flynn

Dueling Jacks.

Challenge: We both post only as Jack Flynn, until the real Jack stands up.

Mark Simons

Still trying to pick up guys with that dirty talk, eh Jack?

Jack Flynn

You know what I mean when I say Dueling Jacks don't you?
Its "sword fights," sweetie. En Guard!

Terror Warrior

Jack Flynn said:
" Global terrorism is a fact of life we ALL have to live with, not just YOU. Quit worrying about your own skin and get used to it. .... How shallow can you get? How out of touch with reality can you get? "



Jack Flynn

The above statement was made by a self proclaimed "REAL AMERICAN". Can you imagine what America would look like with "REAL AMERICANS" like that in charge?
Is he a "REAL AMERICAN" in Monica's eyes? In your eyes? I wonder. How about it Monica? Is he a real American? How about it Pete? How about it Tom TB? How about it Dan? After all, he is a conservative, posting on a conservative site.
I guess he's one of yours.
Thank God.

Jake the Snake Boston Ma.

Hey terror warrier or whatever you call yourself.
What's America supposed to be like in your head? concentraton camps full of Irish? I'm Irish and my families Irish and we ARE REAL AMERICANS.
Come over to Southie, M Street Park and we ll talk, okay. You ask anyone there tell them your looking for jake the snake and theyl put you onto me. I mean it. I got a beautyful boa named Semper Fie and two friendly pit bulls named skipper and olive oil who would like very muchto meet you. So lets be friends drop by and we ll listen to some Irish music and we ll show you how friendly us Irish can be.
I suppose you think that the Irish are too stupid to use computors. You got another think coming.


I agree with Terror Warrior. Jack is just another Benedict Arnold in a leisure suit. But I wouldn't slap him. His face is already red enough from the booze!

Ted Kennedy

Hey Jake, I'll be right over. It ahhh, sounds like a fun time.
Er ahh, make sure the ahh libations are on the house.

Jake the Snake Boston Ma.

Screw you. That jack fake Irish commie is right. I read all the stuff. you are a puke coward.
I wasn't kidding come over to M Street Park any time day ir night.
You will find out i don 'need to fake anything
like you pussys. I AM JAKE THE SNAKE

T. Wakefield

Dear Jake the Flake,
There's about as much chance of your Family of Snakes being Real Americans as Tampa Bay winning the Pennant ..HEE HEE HEEE!



Beverly/Canadian liberal

Jack, you fool. The Perp is female. It is Monica indulging her craziness. Did you ever hear her off-mike laugh. It's crazier than Howard Dean's Yiiiieowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!
You can tell a person by their laugh, you know, particularly the crazy part of them.
You fool Jack. You have been shadow boxing with Monica Crowley all along. She has been leading you around by the nose and you followed like a dumb Irish Setter.
What a laugh.


Could be Beverly, but gee, I wonder where she developed such a heavy duty prejudice against the Irish. Could it be alcohol, a Mel Gibson thing? I mean, she does seem exhausted on Sunday evenings.
Well, I suppose we all have to vent, don't we?


"Today I bake, tomorrow I brew,
Today for one
Tomorrow for two
Little knows my royal dame
Monica Crowley is my name"

R. O'Donnell

And they said I was crazy?


You are.

Yul Blink First

Hey Rumpledforeskin,

Did you know Celebrity Blackmail is a crime?


"Today I fake, tomorrow I fool,
Today for fun
Tomorrow for stool
Every man knows I am to blame
Jack (Jol) Flynn is my name"


Yul Blink First

You mean, Rumpelstiltskin might sue him?
Well, Charley, you tell the little bastard he can't get blood from a stone.
I don't give a S##t, anyway. The job is done. I got paid.
He has all the relevant information and he can do what he wants with it.

You want to hire a good P.I.? Hundred bucks a day plus gas, film and lunch. I'll meet you at Dunkin' Donuts tomorrow morning at 10 and we can discuss it. By the way, I'm Irish, from Southie. Hope you can get beyond that.
Let's bury the hatchet huh Charley.
Dunkin Donuts, 10 am, just a short distance from your place.


Come on Charley. We can turn that tables on this Jol/Jack guy. I don't like the guy anyway. Too right for me, too wrong for you, huh? He's a real cheapo, only paid for cheap film. You came out grainier than hell. If it wasn't for your fat rump and beer belly no one would even recognize you.
He's nuts anyhow. Thinks you are M.C..

Dunkin Donuts, Charley. 10:am.


One more thing Charley. I can help you get by all that "comment spam" you keep getting. What do you say, huh?




I said I was good. Never said I was ethical.


Jack, please stop spamming this website. You are persona non grata. Your
aliases stop now and you have plenty to lose, believe me. I've shown a few
judge friends of mine some of your posts and they feel this is actionable.

According to those whose opinions count, you could spend a few years in
supervised psychiatric probation at a minimum. If it were determined that
you pose a real threat, then it only gets worse. So, take a hint and go away.

Jack Flynn

Reductio Ad Absurdum

Game, Set, Match.

Yur Worst Nightmare

Reductio Ad Falsum

Its this simple: You are banned. And if I say that's true and you continue, then
the promised situation will unfold. Go ahead and test me. You'll get the lesson
you desire. And I will be more than happy to set you straight. Then you can whine
all you want to the public defender -- see if he thinks you won something.

You have no further business here. So get lost, Monkey boy.

Forrest Gump

Stupid is as Stupid does, Rump

Life is like a box of chocolates ... you never know what you're gonna get

Jack the Boozer

Oh sorry - I really tied one on last night - I've had another blackout again.

Where am I? I woke up in front of this computer

The Real Jack

Okay that;s it. I'm filing lawsuits against EVERYBODY on this board. I've had it!



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