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August 13, 2007


Chuck from Albany

Rove has resigned. And we will miss him.

Now if we could only get Jol and his aliases to resign this blog.
Surely, he will not be missed.


Don't you Perps get it? I will never resign. This is my/our finest hour.
If I come as other names, you will just have to guess who I am. LOL
And now its time for a little nightcap. Let's see. How about an old
favorite.. some 12yr old Scotch. Maybe two or three just to take
the edge off. Ahh sounds like a plan. Night all. Take it easy, Karl ..

Movie Watcher

It's over. A lame duck president he is. Bush will not be able to pass anything in congress. He will ride out the war, sitting in the oval office, wondering what the hell went wrong. Get ready for Hillary! And how about Bill Clinton back in the white house? Isn't that great...yes!

Fred Klein

As John Edwards said: Good-bye and good riddance.

Tom TB

I learned a lot of psychology from the Democrats, mainly "Projection". Whenever someone like Hillary accuses an opponent of anything, immediately investigate THEM for having committed that very offense. Whenever someone says "well, everyone does it", no, it's that THEY do it.

Fred Klein

I resent someone posting something in my name. Stop being childish. I have no idea who this "JOL" is that you all are so obsessed with, but it is inappropriate to use my name. Grow up, "Fred."

The Real Jol

Fred, I warned you before not to use one of my aliases. I reserve certain names for my own use alone. Back off or we might have a problem.

Sheez, I can't relax for 5 minutes without one of you wackos infringing on my trademarks.


Hey Jol,
I'm losing my keister on subprime loans. Should I blame Karl Rove for resigning, Edwards for being a homophobe, or Hillary for being ugly? Soon I might be "The Ghost of Alf."

Fred Klein

That last Alf is a fake. That's one of the names I use when I get tired of using Jol. You Perps better lay off the gay jokes. That's all I can say. If I knew it would be like this, I would have never come out to you people.


"I learned a lot of psychology from the Democrats, mainly "Projection".

Tom TB,
Your tactic is right out the Rove and Cheney bag of dirty tricks and it won't work anymore. Out of respect for the Republican doughboy's departure, why don't you try something new? That stuff is real boring and ineffective.
You are beginning to sound like the perp assassin who posts here and twists things around to make it look like the other guy said or did it.


You are very predictable Perp.
Now, what are you going to to with Inka-dinka-doo?


Dear Monicamemo Board,

I'm so sorry. I've been crying all night. When I came here two years ago all I wanted to do was meet some friends and make you republicans suffer. But now since the Perps have started pulling the same bullshit I've been doing to the whole board for the last 24 months, I can't handle it anymore. I think I'm going out of my mind! Its so unfair.

Besides, only democrats are allowed to play dirty tricks. We have the moral high ground so its all justified. Don't you Conservatives understand?? I am so offended that some have beaten me at my own game. I never thought any of your stupid republicans would catch on to my MO. Its not Projection when I do it. Projection is a GOP thing. Don't you get it? I'm not the Perp, even though I do all the same things. I can't explain it. Its all very disturbing. I've been crying to my wife all night. I can't sleep. Even the booze isn't working. All I can say is I give up. Please stop. I'll be good, I will. I promise it will be different. Please!!

Jack (Jol)

Conley T. Gwinn

"... Christ taught and talked exclusively of Love. He was the go-to-guy for love on the planet. And if you believe and follow Christ as the son of God, you are in even deeper. You must, "Love your enemies". My conclusion: Any conservative who follows Christ is a flaming liberal. "Love your Enemies"???????????? He has to be, or he is not part of Christ's Kingdom of Heaven—someone else's maybe, but not Christ's. ..." -- Posted by: Inka-dinka-doo (Jol)

"Love your enemies"? ....... The Devil loves to quote Scripture as well, Jol.

Why you goddamn hypocrite. If you think we're going to fall for that line, you have another thing coming. You have no idea what you are dealing with here. And we don't need a Bible lecture from the likes of your low level hypocrisy. When you start living the life you preach, then the board here won't need to listen to your little theories. We'll all know from the example you show in your dealings with us. In the meantime, you go lecture your friends over at MoveOn.org on the meaning of Christ's example. It falls on deaf ears for this blog. And if we are in need of a lesson, it won't be from the likes of your shallow leadership.

Let's refresh your memory about what you said
not long ago about your "enemies." ...

"Conservatives are hurt by the liberal barbs hurled at them, when that has been their modus operandi since the birth of the Contract With America.
We are hurting the feelings of the poor little things and they are imploring us to stop.
Well, of course we won't, so get used to it losers.
You will be in the political and cultural dunce corner for years to come—the corner you have painted yourselves into. Yes, you will be pilloried and stoned with barbs and insults and you fully and duly deserve every single one of them. You have been posing as patriots and Christians long enough—causing wars and meddling in peoples personal lives.
So sit back and endure it my right winged friends. You are about to reap what you have sown." -- Posted by: Jol

And Inka don't bother with the bullshit denials or handy supportive comments from sudden new blog friends. We won't mention its really Jol since everyone knows its always Jol anyway. Soooo stupid. Jack, your life is a joke, the same as all the empty threats you like to spew. If you couldn't "love your enemies" on here, how could you handle a real problem? So pathetic you are. I'd slap you right in the mouth, if my arm was only long enough.

Red Alert

Rush will interview Karl Rove on Wednesday. Try to catch it.
It should be an historic interview



Conley T Perp,

Are you talking to me fatboy?
You can mess with Jol as much as you like, but don't mess with me, or you will find yourself bereft and adrift in a black hole, no place to run, no place to hide.
You are a fool of the lowest order, too fat to wash your backside and too stupid to contend with your betters.

So mind the sign: KEEP OFF THE GRASS


It's obvious he's a pothead.
But how do you know he's fat?


Only somebody that fat could be that stupid.

Mark Simons

Yeah I think he's talking to you, Dickwad .... especially since you are all the same person

Isn't that correct, you freakin' parasite ?


I wonder what the law states could Hillary pick Bill her hubby for vice and god forbid something happend to her he technically could seve a third term yes? If any one Know for sure without Jibbering post it.

 Duke Trainor  III

She could pick him but it is highly unlikely. He could run for a third term, himself, if he wanted to. The law only prevents him from serving three consecutive terms.

Corrupt Flynn

Jack poses his own question, then answer it. He never seems to tire of the
same phony game. Only a drunk Irish Rube with no influence in the world
would stoop to such chicanery. Its sad to be from such a slimey heritage.
Sad that the only thing his father taught him was how to tip a glass.

In the words of the immortal Ann Coulter:


"If conservatives are the ones driven by ideological passions, then why are liberals the ones always falling for laughable hoaxes in support of their anti-war ideological agenda? And if liberal beliefs are true, why do they need all the phony stunts to prove them? ..."


Phony stunts, Jack. Its your specialty. Just let it sink in a while.


Hmm. I see what you mean. Jack is a fraud -- A bad joke at best.

 Unsavory Gentleman

Postulate 1
Never use the lavatory after Ann Coulter unless you are partial to fishy smells.

Postulate 2
The reason conservative men and women love Ann Coulter is because they think she has a penis.

Postulate 3
She does.


Dear Unsavory Jack,

If she does, you're just jealous cause its bigger than yours.
----- and she'd have nothing to do with you! Yuck Yuck Yuck

d:¬P~~ <----- This is JOL when he thinks of Ann Coulter

Wife of Jol

I bet she could satisfy my needs better than Jol too !


"Today I bake, tomorrow I brew,
Today for one
Tomorrow for two
Little knows my royal dame
Monica Crowley is my name"

Wife of Jol

Please excuse my husband. He hasn't been himself since he overdosed on Viagra.

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