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August 04, 2007



PROGRESS IN IRAQ Really a big problem for the American Democrat Party? NAAHHH!

8/3/07: DON’T CONFUSE THEM WITH FACTS: Congressional Democrats say it will take "monumental" improvement in Iraq to sway them from pushing for U.S. troop withdrawal after September progress report http://washingtontimes.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070803/NATION/108030095/1002

BARRACK HUSSEIN OBAMA Rising? If so, it's due to GROWING IGNORANCE WITHIN THE VOTING PUBLIC. In this time of war, how can this empty suit be trusted with foreign affairs?

- He spouts off about violating Pakistan's sovereignty by attacking al Qaeda without Pak approval, and,

- He unilaterally says he's taking use of nuclear weapons off the table no matter.



O and NOT TO FORGET THE HYPOCRACY of the ambulance chasing lawyer who is running,

8/3/07: Edwards outraged Hillary accepted $20,000 from Rupert Murdoch despite himself receiving $800,000 from his own dealings with Murdoch

And then there's his outrageous proposing to kill off growth in the economy by hiking taxes which displays his ignorance on economic (common trait amongst all of the Deodcrrat party candidates).


james pratt


The Gitmo mess is easy. We send my barber. He is guaranteed to get the truth out of anyone. Good for national security, good for the weight-gaining prisoners, and the whiners on the left?

Can they really take on Gary? He'd make 'em friends, and then make'em talk, before you know it they'd cop to truth too.

More at: http://jmprattcom.blogspot.com/2007_08_01_archive.html


Tom TB

Old Coke and New Coke, great analogy, Monica! The first Presidential candidate that won't be A:Accused of avoiding the draft, or B:Accused of shortening their military service by putting themselves up for questionable purple heart awards, or C:Serving in the Texas National Air Guard state-side.The torch has been passed!

Kort Walsh

Barack Obama offering advice on foreign policy toward Iran is like a vegetarian extolling the virtues of dry aged beef over wet aged beef.

Neither one is particularly qualified to speak on the respective subjects


Old Coke and New Coke. You may have something there. Of course, this fine point is probably wasted on the Perps and Twirps at this blog. By the way, did you see they tried to say I died in a freak ice climbing accident in Alaska? haha They wish!


People say I'm a drunkard, Monica. But I can quit any time I want.


You who are posting in my deceased cousin's name.

You are the now the only one posting using Jol as a screen name, so when they finally get sick of your insipid and disruptive intrusions, they will have the email address connected to you alone, as well as your IP address to shut you down.


IF the theory were true that Barack Hussein Obama represents "The New 21st Century Brand" and the rest of the candidates are old news, then it follows on the Republican side, that Mitt Romney, Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter would also represent "The New 21st Century Brand".

I SAY this "NEW BRAND STUFF" is an oversimplification and that the voting public is smart enough to form their views on the candidates based on more substanitive issues.


Remember, the "Big Dig" in Boston was under Mitt's control. He allowed the corruption and inferior workmanship to continue until a piece of concrete fell on a womans head and killed her.
So, I would suggest that you cross him off your list.


I wonder what Monica's politics would look like had she been hooked up with FDR rather than Nixon, hmmmmmm.

Then there was LBJ. Susan Strasberg said in her biography that Lyndon ran his enormous Texas paw under her skirt while she was visiting at the Whitehouse? Apparently, he caught the teenager sitting dreamily on a stairwell, drinking in the splendor of the place and took advantage.
Could she refuse the President of the United States?

I wonder how many young women out there could.

"I am your President child."

It's a good thing Nixon's Mars was in Sagittarius.
Otherwise, he might have pretended that he was a little brown bulldog and Monica was a white doll poodle with bright red lipstick and a pretty diamond collar.

And then there was Jack Kennedy, who would do it anywhere, with anyone he felt like doing it with.

And Bill. . . Bill usually insisted that they pay homage to his "John Thomas", right off, but Monica Lewinsky took sexual control from the git-go. She turned away, bent over, lifted her skirt, showed him the best part of herself, and made him an offer he couldn't refuse.

To tell you the truth, I would much rather have Bill Clinton “not having sex with that woman” in the Whitehouse than George Bush f##king the world.

Jeff Cortez

Because I love America, I would be very glad if you guys could raise, at least a little bit, the level of this discussion.

From Sao Paulo - Brazil


Hokey Jeff.

Jeff Cortez

Alex, my message was not directed only to you. Regards!


A country isn't like a God, sitting there waiting to be loved.
No matter how good it may seem to an outside observer, it is a work in progress and has to be constantly recreated and maintained in its most perfect form by its people. We still have a lot of work to do here, which I realize may seem like unpatriotic strife to an outside observer, but actually the job is getting done. Right now we are laboring to keep the freedoms a renegade government is attempting to wrench from our hearts and hands. When you have a few people in the higher levels of government who violate the law because they think they know better than its people, they have to be dealt with in no uncertain terms. They need to be criticized and exposed for the despots they are and we need to put new and better people in there, which we will in the election of '08. So take off the rose colored glasses Jeff and keep watching.


That's okay Jeff. I don't take it personally. I find that a little levity, well timed, is good for the human spirit.
Overall, I agree with you. The dialog on here could be elevated a little bit—a considerable little bit.


What's wrong with making fun at something if it deserves it?


Nothing Andy, nothing at all.

Jeff Cortez

Kim, at least your message was a little bit more substantial than the previous ones. It is a progress indeed! I am not idealistic, I just want to discuss serious matters that are ruinning this great country. In Brazil we speak Portuguese. Do you know why? Because Portugal was one of the two superpowers (the other being Spain) in the year 1500 when they "discovered Brazil" Do you know how long it (Portugal as a superpower) lasted? Approximately 90 years. I would not like it happened to America. But I see it taking place while very serious and dangerous things are occuring and many people are talking/writing about non-important subjects as it is happening in this thread. Who elected all these evil people you refer to? Why did they did so? Why don't you start discussing these subjects? From my humble point of view, it would be more clarifying and helping. Regards.



The problem with most americanos is that, unlike for you, history does not exist for them. They live in the Nielsen rated, insta-polled, fat-free yogurt present. What can the tragic sense of life mean to them? It means the boy from Bolivia delivering the sausage pizza cold. Or the Viagra not working. The culture here is mainly about pictures and putzes. History, on the other hand, is grand opera, not American Idol. How can these fat citizens---even the ones not consumed with their neuvo-folksy gimme-crack-porn---get into it?

Jeff, your attempt is noble. but as every media maven here knows: one must relate to one's audience. Being very widely traveled, I understand exactly where you're coming from. Que lastima, amigo mio! Monica, as a typical sophisticated Republican, is proving to be very liberal in what she tolerates on this site. But don't despair. You can get added insight into the "citizenry" when you visit what Monica hath wrought. At the very least, it can be educational. Who knows? Maybe you can find a way to break through the veneer of the national brainpan?

ps. I still love the samba. Socrates would too, I'm certain.

Courtesy gringoman.com, Penetratingly unread.


Yo oh wise Gringoman:

Your point "the problem with most Americans is that history does not exist for them..." is a direct hit. My generation born in the early 1940's was taugh history in Middle School, High School and college. At some later point, school curicula de-emphasized teaching history and replaced these courses with more "politically correct" teachings such as "African & Black studies" "Gay studies".....

George Santayana once said "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it."

Those who were taught history increasingly make up a smaller and smaller proportion of eligible voters. We are becoming a nation of ignoramouses. Give an ignoramous power and you get trouble. Heaven help us when we elect a tatooed individual with earings and nose rings with a baseball cap on backwards and falling down pants. That day is coming.

The Cubans had America to go to when Castro took over. When America falls to a National Socialist dictatorship, where will we go?

Mark Simons

Hey Jeff, don't sweat it. Patrick, Alex, Andy, and Kim are all the same stupid freak named Jack who lives in the projects and comes here to talk about boners and other gay crap. Sometimes he posts as JOL. Some of us wish he'd stop drinking that rotgut. He loves saying dirty stuff to Monica but only under a fake alias, because he's a low life scumbag who can only attract a red headed fat girl with a moustache. Just tell him to take a hike. His words are all borrowed from toilet stalls at Boston truck stops.

Jeff Cortez

Gentlemen, thank you! You cannot imagine how glad I am to know there is something pulsing in the other side of the line. Gringoman, Americans are intelligent. They could tell (barely, yes, I have to admit) that GW was more intelligent than Al Gore and J.F. Kerry. Can you imagine the tragedy it could have been? Today we would be with no tax cuts, two more very liberal Supreme Court Justices and Saddan Hussein terrorizing the whole Middle East, Israel included. Americans said the two main things that I wrote in the message I posted earlier in this thread. Who said he did not want America to be another Portugal was Mike Wallace in Larry King Live, about 8 years ago. Newt Gingrich said, two weeks ago, in one of the Sunday morning shows (that C-Span Radio streams every week) that America is in serious danger due to education deficiency. Newt said the challenge America is facing now is as big as it was in The Civil War period and he was talking about education. I do not think average, relatively uneducated, people are hopeless. Here in Brazil there is a string of examples proving that when you provide them with good quality information they make good use of it. Americans have faced so many challenges. I think you can overcome this one as well. Don’t despair; I’d like to tell you and everybody over there. Regards!


Crikey! its only the 6th and I've already gone through half the beer budget.

By the way, I have no cousin named Patrick. That must be the lunatic Perp whose been stalking me on this blog since July.

Maybe I could bribe him with a wine cooler.


Hey Pete,

You say that Americans "are becoming a nation of ignoramuses." Of course, the question is whether it's a done deal already. As for the best label, gringoVision, and later others, have started to use the term "ignorami." (Fewer syllables may allow it into the Liberal School System some day, if they can in-source enough teachers competent to teach basic English, say from China.)

I used to think there were meaningful differences between Dem and Pub (you know, the Dems were the slackers and hustling the gimme, whereas the Pubs stood for sense and standards etc.)

It's turning out to be just another media-enabled crock, as we see both Dem and Pub---Georgie Bush and Teddy Kennedy--- openly or sneakily leading the tax-paying sheeple into North American Union, breaking every law they need broken, savagely imprisoning border patrol guards for daring to shoot in the culo a million-dollar low-life drug runner etc. Even Fred Thompson,the 'true Tennessean,' who I once thought about, is now revealed as a bud of powerful Islamic Lobbyist Spencer Abraham and a member of our Monica's NAU-hustling Council on Foreign Relations as revealed in new gringommentary, 'THAT FRED TRAIN.' (Monica is cordially invited to post her denial or qualified admission.)

Get ready, Pete and others from the pre-Ignorami U.S. School system. The eliteniks obviously want to end U.S. sovereignty as you thought you understood it (see gringommentary, BUSH-CLINTON BORDER BUSTERS)and meld the Narco-Republica with the relatively less corrupt USA, using the Euro Open Society as their BUsiness School model. The dumbing down of the americano fits in with it. (They understand that the comic-book readers of Mexico are easier to control than better educated norteamericanos. Business School doesn't mean you're a total fool.) Monica might be able to tell us more about it from the CFR point of view, but as a member, she may be sworn to omerta. What happens at 68th & Park Avenue stays at 68th & Park Avenue?

ps. If I missed something and Monica in fact has fessed up in the past, let us know, correct my ignorance (or my ignorami-ness.)

gringoman.com, The Art of Leadership Without Readership

Jeff Cortez

One day, not very far away, Democrats and Republicans will have to decide about what to do to solve the energy problem. When this time comes, as these two sides can never agree on anything, the solution to this question (energy) will be decided by vote. When this happens, the people who are nowadays being born out of the wedlock, who are 37% of the population, may join hands with Hispanics, blacks, ecologists, socialists and opportunists saying that Americans must turn their bulbs off, don’t drive too much and slow the country down for it to look like a European nation. Why is this scenery possible? From my point of view, it is because it is too difficult for ordinary people to understand capitalism. In addition to that, this system as any other ever created by the humankind, leaves many people aside of it; mainly those who cannot understand how this system works, i.e. those who were not enough educated to understand capitalism and its complexities. These people become enemies of the system. Therefore, as Newt Gingrich has said, at this moment, education is fundamental for America to survive as a nation. With a good education plan, I think republicans could attract many swing voters who as anyone who has a little of sense of direction is very reluctant to vote democrats. I am not only referring to the very crazy trio Clinton – Hussein - Edwards. Senate and House of Representatives are very important too. My question is why conservatives are not listening to Newt Gingrich when he talks about education and the urgency of a good plan in this field.

GOP Mind

Hey Gringoman,

You see? This is why they don't read you much. You make too much sense.
You are too focused and correlate too many issues into a coherent picture
that demands address. We can't have that. You're causing a problem.

Interesting though that Monica appears to avoid certain hot topics you
bring up. This CFR thing bothers many of us. Why protect them, unless
its like you say: The blood oath of OMERTA. I would think that any really
smart person like Monica would have to connect the dots with all the things
you highlight. What I cannot understand is, why would it not bother her?
I bothers me. Big time. But then I am unaware of the perks of membership.
What is it, like they get a discount on those ritual candles for the black mass?
Ha - Just kidding. - A little.

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