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August 18, 2007



I can't wait, Monica. "LETS DO IT !!"

BTW, I've been clicking around your website and found this link:


This FOOL has to be the Stupidest Guy on the Planet. I was keeling over laughing at the dude making a complete IDIOT of himself in front of the Entire World.

Looking forward to the show. Take care.

Sean Dean




Great show!!

Some links you may like to visit:







Yes, Monica, those who question pols may be another pol's plants. C'est la vie.

But no, Monica, not always.

Yes, it's only human nature to think that a "delicate" question must, in fact, be coming from the Enemy Camp.

But the Prudhomme woman who asked Rudy the embarrassing family question in New Hampshire was not necessarily a Clintonista. (And yes, The Rudy handled it, in my opinion, with surprising grace and dignity mixed with toughness. With some finesse, he in effect told her: "It's my family. Please keep your paws off it."

However, WSJ's Online JOurnal indicates that this New Hampshire mama not only has a record of attacking Team Bubba , but may even be a partisan of Tom Tancredo.

The Strangeness of New Hampshire
"Republican Rudy Giuliani said Thursday that people should 'leave my family alone' when asked by a New Hampshire woman why the presidential candidate should expect loyalty from voters when he doesn't get it from his children," the Associated Press reports from Derry, N.H.:

The questioner, Derry mother Katherine Prudhomme-O'Brien, opened by thanking Giuliani for how he handled the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and introduced him to her 5-year-old daughter, Abby, who was playing on the floor next to the platform where Giuliani stood.

Prudhomme-O'Brien, 36, wasn't certain about Giuliani's answer.

"If a person is running for president, I would assume their children would be behind them," she said. "If they're not, you've got to wonder."

She said the issue is a question mark that is "going to stay there for a lot of people."

This nicely illustrates one of the hazards that face reporters in New Hampshire (Iowa, too). The AP describes Prudhomme-O'Brien as a "Derry mother," but a Google search shows that she is quite an activist. As Manchester's Union Leader reports:

Prudhomme-O'Brien said she is not a novice to retail politics and has taken advantage of face-time with other candidates to ask similarly tough questions, including an exchange with Al Gore in 1999 about an alleged rape committed by Bill Clinton.

At an evening town hall meeting with former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney in Londonderry, she said if given the chance she would press him on why New Hampshire residents who work in Massachusetts and pay income taxes there do not get in-state tuition for college or other benefits.

She even has an entry on Wikipedia, the nonauthoritative user-written online encyclopedia, according to which she is a supporter of Tom Tancredo, whoever he is.

The AP story would have been more informative if it had revealed Prudhomme-O'Brien's unusual background--although what's creepy is the thought that maybe, in New Hampshire, she isn't all that unusual.

GOP Mind


You say Rudy and Mitt are not irreparably damaged with the base due to their views on Illegal Immigration and both having hosted Sanctuary cities? You think they can fix this? All I can say is they are not fixing it with me. Why should I trust either one with this issue any more than I would trust them for their conversions on the abortion issue? Either they believe what they profess on principle, and naturally, or they do not. I don't think you change these kinds of stripes when you near election races and maintain much credibility on the conversion. At least I do not believe a word of what they say. I would sooner vote for you, Monica, than either of those two. But your apparent loyalty toward them as candidates does bother me a little, because I feel that it strays from faithfulness to what I understood were the conservative principles we are here to promote. I have a real problem with those two fellows and I do not think I am all that different from mainstream conservatives of the Buckley/Limbaugh/Schlussel camp. Its easy for you to quote some poll that never asked ME how I feel about this, to try to frame the Rudy and Mitt bids as viable. But I can tell you, if they are the candidates, I'm staying home. I will not cast a vote for either of them, only to later know I was acting out of blind loyalty to the GOP, when they later appoint pro-abortion Judges or sign bills allowing illegals to stay here while stealing my taxpayer support. Your words are not swaying this voter, so you might start with that. As much as I admire you, I really believe you are being blinded by this team player mentality, instead of doing what is right for implementing Conservatism. In my view, we were hoodwinked by those claims that George W. was a conservative, when he was anything but. It takes more than words, and the expansion in Federal spending without one veto, the new prescription drug entitlement, the No Child Left Behind fiasco, the Dubai Ports deal, the almost intractable Harriet Meyers cronyism, and the so-called Comprehensive Immigration Reform package, all flies in the face of any claim that GW ran a conservative administration. Do I have buyers remorse? Oh boy, I'll say. So why would you put me in that situation again? Why? Especially when you know how important it is to capture the Blue Dogs, the Bible Belt, the Midwest farmers, and the Military vote, to name a few. I don't care how viable you think their candidacy is, or should be, given your convictions. Its not going to fly outside of your circle of friends. Its not just the Media who is trying to convince you to forget Giuliani and Romney, its people like myself. I do not take my cues from that Media. So you are really barking up a tree with that explanation. Forget it. Don't even go there. I am furious that you would even suggest we cannot think for ourselves, that the Media is in some way brainwashing us to go negative on Rudy or Mitt. This is quite unbelievable. I am telling you right now, I WILL NOT vote for either of those men if that is my only choice. You will not make me choose between Hillary and Rudy, and if you do, then you better get use to the idea that a whole host of support may not show up like you expected. I know where I will be and it won't be at the polls, no matter how much I despise Hillary. You folks are not going to present me with Hobson's choice again and watch me squirm. I will not be party to this farce. Give me someone I can vote for. Just do it.

Jack Flynn

On your show today, you demonstrated precisely how you, Ann Coulter, O'Reilly, Hannity and Limbaugh regularly twist the truth.
You played the tape where Hillary says that returning troops are invisible to George Bush. Then you twist what she said and made it seem like Hillary said that the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq are invisible. That is not what she said or meant and you know it. But that didn't stop you from twisting it, did it Monica?
It is called LYING Monica. And worse, it was a premeditated and conscious lie, not a slip of the tongue.
That is precisely why the Republicans will lose in '08. People are sick to death of that kind of chicanery. They will not fall for it again.
I would ask you this, Monica. If you think that you speak the truth on your show and on your blog, why do you need lies to support it?

Jack Flynn

Notice perp? I used my real name.
Why don't you try it coward?

Friend of Monica

Jack, how dare you call Monica a liar. If you had any guts you'd meet me in Times Square at 9 o'clock and say that. I'll be wearing a Yankee's cap.

Jack Flynn

Yeah, you and 3 million other Yankee fans. Any other distinguishing marks besides your elephantine rear end and jumbo beer belly?

Tom TB

GOP MIND, Stay home on election day; I'll vote for both of us.

Jack Flynn

Sorry GOP. I got the poll covered on election day.

Jack Flynn

The truth is I love a good pole on election day or any other day. Ask Ann.

Jack Flynn

Who is Ann?


[While it's still convenient, before I'm on the road again, for a good while, in another continent, looking for an Internet Cafe]


Here is the latest on Republicans and American Sovereignty. (Why even bother to mention the disingenuous Donks?)

George Bush is heading to Canada very soon for meeting with his Mexican and Canuck counterparts. The aim is to further “harmonize” regulations and procedures of the three countries (although there is no plan, at present, to rename us ‘Amerxicana.’ It's not secret, but it's pretty stealthy. 22 Congressmen, almost all Republican, are now calling on El Presidente Bush to back off. Wouldn’t it be interesting to hear from Republican WH hopefuls on this, and on the North American Union in general?

By the way, I've done some, uh, 'probing' of the Fred camp on this. Nothing definitive---or especially satisfactory---to report yet. Of course, having mentioned Spencer Abraham, even describing him as an "albatross" around Fred, has not won me a popularity contest there (to date.) For the Fredheads it's a non-issue. (Can you imagine?)

Does this augur well for this Republic? Still, if he would seize this border-and-North American Union issue in a certain way---I mean really grab hold of it for the American people who still want to be a nation--- I could imagine ol' Fred blowing everybody from both parties out of the water. It could get so hot that even Monica might start covering the issue and getting impatient for Fred to flame out so Romney the Efficiency Expert (with none of his five sons--not a one---serving in unform) can get the nomination she predicts for him. I don't know if Monica would like it that hot.

But would Fred---a member of Monica's CFR--- dare do such a thing? I will believe it, but first I have to see it.


courtesy gringoman.com, The art of leadership without readership.


d:¬P~~ <-----This is Jack when he thinks of Ann Coulter

He says he lays in bed with a "big erection" ...........


I'm at a loss to your point? I date men. Does that make me homosexual? I
practice Marxism in my politics. Does that make me a full blown communist?
Six of one - half a dozen of the other. Nothing from nothing means nothing.
Some people call me a space cowboy, some call me the gangster of love.
Some people say they've had enough of silly love songs. What's the frequency,
Kenneth? When I look up to the sky, I see your eyes a funny kind of yellow.
Alles klar, Herr Kommissar? A rolling Jol gathers no moss.


"Today I bake, tomorrow I brew,
Today for one
Tomorrow for two
Little knows my royal dame
Monica Crowley is my name"

Slick Willy

Hey Rump, what do you call this?

Are you aiming for a free "Hillary is Satan" cap?

Brewmaster's Apprentice

Slick Willy, consider this ...

He's told so many tall tales, who would believe Jol about anything?
I mean he's a true Schmuck. His next headline will probably accuse
Monica of conspiring with Karl Rove to cause Global Warming.


"Today I fake, tomorrow I fool,
Today for fun
Tomorrow for stool
Every man knows I am to blame
Jack (Jol) Flynn is my name"

Jeff Cortez

This is to GOP mind who wrote the following phrase:

“try to frame the Rudy and Mitt bids as viable. But I can tell you, if they are the candidates, I'm staying home.”

GOP Mind, why are you so demanding? GW Bush invaded Iraq in the right timing, according to the American electoral calendar. He secured his re-election, secured the world oil reserves (and therefore a very sound world economy), secured Israel for a while, secured two right wing Supreme Court Justices and listened to his base in the Harriet Meyers case. In the (illegal) immigration reform you, Conservative Americans could through some radio talk show hosts halt the insanity. So, you elected (and re-elected) a president who could do great things and was stopped by his basis, when it was necessary. Don’t you think that if you (Conservative Americans) had been more active, you could have not allowed him to spend so much unnecessarily (and make other big mistakes)? Why don’t you blame yourself a little bit as well? That is only a question! Why don’t you think about how to improve your political (social) network to be able to control your politicians more tightly? Now you have the Internet, radio talk shows and credit cards through which everybody can easily contribute to causes they believe. This could be a great combination! This is a suggestion! My best wishes, from Sao Paulo, Brazil

José Jimenez

there's a message for Rump at the "Weeds" board

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