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August 02, 2007



Life comes at us like a speeding bullet between two trees at midnight. On the one hand, we live. On the other, we die. The lady or the tiger? Choices. . . choices.


Hillary Clinton!

I am now an official fan.


I would like her to be my President.


We men have had the reigns since this country's inception and we have screwed it up miserably. Almost all of the world's problems today are the result of men's rule.
It is time to try a woman. A woman's touch is needed to heal the unjust ills and pains of our nation.

America needs to take some time to heal its wounds before it can again become a nation worthy of leadership.

George Bush has almost completely destroyed our Nation's soul, by killing off our young in war, ignoring the people of New Orleans, ignoring the law, ignoring the voices of America, permitting torture, and breast feeding the drug and oil industry at the price of none or little health care for sixty million Americans.

We need a change, and that change comes in the person and personage of Hillary Clinton.

She has the heart and mind for the job.

She will prove that it takes a village.

And that village is all of America, not just the dining rooms and conference room where the rich hatch plan after plan to make themselves richer.

That game is over.

We are all members now. We are a Village.

And Hillary will be the chief Elder in that village.

She is a light. Watch her glow and shine.


Yes we are a village, just one Village, and we have to learn to deal with the other Villages in the world more creatively, because right now we are not doing so famously well.


You do a very poor job imitating me. Please refrain from these antics.
I own this blog in case you are not aware.


Jol is dead dimwit. Can't you read?

The last I heard, Monica Crowley owns this blog, not a p#ss-ant like you.


That loser couldn't hold a candle to Jol. Jol was a kind and humane man who would never let a friend down. It is too bad that he had to spend some of his last hours dealing with a no-nothing fool like that impostor.

Conley T. Gwinn

That's not true. Jol was not a kind man. He was an angry drunk and possessed by the Devil. We heard he converted 3 gay Catholic priests to Satanism who later died of cirrosis of the liver after Jol challenged them to a drinking contest. He was definitely a bad influence here. I don't believe he's dead. Its probably this dumb piece of sh*t, Patrick who is having the fake fight with his other name, Jol.

These liberal Irish frauds are all the same. Give them a bottle of cheap whiskey and they think they own the world. Let 'em all drink themselves into the grave, I say. Bunch of commie bastards are too stupid to live.

Mark Simons

Conley, you are so right. Jol is a weird sob and gay as a three-dollar bill. Every time I would post on here he'd be laying some gay pickup lines on me, like I might go have a drink with him somewhere. I can't think of a more creepy situation than sitting down for a beer with that freakin' douche bag.

J. Sullivan

Its a sad truth but my Irish brethren are mostly confused drunkards. Not all of us are like that. Hannity and O'Reilly come to mind

But you know they are drunks when they tell ya they're voting for that Hillary witch

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