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August 27, 2007



From my viewpoint, the former Senator from Tennessee, IS NOT QUALIFIED TO LEAD no matter who he pretends to be like.

FRED "The Old Gluehorse" Thompson should stick to TV acting if he wants to continue working. Senators lack the needed organizational skills that former Governors, big city mayors, and business leaders have from the nature of their jobs. Senators have little experience running large organizations - a skill a Presidient must have. Running a country is not like reading lines put before you by writers!

Moreover, his statement that "America can expect to be weaker and less prosperous in the future" stupidly projects the same pathetic weakness Jimmy arter's "the U.S. is in a malaise" did during the 1970's. He displayed very poor judgement to say such a thing.

At this jucture in my opinion, FRED's best job objective would be retirement out to pasture before he goes to the glue factory.

Just My Humble Opinion!

Chuck in Albany


Oh sure Pete. Big City Mayors. Why don't you just say Giuliani if you mean him? Well, there is an optimistic message for you: Let's abort lots of babies from potential Welfare Moms and have the Government pay for it! Boy, doesn't that just make you want to kick up your heels? Good thinking. Vote for a Big City Mayor who ran for office in the Liberal Party during his first outing. Very inspiring. What are we drinking today, Hemlock?

Who else are we talking about, governors? Romney. Oh okay, I could really get excited about THAT frozen smile for the next 4 years. Couldn't you? Let me go brush up on my Mormon-speak. Last one I talked to was telling me Terry Shiavo being scheduled for assasination by her "loving husband" was nobody's business but the family, and for the court to intervene was Government interference. I guess when the cops stop some domestic violence to prevent a murder, that must be Government interference too. Brilliant. Let's not profile any Mormons, though. Mitt changed his mind about abortion right before he decided to run as a conservative. You believe him, don't you? --Yeah, I do too. According to O'Reilly, Romney has got "the square-jaw thing going on." I suppose that qualifies him. I feel better about this already!

For me, all Thompson has to do is renounce Spencer Abraham and invite somebody like, oh I dunno, Ann Coulter to be his VP and he's got my vote. But it was already established on an earlier Blog that nobody will touch the Spence issue, NOT EVEN MONICA. Well, why not, dear one? You're talking about Prozac. Lord, its not that big of a leap over to Spence, especially since you've got a bunch of depressed Republicans right on this board. Look at Pete for God's sake. He's ready to buy Rudy's line. Now there is desperation (if you don't mind me saying, Pete). I don't trust Rudy as far as I can throw him. Any candidate who thinks murdering babies is just another fine point in the financial planning of poor families, is not worthy of the mention, IMHO. I'm not even going to bring up where Rudy stood as Mayor of NYC on the illegal immigration mess. And if we try to put that piece of crap in the WH, then we deserve to get our rear-ends handed to us on election day. Is that plain enough for you? Hope you got that Monica, Pete and whomever else.

Jesus Christ, what am I going to do with you people? So, Thompson told the truth about the economy and you folks got bummed out. It seems you guys are more concerned with image than substance. Smile and look noble. Make sure the decks chairs are all straight on the Titanic. And let's admire FDR for inspiring people during the Great Depression?? You talk like FDR did not have a hand in prolonging it. He stole everyone's gold, then devalued the greenback by 75%. But, hey.. lets give the guy a hand, since he was inspirational. I don't believe this Bubbmeisa coming out here. You all talk like you never did any independent study except for the TV guide. If this is only going to be about image, we might as well pack it in right now and hold a beauty contest. Who gets the question on World Peace? .. What is Fred supposed to do, lie? Candy-coating stuff is what Daddy Bush did. Don't you remember the Thousand Points of Light? (What ever happened to those points anyway, did he cash them in or what?) Don't you recall, we had the Gramm-Rudman-Hollings amendment in place and all GHWB had to do was enact the doggone thing and government spending would get cut 10% across the board. But he blinked instead, met with the Democrats on an Army base out in California and when they all came out smiling, we had a shiny new TAX increase. Then the Dems blamed him for raising taxes and breaking his pledge. You know the rest. -- Now, look at Rudy. Are you telling me Rudy has more backbone than Daddy Bush? All the conniving crap he pulled in NYC over the years, making deals with the Liberal establishment and you want to bring that National? I think you all need your heads examined. I'd sooner go sit down with old Jack/Jol, pour down some cold Coronas and sing Danny Boy. At least he knows what he believes and isn't trying to tell me he's a conservative when he isn't. But what are you Rudy and Romney supporters doing, do you even know? Tell you what. Don't bother with the arrogant retorts. If you won't be introspective and observant enough to see when you're cutting your own nose off to spite your face, then you deserve another one-termer. Or worse, Hillary. -- Quick, where's my Prozac?!


Hay Chuck from Albany:

I hate to burst your bubble. Just because I see the organizational skills gotten from the experiencce of being a big city mayor as a must for any president DOES NOT MEAN THAT I support RUDY KAZOOTI for president. While I like the fact that he told the Saudi Prince keep his multi-million dollar gift to NYC after the 9-11 attack, I agree with your viewpoint that his is a LIB pretending to be a conservative to get elected. I too favor the repeal of Roe vs Wade. In fact, I believe where it is legal, abortion (the right to kill one's own children) should be legal until the parent's death (Think about the implications of THAT!).

Frankly Chuck, thinking about the quality of each of the candidates currently being promoted by both parties during this dangerous wartime period we find ourselves makes me want to up-chuck!

Jack Flynn

That is why it has to be Newt. He is the only one who truly fits the conservative bill, not to mention that he is brilliant and a first rate debater.
He is the best that you have and more qualified to take on a Democratic Congress than any other Republican candidate. He is eclectic enough to cut and paste enough issues to satisfy libertarian and independent voters, fringe democrats, and hard line Dems who want us to keep fighting in Iraq.
Add an intelligent, capable, woman as his running mate and you will really have a formidable package to go up against Hillary. I don't see any one else out there who could do it.

Jack Flynn

Monica is correct. Fred is too somber to get elected. He will depress the hell out of people.
Newt is positive. Hillary is positive. The writing is on the wall.
As far as Mitt goes, once they find out what he DIDN'T do in Massachusetts and after his hundredth flip-flop, he will become a joke. He was elected in Mass. not because he was adequate, but because he was perceived as relatively harmless. An actuality, he is a paper doll.
Don't tell his wife.

By the way Chuck, at 6 am, thirty five years ago, I awoke on an MBTA subway train with a raw plucked chicken under my arm, wearing nothing but a Timex, (me, not the chicken).
I swear before Allah, I haven't had a drink since.

Jack Flynn

Don't ask me how I got home because you would never believe it.


Hey Chuck,

These people have their points in their way. And none of them are about the albatross Spencer Abraham, are they? (Otherwise, you'd expect Monica to seize on that, wouldn't you? She wouldn't let an issue over an Islamo and Open Borders enabler get by her, would she?)

As you can see, there's more concern that Fred, in this speech, did not paste the pol grin on his face and Stroke the Folk enough. Like who does this formerly country lawyer think he is anyway, Abe Lincoln (who could not possibly cut it in Bubbaslick land today)?

Hey Chuck, they be right in they way! Does Fred have that good ol' exec experience? Hail no! No more than ol' mournful Abe did. He's got him no experience like Governor Jimmuh Carter had. You know that. He got none like Governor Slick Willah had (and Monica can tell you all what a Sex Bomb that boy be! You should see him in the Hamptons where the Trust Fund Babelas do pancakes!)

And just because, unlike so many pols, the man's got himself a real life that can do very well without the limelight, a young wife that even a Rupert Murdoch might die for, multi-generational children, female ex-es who all seem to still like the guy (try THAT with most male pols)not to mention various attractive deals awaiting him if he wants them in one of his professions---but who knows, maybe he, unlike so many in this land, does need the Prozac feed? Maybe Monica knows what she's talking about? Isn't that a possibility?)

But let's be fair. This could be Monica's sly way of saying what she can't afford to say too directly: What the American electorate wants is what it's always wanted, needed and in fact demanded as its democratic destiny: not necessarily a Beauty Contest, but certainly a Booby Contest.

Shouldn't we give Monica the benefit of a doubt?


Here's Fred's latest blog post from the road. Monica may be disappointed: there is no indication that dairy from the butter cow or even the fried food Fred is encountering will be served with minced Prozac. Sure doesn't sound like a fancy Billary Bash at Sodom-on-the-Hamptons.

Update from the Road
Posted on August 27th, 2007
By Fred in Budget, Taxes, Terrorism, Updates

Hello Everyone,

The last weeks have been busy for us on the road, and let me tell you the hospitality everywhere we’ve traveled has been amazing! While I’m sure you’re following what’s been happening in the papers and on the blogs, I wanted to share my impressions from my travels.

I’ve visited the Iowa and Minnesota State Fairs (and did you see our video of the butter cow?). I was glad to see so many fine, enthusiastic people stop by for some of the great fried food the fair has to offer and to share their thoughts and ideas.

This past Saturday I was at the Midwest Leadership Forum in Indianapolis, Indiana, with state Republican leaders from across the Midwest. I shared my concerns about the direction this country is headed, and where I think we can go.

We’re not having the kind of conversations we need to have on a range of issues, particularly the kind of threat we’re facing, on a global scale from radical Muslim fundamentalists who want to bring our nation to its knees and destroy our way of life.

We’re pointing fingers rather than finding solutions to the big challenges that face our economy and our prosperity. And for the first time in our history, we have a government that can’t do all the basic things we expect our government to do.

We need to be talking about these things and how to get back to first principles. And if you know me, you know my answers are not bigger government and more bureaucracy and higher taxes. It’s just the opposite.

Stay tuned for more updates as we travel around the country and talk with folks, and if we’re in your area we’d love to have you stop by.



Monica Crowley is so ignorant. Although it is oft-repeated that Jimmy Carter gave a speech discussing the "national malaise", he never actually used the term "malaise". Come on, Monica, you are supposed to be educating the people who (misguidedly) come to your site and your moronic show for information. Don't just regurgitate tired, old, and wrong information.

Chuck in Albany

That is a very funny story, Jack. I would have told the cop I just came
from the dry cleaner and had nothing to wear.

I think you might be right about Romney. I get the same vibe about him.
He's sort of the innocuous turkey. The women might like him, but what
is he really good for? He's not giving me a reason to vote for him at all.
And I don't believe his "schtick."


Oh Gringoman ..... Do I think Monica should be given the benefit of the
doubt? Well ... well .... let's see. Can I get back to you on this?

For now, lets just say that I think Monica is relying on a certain political
philosophy that is not going to work at certain times in the economic
cycle. Being all smiles and cracking jokes, playing lots of golf, and
going to the latest Washington shrimp-fest might make you popular
with certain Blondes. But as we experience the hangover from this
boom that we've had in recent years, I think the public is going to
be increasingly appreciative of a man who will be sensitive to their
up and coming problems of tight credit, tight waistlines, and tighter
budgets. Sometimes somber sells. Maybe not to the person who
just got out of the limo, or just had lunch with Rush Limbaugh. But
somber does have its place with the voter who feels that the guy
he's looking to vote for, CONNECTS with his problems, or what he
perceives WILL BE his upcoming problems.

Fred is alright with me. I don't need a candidate to make me feel
good or tell me inspiring tales of what miracles that faith produces
in one's life. I also don't need someone playing Cassandra. What
I need is a reality guy who won't sell me short on what I know to be
true. I don't need a pessimist or the ever-optimist. I already know
the result of "The Vision Thing" guy and that is, somebody who
is out of touch and only reacts to situations after the reality is
indisputable. Then it already too late. I want proactive leadership.
A guy must actually need to see the future to do this. So, naturally
you can't expect every candidate to have that talent. I am not sure
that Fred has it. We will see.

This requires real vision, not the idealistic kind that Monica is calling
for. Reagan took the reigns after everything pretty much was already
as bad as it could get, both stockmarket-wise and interest rate-wise.
There was no way he could screw it up by providing a very optimistic
message. But the current situation has a long way to unwind, if they
allow it to go its natural course. You cannot trust your life to the
eternal optimists in such a situation. That is the most dangerous
and unrealistic thing you could do. Monica will find this out if she
needs to sell her house anytime around now. When you have reality
hit you square in the chin, with a kick in the groin on its way, the last
thing you need is some politician telling you "Everything will be fine,
don't you worry, Mr Voter." You also do not need your taxes raised.
......... Hence the Republicans still have a chance for the proverbial
foot-in-the-door, if they just don't blow it with "The Vision Thing" guy
again, or even the "One Arm" guy. You already know what he's
doing with that other arm. The same thing as Giuliani and Romney.
I just wish my sweet, reliable Monica would stop doing it before she
has to go to the eye doctor. That vision thing can be hard to come by.


Man the repubs are sure thining the herd BEIN fags and all lets see liars, fags, yep that sizes it up!!
Niel.......semper fi..!!!

Shame in Southie

Semper Fi? WTF! I didn't know Barney Frank was a marine.

Don't be tappin' your foot over in this stall, Sarge

Chuck in Albany

Hey you number crunchers out there. I thought I'd share a few more ruminations on the idea that, the point we are at in this economic cycle is one that will support the politician who shows the most practical sensitivity to Joe Consumer. The little guy is beginning to be squeezed. That is just a fact. If you do not know this, then you haven't been paying attention to the business news lately.

I read an interesting article recently that you might like to consider:


Think about this. There are a LOT of parallels between the 1970s and the 2000s, even the clothing fashions. For instance, Bell-bottom hip hugger jeans came back, if you hadn't noticed. Check out the wide necktie knots. There is an old expression that history may not exactly repeat, but it does tends to rhyme. I will bet you a nickel that there is at least one of you posters who thought Bush should have faced impeachment like Nixon, even though I personally don't agree with that indictment. There is also, rising gold prices, rising commodity prices, a peaky bull market in prime real estate, an unpopular war, even more unpopular government officials, a democrat insurgency in Congress and a resurgence of monetary inflation. Who won the presidency in 1976? A democrat? Well, that may not repeat, but how about if it was a similar kind of fellow who liked to mope around in Cardigans, as Monica likes to call it? I was watching Thompson on the tube, a few weeks back, and I couldn't believe how frumpy he was dressed for a potential Presidential candidate. -- Look, I do not have a crystal ball, but would it not be odd if this period of time continued with the 1970s rhyme? If this is correct, then I suppose some of you might do very well to open a discoteque right about now. Your pocket book might likely be doing a dance of its own by 2009 or so.


During an interview with Sean Hannity a few months ago, Fred Thomson re-asserted his personal belief that abortion should NOT be criminalized. Though he stated his opposition to Roe v.Wade (parsed under the context of states rights, i.e. a Constitutional issue), at the end of this excerpt, Senator Thompson said he would NOT be in favor of criminalizing the abortion procedure. (the following is from the 6/5/7 Hannity and Colmes show transcript) <> here's the link:

It's not clear in the transcript, but if you watch the interview, it appears that Hannity realized what he was about to say, and cut him off before Sen. Thompson could finish.

Chuck in Albany

Nice try, Gman. Here is what Fred Thompson really said. All the rest of what you claim he said, are YOUR words .........

HANNITY: Yes, let me ask you this. There are three issues that have come up, because I've examined your record thoroughly now, knowing this interview is coming up. There are three issues come up where people question your conservatism.

One is when you checked a box in 1994 when you were running for Senate, where you — the box said, "Abortion should be legal in all circumstances for the first three months." That wasn't your voting record, interestingly. Did you make a mistake checking the box?

THOMPSON: I don't remember that box. You know, it was a long time ago, and I don't know if I filled it out or my staff — based on what they thought my position was — filled it out.

But here's what the deal is on that. I've always thought that Roe v. Wade was a wrong decision, that they usurped what had been the law in this country for 200 years, that it was a matter that should go back to the states. When you get back to the states, I think the states should have some leeway.

I might vote against one approach, but I think the state ought to have it. And I would not be and never have been for a law that says, on the state level, if I were back in Tennessee voting on this, for example, that if they chose to criminalize a young woman, and...

HANNITY: So states' rights for you?

THOMPSON: Essentially, federalism. It's in the Constitution.


Jack Flynn

His "staff" may have "filled it out". Sound familiar?
He is showing us right off that he is a buck passer.

Thanks for giving us that insight into you Fred. I am sure there are a lot more insights you will be wont to reveal. Just lay them out there Fred. You know you can't help yourself.

Chuck in Albany

You're saying all this because Fred poses the biggest political threat to Hillary. Its okay to admit it, Jack. Honesty is good for the soul. By the way, I thought you said you weren't going to post as other aliases anymore. Another broken promise? Can't help yourself?

Jack Flynn

Okay, I'll bite. Notwithstanding that I am using my real name on here and I had only temporarily used other aliases because of you know who, what alias do you think I am this time? I hope its not Neil because I always thought Neil was you know who.
Frankly, I don't care if Neil is you, or you. Either way, he comes off with a Nazi attitude.

Maybe Niel is Tom Cruise. . . hmmm.

Very clever to use "repubs" and place it in Neils' mouth. Makes it look like I am hiding in there behind Neil's words. Very clever, indeed. But then, how did I figure it out? Must have been a lucky shot. But you did, for a brief moment, get me believing that Neil was someone else, or two someone elses. Or that you could have been one Neil and someone else, (a legitimate poster), the other.
If that were the case, you would naturally believe that I was that other.

I believe that for your long term purposes, you need a second alias that everyone firmly believes is not you,
so you can defeat him and save the blog?

"Say its not so Shane".

Is that all I have been, a f##king sparring partner?

I am crestfallen.

Buddy Reardon

Lets see, you are Pete, Gman, Queequeg, and Niel

One big happy Irish familly. This calls for a round of drinks! All for you

Hey, ever wonder why they call it Ireland? Land of Ire. Maybe its because we all have a big bug up the arse?

Fred Klein

Hey Niel - Look what I found:



Buddy ..... I agree with you. My drill instructor in the Corp was named Donahue.
He was a bloody Irish scum but could drink any of the boys under the table.
SIEMPER FI .......... NIEL


Fred, sending him mail wont get you that money he owes you. That gay bastard turns my stomach. You see the crap he wrote about Larry Craig? Enough to make ya PUKE! ............. SIEMPER FI ..........NIEL

Just Da Facts

Buddy Reardon: In Pursuit of the Lone Ranger
by Jack Flynn (Author)

Publisher: 1st Books Library (August 8, 2002)

ISBN-13: 978-1403319098

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WHAT?? ----------- #3,601,576 ?????



Jack Flynn

Hey Spammer,
You are dead wrong. It is now #3,601,575.
If you weren't such a sh#t, I would have given you a free copy.


Even for free, why would anybody want to read THAT piece of sh#t?

Fred Klein

Beware Monica Readers:

Charlie is Jack Flynn's new alias and assigned to Monica's site
by Rohm Emmanuelle and MoveOn.org.

Don't trust him. He's trying to play a conservative before he sticks
the knife in.

Jack Flynn

You are an anarchist Perp, clear and simple. You have no values or scruples and no respect for others. You are an unhappy, unnoticed, cowardly little man, spiteful, jealous, full of inner turmoil, fear, hate, rage and cynicism, all of which you project onto others because you are afraid to face the truth about yourself and become a man.
You have come on to this blog to wreak disorder and chaos. You will not succeed.

Fred Klein


If you'd ever like to come face to face with me and lie about me like that, I will be more than happy to kick your dumb Irish a-s-s back to wherever you came from. Let me be clear, I would break your ugly face into three pieces for saying those lies in person. But you won't come. You're all talk just like every liquored-up bar room loudmouth who ever wrote a few verses, called it a book, paid to have it published and sold it to your relatives. You're a writers failure, Jack. Just like your easy-to-forget "Stage Career." You make no difference in the world, so you have to come to Monica's house, where you are not welcome, and try to ruin everyone else's experience. How do you live with yourself? I have loads of respect for others, just not you. You do not deserve any respect. I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt but you played me for a sucker. Now you lose my respect and never get another chance to gain it back. Understand? You have no truth about you whatsoever and its the Flynn clan in you. I know who the Flynns are. You're all liars, pure and simple. You spend so much time lying, its a wonder your tongues do not fall out. You just invited the devil into your heart and you don't care how much harm you do. If you want to take this further, just let us know.



Here is some prime evidence of Jack's motivation sent to me by another friend
on this blog. Keep in mind all the things Jack just said about how its everybody else who is the bad guy, while HE ALONE is pure as the wind driven snow:

Jack's comments speak for themselves. Once in a while he betrays his real purpose here and tells the truth, not thinking that someone in power might be paying attention. Oops, BIG mistake ...........
Conservatives are hurt by the liberal barbs hurled at them, when that has been their modus operandi since the birth of the Contract With America.
We are hurting the feelings of the poor little things and they are imploring us to stop.
Well, of course we won't, so get used to it losers.
You will be in the political and cultural dunce corner for years to come—the corner you have painted yourselves into. Yes, you will be pilloried and stoned with barbs and insults and you fully and duly deserve every single one of them. You have been posing as patriots and Christians long enough—causing wars and meddling in peoples personal lives.
So sit back and endure it my right winged friends. You are about to reap what you have sown.

Posted by: Jol | April 29, 2007 at 05:59 AM
It doesn't take a genius to know who is the hateful, overzealous, avenger on this website. Its the same piece of garbage, no class, democrat-operative sent here from MoveOn.org Central to gum up this site and abuse its residents... your old conservative nemesis, Jack Flynn, Scumbag Extraordinaire.

May he give the world a break and have a massive heart attack tonight in his sleep. May Jesus Christ forgive him and invite his warped soul into the bosom of His True Heart so that the Humbling Truth of God's Love will dissolve this hatred toward his righteous conservative brothers. And all who read this and agree, said Amen.

Jack Flynn

Quoth the Perp/Spammer: "Here is some prime evidence of Jack's motivation sent to me by another friend."

But Perp, you have no friends.

Jack Flynn

BTW Perp,
Thank you for asking Christ to forgive me.
I am sure he appreciates your help, but if you told him I was "Scumbag Extraordinaire", how will he know it is me?
I don't think they use such terms in heaven.


He'll know because he knows all things.

.... What makes you think you're going to heaven? Not even Jesus' love
would save you when you do not accept it. I bet you will go to that other
place... at least for a few millenia.



Albany Chuck, I find it strange that you were unable to understand exactly what Sen. Thompson was saying about his personal view on abortion, considering it was right there in your pull quote. So to clarify:

"And I WOULD NOT BE AND NEVER HAVE BEEN for a law that says, on the state level, if I were back in Tennessee voting on this, for example, that if they chose to criminalize a young woman"

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