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August 02, 2007


Tom TB

FDR's fireside chats...I always asked my parents what it was like to grow up with just newspapers, radio, and newsreels in the theaters. During WWII, they took "Loose Lips Sink Ships!" very seriously, so unlike today, censorship was welcomed, as no one wanted to be Hitler or Hirohito's helper. What a difference a generation makes; now we have Americans that rush to allege atrocities committed by their own Armed Forces!


Monica, looking forward to this weekend's show!

Please consider a Link Exchange to The Internet Radio Network. At the IRN you can listen to over 26 of America's top Talk Shows (including yours) via FREE STREAMING AUDIO!!




The States and Cities running a budget surplus due to over taxation need to be identified. I'vce been advised that Minnesota and Minneapolis are amoungst such States and Cities.

Dangerous bridges in urgent need of repair within such identified States and Cities need to be identified.

Politicians within such identified States and Cities need to be pressed for an explanation and held accountable for not spending surplus funds on urgently needed infrastructure maintenance and repair.

Inspectors within such identified States and Cities needed to be pressed for an explanation and held accountable for not issuing an order to close down dangerous bridges and other infrastructure in urgent need of repair and maintenance.



Another Monica, what a nightmare lumping democrats in the same group as Al Quaida. what is with these Monicas' decision making ability. WARPED...


Niel, that will be enough out of you.


IT APPEARS THAT MONICA NEEDS TO BUY A SPARE LAPTOP PC in case the main one breaks down.

Come on Monica, SPLURGE!


Why don't we all chip in and buy poor Monica a new computer. I'll put up a farthing. Who's next?

Mark Simons

Gee Alex, are you sure your welfare check will stretch that far? How are the book sales going, by the way? Coming up light, eh. As if you had something to say besides talking about your hard on .. stupid POS.


Ill try to use language Yall slo mo fos understand, Lumping one group, that you dont like with another group who has been proven to be killers, or C--k suckers is a joke. USELESS, ZIB!

Jol nuts nuts nuts

Niel == Don't be a traitor like the people in Jack's family


I wonder if you believe George Washington and the Architecs, of our wonderfull constitution were traitors. Blind Loyalty has been proven throughout history to be not only a tool of destuction, also a tool of Evil, History has shown that by the time the blind Loyalist discover what is really happening, its too late. Innocence and trust and love, is lost.lets not let that happen to my beautiful, and bountyful America.

Terror Warrior

Niel ******** You think wrapping yourself in the Flag, George Washington, and the other Founding Fathers, somehow makes your position any more plausible? Your main objection seems to be against people who accurately observe that Democrats have heaped loads of support onto Radical Muslims who have nothing to do with supporting this American Constitution. They've done this by opposing American efforts in Iraq against Al Qaeda, tooth and nail. Now that it appears we are on the road to winning the conflict, you all are besides yourself in search of a new strategery. Its no different than you anti-war flakes did during Vietnam, siding with our enemies the VC, and with just as much treachery... all in the name of peace. The peace you unwittingly aim for is to eventually have us placed in a position of forced submission to Islamic law. You all talk a good game but you are soft on addressing the barbarism of our enemy, while you almost exclusively find fault in our troops, our policies, and the leaders who are willing to fight. You are the weak link in our nation and frankly you are unfit to discuss what constitutes being a Loyalist. It appears that your loyalties could use some work, as could your education... But then again, you just support the left wing party line and that way you don't have to think too deeply. That's okay. Go back to sleep. We did not meant to disturb you.


George and the boys were considered Traitors to the King. Thanks for the response I think I will take a nap but my family will have the honor of wrapping me in the flag for my final rest. please
dont follow morons, and continue in your Quest to make my America the greatest country on this globe God help you, to make wise decisions. you be good now
or good at it.Heres the High sign to you, and warrior or not, SEMPER FI.. young lady.


JOL and terror warrior og on to this ABOVETHEINFLUENCE.COM I think itll help your delusions

Terror Warrior

Niel ******** This is no monarchy and you are not George Washington. But the country, this country, is involved in a war with the approval and funding of Congress. Its your military over there. Its your tax dollars. So, if you want to undermine the war effort, you ARE being a traitor. Not only to yourself, but to your family, to my family, to the families of those troops whose blood is on the line, and to future generations of Americans. You have no right whatsoever to be flattering yourself with comparisons to patriots from 1776. But if you plan to overthrow your country in order to achieve those pretended ideals, there is no doubt enough true patriots to put your goals to rest. You fool no one with your hollow analogies with the American Revolution. Find a better script .. its not going to sell in Hollywood, New York, or Washington.


A cyber Bully, uninformed and angry, lucky for us americans that you represent only 1% of citizens, Ive got 5 words for you. Love it, or leave it. we dont
want anymore, of your radical blind wannabe Hatred in our country!! My last tranmission Jeraldo. have fun spreading your hatred. Niel

Hoosier Daddy

Hey Niel, want to see a real bastard nutcase?

Then check this out:




http://abovetheinfluence.com is an excellent site. Thank you for pointing it out. Beyond the humor, is some good solid info about Marijuana and its debilitating effects.
It should be shown in every school in America.


Hoosier, I had to check the nut case bastard, you recomended, Now I believe my input was ask for: I Believe this heart felt reunion was givin by an American citizen who didnt care what you or any one else thought. it made him feel warm and fuzzy to share. Our country is made up of folks totally different, but some how the same. IM sure if you are a daddy, your daddys' manifesto would be more exiting
Those who chose to be in boundries, shall be carefull in public domain. Thus the Internet. Lookin foward to hearing yours Indiana..... Niel


Here's another favorite site of mine. I feel so free when I dress up in womens clothes. How about you?



Alf thats your own little malfunction talk to a minister or a marine face to face Depends on what kind of therapy you would like. otherwise move to vegas.


Alf, I just checked out that site. Its really great. Can't remember last time I've been so excited. Thanks for sharing.


Looks like ALF is GUILTY, sit tight jackass and youll get the therapy you picked. Niel


Hey Board +++++++ Whatever happened to Jol? Did he finally get arrested for that subversive stuff?


I dunno but I saw him tell some other poster he was staking out his house
and what kind of car he was driving. The cops will probably be looking for
him any time now.

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