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July 18, 2007




Jury still out on whether this is Terror, or just a learning experience for certain of the faithful. Verdict complicated by (1) suspicious timing and placing (2) Con Ed has announced that the pipes in question were inspected TODAY (3)Bloomie and others have given no persuasive evidence, so far, for claim that it is NOT Terror. But regardless, Americans, sooner or later, are probably going to need the "resilience" you mention. Which ties in with your preceding post and your point about being "ruthless" enough, which was gringomanically addressed and has now been redacted for extracurricular activities. Here, with your leave, is a redaction of that redaction..............

[Based on commentary for "Religion of 'Peace', " the blog post by ABC Radio's Monica Crowley at monicamemo.com]


You mention "willing to be ruthless" in battle.

Okay. Sounds pretty warrior-like. And let's assume that "battle" means not only the everyday street-and-IED action in suicidal/human shield Iraq, but also the wider war, the counter-Global Jihad ( I'll be pc for a moment and resist a gringomanic 'The Planetary Crusade.')....

As you and the cogent Walid Phares seem to understand, it's not just about getting assassins and wannabe caliphate commandos.... Unfortunately, another factor is crucial: the War of Ideas; yes, 'unfortunate' for Americans who are more comfortable with the thrills of action than the lightning of ideas. Not a fair perception? See any TV, video or cinemaplex. Case closed. Jihadis know it, even if kufars do not.

So what is the point of "ruthless" in a war barely grasped? How many have the foggiest on what it's about? Has a Great Non-Communicator in the White House helped or hindered via military muscle with a vision that's only the politically correct "vision thing"? Or does knowing matter? Is it enough to thrash about, even "ruthlessly", at opponents who are half-understood at best, while they understand you 95%?

Okay, you want a specific, something that will demonstrate how hard this really is for americanos?

Here's a paraphrase from a gringommentary of many news cycles ago:

....If Christianity is the offspring of Judaism, its rebel son, then Islam is clearly the upstart grandson. ( You would know about Mohammad rifling through Judaism, the Pentateuch, the Patriarchs, circumcision, turning kosher into halal, defining the infidels as "unclean animals," the Arab co-opting of the Hebrew Abraham etc, so let's save bandwidth and if some are disturbed, let the duffers do their homework.) The educated understand that the three monotheist religions, despite differences, are deeply and organically related. We can leave the others to Doctor Phil or Gangsta Rap for White Boys.

And why does this matter? Think War of the Monotheists (a good 1500 years old, but the term gringo-coined) Think birth of fanaticism. Such fanatics revolted the Greco-Roman "pagans" who considered religious intolerance and the "one true religion" business a sign of barbarians. That didn't stop the Jews, and then the Christians and then, guess who? You got it. Our muslim friends, today's fiercest upholders of the "one true religion" business. ( Controversial enough for you already? ) "Progressives" and other self-righteous of strong moralistic odor of course tend to bracket all this under the general headings of "Bible thumping" and "irrational moonbats." They seem to prefer "Atheism For Dummies."

Here's a key point : Judaism may have generated religious fanaticism and intolerance millenia ago, but that was then. This is now. The old bloodlust and barbarism has been toned down drastically. Most Jews don't want to smite the heathen or slaughter the first-born for Jaweh or anyone else. They will leave the stoning of harlots and hanging of homosexuals and honor killings to muslims in Pakistan or Iran or Saudi Arabia.

In brief, Judaism became Westernized. So did Christianity. All three of these world-shaking monotheisms came from the East, yet only one, in effect, REMAINS in the East. Only one is purely of the East. Of the three, Islam is clearly the most purely Eastern religion, (while determined, of course, to heed Mohammed and conquer the planet for the "peace" of Islam.) Christianity fuses Jesus of Galilee with Greek philosophy (Aristotle via Thomas Aquinas et al) and Greek art (inspiring Michelangelo et al.) mingled with Roman hierarchies and governance ("pagan" Rome had its Pontiffs robed in splendor on the Field of Mars). Christianity became very Westernized, even with the Lutheran revolt from Roman "excess." Muslims and even some Jews must and do consider Christianity "pagan" to a significant degree. The art treasures, the statues, the "graven images" and paintings, ('idol worship', you know) the divinity of a "man" Jesus, the Trinity---Islam sees all this as forbidden to Abrahamics. For muslims it is indisputably Greco-Roman "pagan" and "kufar." Yes, "unclean." Najis. Only the muslims---"moderate' or whatever---are clean, you see. Every "moderate" is cleaner than any infidel. Najis. Mohammed got a whole lot out of the Pentateuch.

And where does this lead in the 'War of Ideas'? How does it not lead inescapably to the great dread of the pc-ers, the diversity mongers, the multi-culties, the liars or just the dopey and deluded: This Global War is in effect a clash of East vs. West. Clash of civilizations? Choose your semantics. The Islamics, the jihadis are clear. They will not beat around the pc bush with the "sensitive" and "tactful" (mostly secular)white guys who run Europe and America and don't dare to talk straight. They call it Holy War.

Which is totally unacceptable in the West (except to some 'Christian wingers'.) So the pc-ers, and the make-nice socialist Sammys and Jorge Bush's Bidness Globalistas who have a world of Free Trade to manage and even juicy Wahabbi or Shia contracts to sign , must deny or downplay the obvious: Islam is the East. The medeival East. Judaism and Christianity went through historic Reformation and got Westernized and Enlightened. Burning at the stake today is definitely a no-no. The New York Times still awaits the first Christian suicide bomber. CNN still has no footage of Jewish doctors in London packing a Mercedes with explosives, hoping a syringe will enable detonation and kill as many non-Jews as possible.

Islam never Westernized, and possibly never will. The black blood of oil has infused it with new life, resurrection from the medeival mausoleum. Now the Body will go forth, Saviour or Deliverance to many, Monster to many others. Not stupid, in fact rather cunning, the Body sees the Trust Fund Baby Ruling Class in the West today as emasculatos and globalista bureaucrats. These may be fervent socialists or bright MBA business types , but they are not defenders, let alone warriors, of Western Civilization. Their function is to placate The Body and do contracts in the Global Market.

Is this a war that Americans can fight? "Ruthlessly?" Trust Fund bambinos and their bureaucrat underlings of Europe and America, up against The Holy Scimitar they do not even dare to name? We know that Europeans are finished (barring massive uprising from the folks.) And Americans can fight such a war---a war they don't even understand, and are encouraged not to understand? Ruthlessly? They can?

Monica, how real do you expect pc-ers and panderers and globalista groupies to get during all those fat sheikh contracts, those fabulous speaking fees from emirs, that lush Beltway power brokering with the 'moderates'? Or will they just keep muddling along, made-up nicely for Sunday morning cameras until, suddenly, that day comes when the Moment of Truth hits and hits very, very hard?

[Complete at GRINGOMAN.COM, the most penetrating blog never read.]


We cannot seriously address this terrorism issue if we do not start going after the mouthpiece organization for the Jihadists in the US known as CAIR, or the Council on American Islamic Relations. They should be shutdown immediately and its membership prosecuted under the RICO laws. If ever there were a Muslim-based group complicit with terrorist goals, it is CAIR.

I want to hear more about this, Monica. And tell us what you think we should do to forward the prosecution of such groups. Who do we write, what do we say, and what exactly should our domestic "War-footing" be for the average American who wants to see something done NOW? - Thanks.


We cannot seriously address this terrorism issue if we do not start going after the mouthpiece organization for the Jihadists in the US known as CAIR, or the Council on American Islamic Relations. They should be shutdown immediately and its membership prosecuted under the RICO laws. If ever there were a Muslim-based group complicit with terrorist goals, it is CAIR.

I want to hear more about this, Monica. And tell us what you think we should do to forward the prosecution of such groups. Who do we write, what do we say, and what exactly should our domestic "War-footing" be for the average American who wants to see something done NOW? - Thanks.


One other reminder: prior to US involvement in WWII there was an American-based organization known as the German-American Bund whose purpose was to align American support for the Hitler regime from German-Americans and other sympathizers. When American outrage got to the proper level, the government disbanded that outlaw group in the most severe way they could. Leaders were arrested, assets seized, and appropriate measures taken. This is what must be done to CAIR, before it is too late. Everyone must remember to put America ahead of party and mistaken leadership from the past. The jihadists will never be our friends no matter how much we attempt to find common ground with them. Their motto is "Death to Israel and Death to America." How does one negotiate with that level of insanity?


The Dems voted down the John Doe Bill for protection for people who blow a whistle. I guess that now those Imans that were deplaned because people were suspicious of their behavior can go ahead with their lawsuit. Isn't this a mixed message, we are told to be alert and pay attention to what is going on around us and if we see something, say something...but Congress won't pass a bill to protect you from Lawsuits that may ensue because you saw something and you told someone.

Harry Reid has no Brain

Yes REE, the democrats have done everything short of signing a death warrant
against US citizens. Eventually people in the US will start taking matters into their own hands, if their representatives fail to stand up for common sense. If I see an Iman act up at my local airport, you better believe I won't pretend or look the other way. Somebody is going to hear about it and hell if I'll put my family at risk so some jihadist can feel safe while he bullies his way on my flight.


Monica, look forward to the Weekend's shows!

Would you consider a link exchange to The Internet Radio Network? At the IRN you can listen for free to over 27 of America's top Talk Shows via FREE STREAMING AUDIO! Of course I have your show linked...


Tom TB

We must watch each-others backs, and so what if a group of Muslims are offended; show me a Bill of Rights in sharia law. If I see something, I'll say something, and if they sue me, it will be in our courthouse under our flag.

Jack Romp

I agree, Tom. The Muslms need to either shape up or get out of our country.
No Imam on a flight that I'm taking will be pulling any of that crap. Americans should band together in support of any Congressional immunity provided for whistleblowers. I would trust an Imam as far as I can throw him. Their goal is to weaken the structure of our defenses so that terrorists can slip by for another attack. I say round them up and send them all to Gitmo!

Jol (the real)

You are not doing so well playing Jol fella.
Keep it up and I will have to replace you.


looks like steam is your enemy now, Monica.
Sounds like a lot of hot air to me.


Click on the below link to do your part in winning the War on Islamo-facism by killing Bin Laden!



Hello All,
It seems the fake Jol is still trying to clone my name on this blog. He has done this ever since I realized the error of my ways being a liberal. I suspect it might be FESTUS aka FRANK aka LARRY. I probably offended one of these names during my conversion process and they never accepted my apology. So here goes again. Sorry guy(s) if I was blunt, but I can no longer support my friends on the left. You guys lost me after you said the Islamo Fascists were not the true enemy. That was just nutty. You former friends have to learn to accept the truth. I know you think your antics bother me, but no. Now let me be. I have a right to change if I discover change is needed. So, get off my case, ok?
Take care,

The real Jol

Like I said perp. You are not doing so well playing Jol.
You do not understand the Dimensions of Process.

The real Jol

The "content spam" error on your blog occurs regularly in the wee morning hours of Monday morning. It can last for one or two days. There is some technical glitch happening on Monday mornings between midnight and 3 or 4:am. Whether you post or don't post at that time doesn't seem to effect it. But it must be very unsettling to your visitors, as it is to us.


You can post a few lines or a small paragraph but nothing lengthy or even moderately lengthy. By the middle of the week there is no problem.

The Real Jol

I laid on my bed with an "erection." Having done enough lsd to nuke Jerry Garcia, I lost the trail on that pesky Lone Ranger. No worries. My friend Buddy Reardon will find him.. perhaps at my old apartment in Haight Ashbury. Meanwhile, I have to find Joanie. She was last seen speeding away from our 40th Reunion in a Toyota. We danced and danced but she refused to sleep with me. You think it could have been the fleas in my beard? I took a bath the previous week. I don't see what the problem was. I offered to demonstrate my best Hatha Yoga but for some reason she was not impressed. No, I know what it was. I forgot to choke the chicken! ..Sh*t !! I won't forget next time.



BY THE END OF TODAY, MONDAY, JULY 23, People need to email and/or call Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid & House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to demand restoring THE KING AMENDMENT which protects the flying public that reports suspicious behavior from frivolous lawsuits by the perpetrators using our legal system destroy our country.

It is suggested that the following be communicated:


RESTORE THE KING AMENDMENT to give the flying public safe harbor from bankruptcy due to frivolous lawsuits filed by hostile Muslims using our legal system to destroy our country where they have reported suspicious behavior of potential terrorists.

We will not fly again until the KING AMENDMENT is restored in conference and passed - it is just too dangerous. Many others will do the same hurting the business of the alreading hurting airline business.

If you do not restore the KING AMENDMENT, we will VOTE YOU and THOSE IN YOUR POLITICAL PARTY" out of office at the next election!

It's transparent that killing this important ammendment is DEMOCRATS CATERING TO THE LAWYER LOBBY who loves lawsuit business even from subversive Islamic Clerics seeking to destroy our country.




Frank, Larry, Herb, Festus, and the real jol

Very funny perp. I can see you have extrapolated and consolidated a great deal from my website. You must have a huge amount of time on your hands. Why don't you try being creative yourself instead of stealing stuff from others.
In regard to the "erection" you say you had? I don't believe that part at all. Judging from your gay bashing and your Wendy persona, it is likely you haven't experienced one in years.

The actual Jol

Gee Pete. That sounds really important. I'll get right on it.

Fear and more veiled racism. I'm sure that's just great for the country.

Not necessary. Any judge using common sense would throw that kind of crap off the docket.

Relax, Pete. Calm down. The sky isn't falling. . . yet.


TB, Who will bring Islam into the 21st century?

To be honest with you I don't know and I've been reading and listening, a lot.

I do believe, however, there are reformers out there. Finding them is the tricky part. Groups like CAIR may pose as reasonable representatives, but I question their sincerity given their connections to terrorist organizations.

On the other hand, is it possible for any Muslim group to be totally free from any connection with terrorists?

Earlier in this blog someone mentioned "acts" or behavior as what we should look for in an organization (or individual) worthy of our support.

Here again, CAIR falls short, as they tend to take a classic knee-jerk defensive reaction to any news that paints Muslims in a bad light. I am also unaware of any strong statements of condemnation for their Muslim brother's acts of terrorism as they occur daily. Nor have I heard or read any statements renouncing the current path of radical Islam!

So, I would measure measure them by what they have said and what they have done to reform Islam. And, of course, I would want some proof of tangible results. That person or group would be worthy of a closer look.


Fell asleep last night listening to a radio interview that we can expect more terrorist activity on the Golan Heights in August or September.

This is confirmed in Aaron Klein's article at Worldnetdaily today!

This news is not being picked up anywhere!

Where are our leaders? Why are we not reading about how we will attack with overwhelming force if Israel is attacked in this way?


Hay "The Actual JOL":

Instead of doing that email or phone call this afternoon, I give you permission to take a LONG WALK on a SHORT PIER.

The Real Jol

Pete, sorry but that wasn't me. That was the Perp again. He's been cloning my name and confusing everybody. For the record, I am NOT gay, alright? I only did that stuff a couple times.

As for the King Amendment, I think I am forced to concede your point.

The Actual Jol

Pete, don't listen to the perp. If you want to see a funny story about my high school reunion go see my YouTube video:


I talk about the big "erection" I had one time laying in bed. It was hilarious..


Good point, Monica. I think that one of the scariest things about this event is that the first thing we all think of when we hear of an explosion in New York, the first thing we think of is "terrorism." There is no such thing as a simple accident anymore, we always leap to terrorism and that, as far as I can tell, is the fault of the media, which over-dramatizes every little incident and grips the nation in pointless paranoia. This is the new reality we live in: terrorists don't need to actually attack us anymore, they just need to threaten they will attack and the media will assault us with endless speculation which will result in losses far greater than any attack al-Qaeda could ever hope to bring to our shores. Then, of course, Congressional Democrats will be up in arms against Bush, against the PATRIOT act, against Republicans and conservatives, and they will spread their ideas of hate to the Americans so they can suit their own political goals of never letting another Republican get elected.


It was hot and muggy today and I took that walk off a small pier. It was really refreshing. Thanks for the advice.


I am assuming, perp, that I have been around here long enough that the people on here know that I don't post the disgusting stuff you are posting. What you are doing is interfering with people, including myself, who want to post on the subject under discussion. You really are becoming a nuisance, nothing more and probably something less. Of course, now that you are using "actual jol" and "the real Jol", I will stop using those. I wondered when you would finally get around to using perp in your absurd postings.
But now that you are insisting that you are writing the stuff on my blog, I challenge you to post an article on there. Only the person who created that blog can post so go ahead jerko—anything at all to prove that you are me. Go ahead, put something up there.
And I don't mean in the comment section. I mean post an article. There is no way around that one pal.

By the way, my wife insists that she is not married to you and believe me, after thirty years, she can tell the difference.


Jack, please get some deodorant


Does this site ever get updated?

Matthew T.

Hay Jol
I disagree I've seen you post lots of disgusting stuff


Forget the generalizations, (lots of disgusting stuff"), and back up your statement. Assuming you are intelligent enough to discern the marked difference in the perp's syntax and writing style from mine, can you point to one one post of mine that contains "disgusting stuff"?

Matthew T.

What are you talking about? The only perp around here for two years is you I don't have to back up a thing Here's a better idea Why don't you go screw yourself you old bastard


Nice talk.


The true enemy is poverty.
By conquering world poverty,(including within the U.S.),we won't eliminate the terrorist threat, completely, but if we get the young people out of poverty,(the average "living" wage in the world is $2.00 per day), and see that they get gainful employment and a decent living wage, the terrorists will lose their most fertile ground for recruitment. Then we would be on the road to permanently taking the rug out from under Al Quaeda, Hamas and other such insidious troublemakers. It has to be a worldwide effort and we need a President who is able to work with other world leaders to accomplish it.
Just think how much we could have accomplished in that
direction if we had used the billions that the Iraq war has cost.
Meanwhile the military effort would be geared to protecting us at home and abroad and hunting down the terrorist cells and training camps and taking them out.
Minus the debacle of Iraq we would better know today who we were hunting.

No Democrats in 2008

Hey Genius,
Young Muslims who join Al Qaeda don't join for the benefits and the dental plan. How ignorant can you be? Moderate to radical conversions occur as a result of religious imperatives enforced by the influence of radical Imams or teachers. And the big selling point is not that if they sacrifice themselves to the Islamic cause they will be better off financially. Its that they will go to their Muslim heaven with Allah. Their families gain the respect of the community for having raised a martyr. Do you know anything about this subject? Stop trying to project your personal mindset on a world whose motivation is a mystery to you. They have little in common with you outside of the need for food and air. They would see your outreach to them as an opportunity to slay you in the name of their cause.

Muslims who radicalize in the western world are mostly from upper middle class backgrounds. Bin Laden himself was from a family of billionaires. This is not about money, so poverty is not the issue. Muslims who riot are not demanding increases in their living standard. They are condemning the profligate materialism and disrespect for their centuries-old ideals, the freedoms we bestow on Women, our manners of dress, customs, freedom of speech, our MTV lifestyle, and our infidelities to their god. This is not rocket science.

That is just more of the Democrat's irrelevant solutions that has nothing whatever to do with the problem. Wahabism, go look it up. The problem for them is that Westerners do not follow the tenets of their religion. We are second class citizens in their world, to be treated as dirty animals and slaves, unless we commit ourselves to the worship of Allah and follow the commands of the Prophet. So spare us the Workers-of-the-World-Unite speech, OK? And we know where Al Qaeda has gathered and its right there in Iraq. We don't have to go looking for them as if their whereabouts are unknown. You want to pull out from Iraq and leave them in control of the World's fifth largest oil reserves? Dumb Dumb strategy, but hey what do you expect from the Dems? Bring home the military so instead of fighting them in Iraq, we can wait until they come over the border and we have to fight them in, I dunno - Boston say. Is that your solution? Pretty short on insight there, bud. And the answer isn't at the bottom of that bottle.

You can't legislate prosperity. You have to earn it. I don't know what is the matter with you Utopian freaks. Communism fails every time its been tried and one of you personal failures will still come back with this old stale idea, like if we just try it one more time, then certainly poverty will be solved. How many trillions have been spent on the LBJ's war on poverty? Have you ever considered that? It has done nothing but create an entire Dependency class in all the major cities .. and you want more of it. Not too smart are you? You don't have to respond, we know the answer already.


Yes, some of their leaders are educated and some come from money, but the legions of youngsters they indoctrinate and strap bombs to are not rich or educated. They are tools and fodder for their fanatical leaders.
You scrape a little off the top and construct your racist argument, but it holds little factual authenticity.
The central fact is, as I stated above, the average
working man's wage in the world is $2.00 per day. Do you dispute that? Not to mention the tens of millions who have no jobs or education at all. It's the elephant in the room that you are missing. Open your eyes and your closed mind and you might understand that it is desperation in people that leads them to violence, not religion. You don't see the Christian right in this country resorting to violence. Why? Because they have a viable living wage, an education, a house, a car and three squares a day, (America's version of the forty virgins).

P.S. You seem to be more interested in head butting and face smashing than looking for solutions. Your opinions might have more validity if you didn't resort to so many insults and personal attacks? It forces the reader to cut away a ton of chaff before he gets to the few kernels of wheat that might be there.


THANKS TO THOSE WHO PHONED/EMAILED Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, House Peaker Nancy Pelosi, and their congressmen.

7/25/07: GOOD NEWS - We Win! Congress votes to protect CITIZENS WHO REPORT SUSPICIOUS (ie.'Flying Imams') type behavior; (DEMONCRATS OPPOSED this!)


WASHINGTON — After nearly a week of intense, behind-the-scenes wrangling, congressional negotiators late Tuesday agreed to include in the pending Sept. 11 security bill sweeping liability protections for citizens who report to authorities suspicious activity they fear might be linked to terrorism.

The "John Doe Protections" provision is meant to address the so-called "Flying Imams" case wherein six Muslim clerics in March sued passengers aboard a U.S. Airways flight because the passengers reported them to authorities, leading to their detention. The clerics were later cleared but their lawsuit, many lawmakers feared, would discourage future vigilance among the flying public.

No Democrats in 2008

Jol continues to construct an argument based on ignorance of any consideration that there are real cultural differences confounding his simplistic analysis of the Jihadist problem. Anyone who would make the necessary observations is labelled a "racist." This is the total extent of the thought process of liberals. If you disagree with them, or make any real effort to understand why things are the way they are, or fail to throw money at the problem, then you must be a racist. And after he resorts to the insinuation of racism, he tries to appeal to the call that one should not throw personal insults. Well, isn't this the tactic of the bar room lawyer. The truth is, only a fool would be influenced by such nonsensical political correctness. The truth is the truth. No one has to like it. If the Jihadists murdered his wife, you would see how quickly he dispensed with such calls.

This shows why we cannot trust Democrats to run things. Their policies all reduce to a bumper sticker or a sound byte. Ex-Hippies who live their life through the prism of the 60s tend to filter every experience through this crazy period and fail to adapt to the new challenges of new history. Sorry to say, its a true comfort knowing that this particular kook will drink himself into an early grave and the rest of us will hear from him no more.

People in America lived through the Great Depression without resorting to a violent overthrow, while Democrats did their best to institute a host of socialist programs that hang like nooses around our necks today. Credit for the people's ability to resist the call to desperation owe to our FAITH in the Providence which guides American culture. Or it did at least until the liberals tried to replace the Ten Commandments with their version of secular morality. Don't preach to me about the level of wages in the world. I do not control gainful employment in the world, nor is it my responsibility, nor will I allow you to make it my problem. The fact that you try to hoist this burden upon me or the country, is an artifact of your commitment to Communist ideology, which clearly will not work. I won't even have that discussion with you. That argument has already been tested and rejected by the world. Only some of us still hang their hopes on such tripe that survives only in the minds of people like Jol and nutured by the administration of alcohol. Its sad that such creatures are relegated to living in a past unworthy of rememberance.

Video Justice

I could not agree more. BRAVO good analysis

Commies should be locked in a zoo

HR near Fort Dix

I agree with NO DEMOCRATS IN 2008. Its naive to think we can appease terrorists by giving them better wages. Its stupid in fact. Of course its a religious thing. Every soldier coming back from Iraq who I get to talk with says the same thing. They hate us for being Americans -----not because of what we have or what they don't have. That fella JOL is an idiot. - HR


You "cannot trust the Democrats to run things" because they are all like me, or I am like them. But we only exist in that form in your head—just one man's version of moonlight, that's all.
I hate to disappoint you, but there is no "new" history.
History is history and that's where you mostly live—in the past. You are like a decaying Doric column, split by lightening, and dusty with age. You haven't digested the unabashed fact that the revolution has already occurred. The most important part of our agenda was the implosion of the Republican party, which you accomplished magnificently for us in'06.
Thanks to you all.


Oh, don't listen to me now, I've just been drinkin' again. Its getting outta hand. The past is a flower and its fadin' fast Irene. What happened to me youth? I'm just a tired old fart of a man. The republicans, I want a law and they all have to go live in Texas... Yah thats the ticket! It better happen before I implode meself ahhhhh

Now pour me another one Irene and make it a double.. Here's to you Buddy Reardon, the best friend an Irishman ever had!


I say this to you perp. Since the webmaster here is not doing anything about you and your disruptive and slanderous antics, others, with an extensive background in law enforcement, are working on my behalf. It may take a little time, but mark my words fella, it won't be too long before we know who and where you are and action will be taken. There are laws that protect against defamation and my excellent lawyer tells me that since my actual identity has been revealed on this blog, (it does not matter who revealed it), you are not just usurping a screen name, but you are maligning an actual person. Once we find you, you had better be damned sure that there are no outstanding warrants against you, because that will only complicate your situation.


There is a message for you here


Bentley Ashworth Coddington III, JD EdD PsyD ODdooDaDay

Who is your LE guy ----------- Barney Fife? Bazooka Joe?

Who is your lawyer ----------- Jim Beam? Hiram Walker?

Did he get his degree in a Crackerjack box or extra strength Charmin?

BWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Why don't you make it easy for us perp and tell me what mental institution or prison you are in.


To "No Democrats in 2008",

Sorry, but your comments are not worth responding to.
They are too limited in thought content.
It would be like trying to explain epistemology to a two year old.
Whenever I encounter a closed mind like yours I say a little prayer: "There but for the grace of God, go I."

You erroneously accuse me of being a drunkard. However I would rather be a drunkard than a mean spirited, soulless, smug, know-it-all like yourself, with your mind in your wallet and your heart in your britches.

Father Kelly

Dear Jol,

May I please intervene here? If you want to make contrition then you must go intending recompense to all whom you have harmed with your godless Marxism. First you must make your confession before Almighty God. Confess your lying subterfuge and unholy alliance with the forces of Darkness. Slap the Devil where he lives. Bow down to the Most High and reject the Satanic path you've chosen ........................ †††

For your penance you must now say 5 Our Fathers and 3 Hail Marys. Do the stations of the Cross and 5 rosaries. 4 shots of Patron Tequila, 2 1/2 shots of Cointreau, a smidgeon of Grand Marnier and mix with lime juice, shake with Ice and serve in a wide salt-brimmed Margarita glass. Enjoy.

Now go and sin no more, my son. †††


As the famous Belgium Detective, Hercule Poirot says, "The more a man speaks, (or writes), the more he reveals himself."
So, what could Hercule deduce from your writings?
You are Catholic, probably attended parochial school or schools. You are intimately familiar with alcohol, as an alcoholic or heavy drinker would be. (It is possible that you worked at a Country Club or Yacht Club which would explain your familiarity with the more sophisticated line of alcoholic beverages.)
You have a morbid, even terrifying fear that you may be homosexual, a fear that you project onto Jol and the stranger sitting across from you on the subway. This and more you have revealed to Hercule Poirot. You are, or were, a voracious reader, mostly self educated and you resent those with bonafide educational backgrounds and degrees.
Hercule has also gleaned from your writings that you were abused as a child, have few or no friends and are unable to form real relationships with the opposite sex. You fear men almost as much, if not more, than women.
You have such a fear of being yourself, you are driven to assume the identity of others, like you have assumed Jol's identity. Jol has given you a personality and persona you never had.
Because you have no achievements of your own, you have a need to incorporate the achievements and talents of others. At some level, you must hate and despise that dependence.

To compensate for your "almost" pathological feelings of inferiority, you see yourself as an extremely clever chameleon, darting in and out of Jol's life at will, but what you don't realize, and Hercule does, is that Jol goes out and plays softball with his friends, while you sweat, giggle and labor over your next obsessive post on Monicamemo.com
The plus side of your obsession with Jol, is that you are having more fun than you have ever had in your life. You feel more powerful than you have ever felt, more in control, untouchable.
You desperately seek superiority over something or someone. Right now, Jol is the target. Tomorrow it could be. . . Monica Crowley?

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