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July 10, 2007


Tom TB

Monica, what you say is sadly true. We must always get involved and vote in primary elections, as we of course will never see Senators vote for term limits!


That is not the only thing dancing at a critical turning point .....



Dead wood in D.C., this isn't news, somebody standing up and say calling this what it is Politics not Statesmen ship, that would be news. Why do Senators get to institutionalize their seats in the Senate because the Voters let them. When someone does stand up and tells us something we don't want to face or hear, I hope the MSM will turn the spotlight on that American but I am not holding my breath.


Speaking of deck hands, Democratic Senator Joe Biden is fulminating about Bush policies that may turn the Green Zone in Baghdad into something like Saigon in 1975 when the last Americans (except a few like myself) fled to the U.S. Embassy for helicopter evacuation in that great panic.

This is a stock parallel now in the Digest of Possible Scenarios. Senator Joe, of course, failed to point out a clear historical fact: The Democrats, just as they are doing today, were the major force in demanding retreat, and they compounded this by tossing the South Vietnamese to the enemy who knew how to work the media and the "peace people."

For some reason, Senator Joe neglected to point out such extremely well-documented historical facts. After succeeding in getting the agreement to withdraw U.S. forces (under Nixon-Kissinger in 1973), in 1974, with the Fall of Nixon, the Democrats assured the Fall of Saigon by drastically cutting funds to the South Vietnamese, who were easily conquered in 1975 by the Hanoi Communists who broke the 1973 Peace Accord ---as U.S. college students cheered defeat and dishonor when President Ford told them that we were finished with Vietnam.

There's always been a haunting question about that American disgrace, and it's not irrelevant to Iraq today. Without Watergate, or if Nixon had somehow survived Watergate, would he---unlike President Ford---have stood idly by as the Communists defied the 1973 Paris Peace Accords? Would the U.S. Air Force have slept while the Communist Army marched South? Nixon reportedly had promised Saigon "severe" retaliation against the Communists if they violated the 1973 Paris Accord. It was such promises that helped get the South Vietnamese to go along with the agreement despite their knowledge of the Communists. They had to trust the Americans. And they wound up not with the Nixon of 1973, still in office, but the Gerald Ford of 1975.

Lots of parallels that Senator Joe missed.

But who knows what the non-Gerald Ford would have done? After all these years, who can know?

Someone who used to work for Richard Nixon?



I hope nobody here thinks I am suffering from Schizophrenia, but I have had a few realizations in the last 24 hours. First let me apologize to the nice people on previous pages who have given me such a kind wake up call on my behavior.

I've been very wrong about the GOP. I am thinking maybe its time I turned a new leaf and change my party affiliation. Also other members of this site have caused me to look very hard at my personal hypocrisy and I desire to change.

Change begins in the heart. As I sat in my socks last night I realized things were not right . I want to reform my addiction to liberal themes and I welcome anything you all could share to correct my hard headed style. It brings a tear the way people care enough here to help me alter my unstable views.

Change is the hardest thing after you get older, but I'm going to try. I will start first by apologizing to our gracious hostess Monica who has put up with me for so long. Next I want to thank Gringoman for setting me straight. Tom has also been very helpful as well as Pete. Did I leave anyone out? As I think of more people I will add them. But thanks all. This site is the best. You guys let me be an dope until even I HAD to see it. Thank goodness for MonicaMemo!

James Pratt

We need "public servants" more than ever. Politics defined is embodied in left and right -- These guys and girls relish power for self and "kings" they create. Politic{king} never fixed anything, but values and service have.

Calling for a "Return to Innocence" today at my personal blog. Innocence does not engender stupidity nor endanger common defense, strength, or moral courage - something the current crop of political emigres to Capitol Hill are is serious short supply of.

James Pratt


To All,
I feel like the guy who walks up to the Asylym door and tries to convince them of his sanity so I guess the perp is having some effect on me.

Again, I did not post that ridiculous nonsense above that the perp signed as Jol. I will attempt to counter it whenever I can because when I do post on Monicamemo, Huffington or anywhere else, I express my true beliefs and opinions, and as contrary as they often are, my conscience has not, as yet, directed me to apologize for them.
The difference between Huffington and Monica's site, is that on Huffington, they have a more efficient and professional system of signing in and posting, so individuals like the crackpot above are unable to usurp people's screen names.
Sorry if this has distracted you as much as it has myself, but since the people who run this blog either are unaware of what is happening, or are aware and can't or are unwilling to do anything about it, there is nothing more that I can do.


It is the people who are wresting the war from GWB—not
Lugar, Voinovich, Alexander, Gregg, Domenici and the others. They are simply following the wave that is fast becoming a tsunami. Ultimately, we the people will bring Bush down and he will live in infamy in the history books, along with Mussolini, Saddam Hussein and the other tyrants.
Think about it a moment. Bin Laden is responsible for three or four thousand deaths. Bush downed a hundred thousand without leaving his armchair.
Yes, the Emperor has no clothes and just about everyone knows it, except for a handful of ultra conservative diehards who are obsessed with 'winning" and in love with the word, "surge". What will be the next word that hypnotizes them? "Firestorm"?


People, please ignore the counterfeit Jol above who is denying my apology. I have no idea why he would try to make me look bad, but I am sure he has his reasons. Those who know me know that while it is hard to bring me to the point of apology, when I do apologize, I am very sincere about it.

I will not discredit one more thing that either Monica or the rest of the rational likes of TomTB, Pete, Gringoman, James, or even Conley, says on this blog. You have my word on that. And if you ever see another negative comment with my name on it, then you must recognize it to be a fraud.

Its a new day for me and I won't have it spoiled by the person above who seems to be hellbent on making me appear more radical left than was my personal devotion. I like coming to this site and with good reason. Its all clear to me now. I understand this was part of my evolution as a spiritual being that I can now admit in front of the world: My Liberalism was the WRONG approach.

Only a fool would go back to what I previously believed. Now I will kindly ask this person above who is playing the joke to stop. I know you were just having some fun with me and I probably deserved it, but lets move on to better times. If I have offended you in earlier posts, I offer my humble apology to you.

Thanks all,


This usurper of the name of Jol, this character of multiple hues and tones . . . this logomaniac . . this. . . this. . . this. . . I give up.

I'm getting to think the little squirt is me.

But, I do respect two things about him—his persistence, and the masterful way he manipulates the text to create confusion and doubt. Hats off to good ole "Perp" — Perp for perpendicular, (the straightest of men), and perspicacity to a fault.

Thus far no one has been able to get to me on here.
Perp did.
He renders anything I say virtually useless. He has destroyed the efficacy of my keyboard.

But, it is in discovering our vulnerabilities that we protect ourselves best.

Sometimes, a broken shoelace will bring down a man. Other times it takes an Army. Like Saddam. It took a freakin' Army to bring him down.

What will it take to bring GWB down?


By the way Perp, I very rarely use closing salutations in my posts. If you are going to be Jol, do it up right. After all, I have a reputation to maintain.
Now here is what I plan to do. I am going to leave this site for a while. That will make you the primary Jol on here, the sole Jol, sort of speak.
I'm sure the people who visit this blog will take you to heart and appreciate your talents. Maybe you can share with your fellow bloggers how you tricked Jol off of here. I mean it was a brilliant strategy, wasn't it.
I will drop by from time to time and check on you—to make sure you have mastered the art of being Jol. Otherwise I will have to ordain another Jol and I really don't want to do that. It is too time consuming. So, I expect you to be at your best at all times.
Carry on Jol. And congratulations. You are now in charge of the "Jol" unit.

P.S. When I do come back I will be in disguise. so don't attempt to crack my cover. You will never know who, where or when.


Republicans fear Hillary as much as Democrats feared George.

The Republicans will be forced to resort to their last great white hope—the ever present, supercilious, amoral, Newt Gengrich.

The debates will be as scintillating as the Lincoln/Douglas encounters.

Newt will put up a determined and laudable fight, but Hillary will win.

In the ensuing years Republicans will cower in fear, spew their childish barbs, and watch haplessly as the Nation regains its moral and constitutional compass and once again is set on the right course.

It is more likely that a third party candidate would win before the Republicans cross the threshold of the Whitehouse again.

They are done.



I guess I'm the last one celebrating the '06 election.




I'm not suprised by this behavior. However, it one thing to spout-off and quite another to vote for a Democrat party initiative in the Senate. For this they would have to commit, on the record and suffer the backlash in the next election.

I predict some "re-thinking" and some "re-stating".


Granted, there is not much of great momentum the Democrats can do until the final sweep in '08. Until then, they will continue to expose as much Whitehouse misbehavior as they can find, so that the people will be sick to death of it all by election time, (not that they aren't already). In this case, overkill is necessary and it will be successful.
In the next Congress, the hard core Republican base will be isolated and rendered virtually powerless. The rest will either come to the middle or lose their jobs, which I expect many of them will anyhow. The Republicans fooled and disrespected the voters twice. It will not happen a third time.
McCain is down. The rest will follow. The hard core conservative Republicans who are running in the primaries will reinforce, over and over, the inflexible attitudes and the egregious and multiple layers of lies and hypocrisy that the American voters have come to suspect, despise and reject.
So, you might as well forget about your "backlash".
It's a Republican pipe-dream, my friend. It ain't going to happen.



Would you mind giving away your secret? Not even the crystal gringoBall is ready to forecast, at this time, the November 2008 Election results, let alone a vast Democratic landslide victory. And you do it with such confidence.

Were you born with this clairvoyance? Did someone teach it to you?

A gift to be envied. (I'll bet Monica agrees with me.)

Tom TB

Herb, all Democrats need is time to muddle things up.


Looking forward to the Weekend's show! Keep up the excellent work Monica!



No secret. If you can overcome denial, the writing is clearly on the wall.
The immigration issue alone is enough to cause an irreparable rift in the Republican party. They will be unable to recover from it by '08. Not to mention Iraq and the weak knees and lack of conscience the Republican Congress exhibited when faced with the exercise of raw power by Bush and Cheney.
They identified with that power to the point that they could not separate themselves from it and lost the opportunity to find their own way.
Some call it a "rubber stamp" Congress, but whatever you want to call it, the unfortunate result was that they lost the opportunity to assume the rights, responsibilities and the real power granted to them in our Constitution.
Believe me, this horrendous mistake was not lost on the Democrats. When they finally shake off the rust, and get an intelligent and humane President in there and more seats in Congress, they will establish new National and International priorities and bring about unprecedented changes in issues that affect the everyday lives of Americans, like health care, the environment, infrastructure, defense and energy. You may not like those changes but a vast majority of the American people will. And because they will approve, they will keep the Dems in for the foreseeable future.

No "clairvoyance" here, my friend, just a "clear voice".

Conley T. Gwinn

The only thing "clear" about Herb is that its the "voice" of Jol, the most despicable man on the planet. The same one who mucked up this site with his bullshit until his paranoid delusions got the best of him. I heard he was taken to the hospital last week thinking he was the reincarnated Chairman Mao hiding inside the body of Michelle Malkin. What a loon .....


If Jol is so despicable and full of BS, doesn't that undermine the significance of everything you say under his name on Monica's thread, "The Terrorists are Watching"?
You seem to be taking yourself pretty seriously there. You can't have it both ways pal or your opinions will become a bottomless pit of contradictions, (not that they aren't already).
We, who have been on this blog for some time, know that if the real Jol is anything, he is consistent in his political beliefs and opinions.

Keep up the ruse and you will lose by default.

I promise you, the name Jol is an albatross on your back. You can't handle it.

Conley T. Gwinn

See? I told you he was a loon. He thinks everyone else is posting under his name and gets pretty nasty about it. Must be some kind of multiple personality disorder. You know, like in the "Three Faces of Eve" or "Sybil." Why do his other names have to threaten others? Isn't that against the law? Violence seems so unnecessary.

"Herb" also steals quotes off of Jack's website and thinks he wrote them. Technically, is that plagiarism -- I mean if Herb and Jol are the same person? Hmm.....

The actual Jol

My, you identify with everyone, don't you perp. How does it feel to have your own tactics thrown back in your face?

Conley T. Gwinn

I will not be intimidated by the nutcase Herb aka Jol. Give the guy a little Viagra and he thinks he rules the world.

Monica, please do us all a favor and ban Jol. He acts like he's on mushrooms all the time now. He hasn't been the same since they cancelled his enrollment for the est training.


EST? You are dating yourself fella.

But this time you hit the nail on the head. I was the only one of the 500 people who did NOT sign on the dotted line when the session ended. Think about that for a moment perp. Think of the pressure. The only one. And you are under some grand illusion that you can steal MY name? Take MY place? Sheeeeeit.
Better you try Barbie Doll.

You realize perp, I am only indulging you momentarily. It will end soon. I will cut you loose and you will be alone again.


But perp, by way of disclosure, I must admit I did complete Silva Mind Control. This is why I am unmoved by all of these scurrilous comments. If I decide to leave you abruptly. Do not forget me. When you grow weary, remember my Irish strength and liberalism. You hit the nail on the head about my "experimentation" but that will be our little secret, along with Joanie.

I will re-evaluate my persona though. I've been very nasty to so many on here, I will consider being more kind in the future.


If you have decided to be more kind you certainly aren't showing it when you continue to hi-jack my screen name and the stories from my website etc. You are interfering with others who have a more serious purpose here.
Your personal agenda is unknown to any rational person but one thing is known: You haven't, as yet, contributed any thing of value, (not to say that you are incapable of it.)
Why don't you simply pick a screen name, (not Jol), stick with it and post like an adult.
I realize that being an adult is frightening to you but why don't you give it a shot. You'll get used to it after a while. It will help with your thought disorder and won't be as painful as you might think.
I will tell you this. I intend to continue to use my screen-name, Jol, in spite of your short circuiting it with gay smears, dirty talk and identity games. I'll simply let the chaff fall away, and hope for the best.
My wife says that I shouldn't pay so much attention to you because it only encourages you. I told her that I disagree, because somewhere in there is an unhappy child who feels so powerless he has to do the things you are doing. You should attend to that child before you regress beyond repair.
Sincerely, Jol.


Why does Jol talk to himself on the blog? I don't understand the point. Who is Joanie?

I knew Jol would go nuts one day but I never expected it would be this soon.

Jol's Wife

Sorry Mr. Gwinn. My husband has been drinking heavily lately.
Joanie is his old girlfriend from High School. She was very fat
as I recall.


O God, Horatio, what a wounded name,
Things standing thus unknown, shall live behind me!

W. Shakespeare

Mark Simons

it seems Jol likes to drink and hit on guys. He needs to go cruise Craigslist and leave the rest of the straight population alone.

The Actual Jol

Mark, I find you very exciting... to be continued.


There is a message for you here.

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