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July 04, 2007



From my viewpoint, it would be worth everyone's while to read the below linked BILLIANT ARTICLE by SPENGLER in the Asia Times:

7/03/07: SPENGLER: What they didn't say at Kennebunkport

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMERICA. May we have the ultimate collective intelligence, will, and capacity to defend and protect it's constitution, bill of rights, culture, border, common language, and citizenry before it's too late!


It sounds better and better every time I read it. I must have read it a million times by now, but everytime I read it, it sounds like it's new, and it always fills me with pride and inspiration. These men placed everything they had on the line to ensure that we could be free, live in the blessings of liberty. It's astounding that so few could do so much for so many.

A pleasure as always Monica.


These words from the Declaration of Independence have a familiar ring, in these times.

"In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury."

We are a very patient and peace-loving nation! How long will we alow the enemy to attack us and our friends before we assume a true war footing?

James Pratt


You and other opinion makers helped persuade me to create a "Personal DECLARATION of INDEPENDENCE and BELIEF" blog on July 4, 2007. I was glad to see the full text of our founding document on your site. It confirms my feeling that what I have done and am doing to declare my personal "independence" from political parties and simply be an "American," is best for my small contribution to the American cause. I do not "depend" upon the current day "usurpers" in Washington or party idealogues for final word and in determining "right" or "wrong."

The only way to get civic sanity back is for the citizen to rebel through the election and expressed opinion making process; and working within the system which can more fully be guarded by a vigilant and connected community of communicating patriots, but not necessarily as a strict or die-hard party affiliate.

I urge all to read the Declaration of Independence and to also determine if in the lines there might reside a way to "personalize it" to the needs of the present day in a sensible and yet powerful way.


Matthew Barton

The listed Declaration reminds me (again) of a solution I thought of that, had it been instituted about three decades ago (at the bicentennial), would have solved the "corruption creep" so evident and set in today with minimal impact. Doing this now, however, would complicate things too much to work well without some changes.

The core idea is this: Rebuild the governments, one and all. Every part needs to be overhauled, from the chokehold of laws (including the illegal Federal Income Tax law, and the neutered Sex Offender Registry-associated laws), to the military (charging MILLIONS to train each soldier (literally! My roommate is a vet, and he was shown the inflated costs of about $2M per in the early '90s)) to the rights and priveliges of each branch of government (such as pay for Congress being authorised by... CONGRESS???).

The whole problem requires we re-declare and alter the government to serve the country (comprised of it's people), rather than the other way around. If the government will not serve the country by acceeding to this, then IT MUST GO.






Tom TB

We should never forget for a moment that we are citizens, not subjects!



Have you seen this? a note this has been postponed why I wonder? it was set for 7-11 This is about talk radio imus and FCC an Illinois congress person.


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